The unmotivated leader: A root problem

líder desmotivado

Motivation is a crucial aspect in the performance and success of any organization. When a leader is unmotivated, it can have a negative impact on the entire team and the organization as a whole. A team leader may have been a leader for a few years and think he knows his role to the letter, […]

Professional burndout or mental health problems in workers?

desgaste profesional

Professional burnout or mental health problems of workers are important for the company. Employee retention is critical to your company’s success and a lower attrition rate is the indicator of how well you are doing in retaining employees. By measuring and analyzing your company’s statistics, you can determine how many employees have left over a […]

Resignation due to demotivation: A global trend post COVID

renuncia por desmotivación laboral

Resignation due to job demotivation is a reality that has been gaining strength in recent years. Based on this situation, it is assumed that a large number of people have left their jobs worldwide after having returned to “normality” and after the effects of COVID. Why are people leaving their jobs? Business managers now face […]

Organizational Coaching with ChVmpion Mind: What is it and what is it for?

Coaching laboral

Organizational coaching focuses on the current circumstances of work teams to generate action plans and career progression goals. Rather than spending time on what’s not working. Coaches look at where people want to go and how they can help them get to where they want to be. Read on and find out more! What is […]

Measuring employee training is possible through quantitative ROI

ROI cuantitativo

Employee training does not come cheap. We know that. And it’s natural to want to know if your training budget is being well spent. That’s why it can be useful to calculate the quantitative ROI of your training. ROI is a useful way to measure whether a given course or training program has been cost-effective. […]

Integral Coaching: A dynamic fusion of multiple aspects, including the ontological.

Coaching ontológico

Based on the understanding of language and communication, integral coaching helps to better manage everything related to the human being, from all points of view. Covering work, personal and professional. In the following lines we tell you more about this interesting type of coach that is more and more used every day and whose popularity […]

Coaching for entrepreneurs: Detection, evaluation and processes

Coaching para empresarios

Training a company’s staff members on consultative selling methods and, subsequently, establishing a solid management system based on a coaching culture, undoubtedly helps to build a more successful practice. Coaching for entrepreneurs, as such, is recognized as one of the most important activities a manager must apply to be better. Recruiting, motivating and assigning responsibilities, […]

Corporate wellness: What is it and how to achieve it?

bienestar corporativo

Corporate wellness is a real factor in employee productivity and loyalty… Imagine that, in recent times, nothing has been going well in your company. Your employees hang out in front of the coffee machine in the morning and are reluctant to go to work. Faced with this situation, it may be time to question yourself: […]

Mental health problems at work. Do you know them?

Problemas de salud mental en el trabajo

Mental health refers to cognitive, behavioral and emotional well-being. It is about how people think, feel and behave. People sometimes use the term “mental health” to refer to the absence of a mental disorder. However, mental health can affect daily life, relationships and physical health. Therefore, it is common to encounter mental health problems at […]