coaching empresarial or business coaching
coaching empresarial or business coaching

About us?

ChVmpionMind is a one platform-app that helps organisations and their leaders achieve better results by building physical and mental well-being, developing communication and soft skills, and achieving professional goals.

Developed by experts with over 25 years of experience, ChVmpionMind combines science, technology, agile and integral coaching to promote wellbeing and human development.

Why ChVmpionMind?

Generate a big change from week 4 , achieving small victories

coaching empresarial or business coaching

Set your goals

Enter your professional goals and personal objectives in which you want to improve.

coaching empresarial or business coaching

Train body and mind

Exercise and meditate daily to start creating positive habits in your routine.

coaching empresarial or business coaching

Achieve superior results

Take pills to boost your professional development and get out of your comfort zone.

Our team

José Luis Menéndez


Jose L. Menéndez


Leadership Advisor

Lupita Volio


CTO supervisor

CEO at Bubok

Sergio Mejias


Business Advisor

Cisco Vice President of Customer Experience for Services Providers, Telecom and Media EMEA. “Passion for people Development and Growth”.

Mario Sebastián Miguel 

Business Advisor

Director of Leadership Learning at ABB Europe

Luis García


Adjunct Professor and Phychology

and researcher of entrepreneurial behavior at IE School of Human Sciences and Technology. Collaborator as researcher at ChVmpionMind.

David Santos, PhD


Daniel Ponte

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