Can job performance be measured effectively?

mide eficamente el desempeño laboral

Either we don’t know how to cope with everyday work or we don’t dare to change our habits. Fortunately, there are lifeboats in the business world: coaching. Increasing productivity and work performance are two of the main objectives of any company. That is why, in this article, we want to tell you what work performance is, how to measure it and what are the qualities that allow you to increase it.

 6 mistakes to avoid in business coaching

Do you think your teams are not motivated enough? What habits need to change to increase productivity? What is your role in this process of transformation and growth?

You have just landed in the right place to find out what mistakes everyone makes in business coaching, how to avoid them and what problems this discipline solves.

Physical and mental stress can also be combated remotely.


We live in a quagmire of stress, uncertainty and anguish that makes our daily lives much more difficult. It goes without saying our physical and mental state after what we have experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic in recent years, but… Where does work-related stress come from?

Agile methodologies + coaching = balanced goals achieved

“Physical and mental exhaustion is one of the causes of declining productivity”.
The ultimate goal of any company is to achieve a series of set objectives. Above all, because this means that the business is doing well. This is a company, a business, a multi-purpose activity. Economically, to earn money in order to survive. Socially, to create wealth for the population. And civically, to provide services to the citizens.

Symptoms and characteristics of business listlessness


“At the beginning, I didn’t recognise the symptoms that the whole team is having. My colleagues said they were having trouble concentrating. Others felt demotivated. One friend was getting up early to go jogging before coming to work. A family member stayed up late watching the Thursday programme. And I would spend hours just lying there staring at the ceiling. It wasn’t boredom: I felt good like that. It wasn’t tiredness: I had energy. It wasn’t depression either: I wasn’t sad. The malaise I felt had a name: it was called listlessness

Remote working and personal well-being

languidez empresarial

The frequency with which you carry out your tasks. The frequency with which you take on new responsibilities. The frequency with which you communicate with your clients. How often you meet with your colleagues. And how often you take on new challenges.      

Tech Coaching to avoid burnout and absenteeism

What is burnout and absenteeism, how to detect them and take action?
“It is not a question of adding every day, but of subtracting, of eliminating little by little everything that is not essential”. The phrase was uttered by a martial arts master and it has stuck in our memory, because he did not say it as a warning, but as a call for help.