Lack of real impact on behaviour changes, or a high cost per person:

    • More than 90% of money invested in training is lost, and no more than 3-6 months is what the benefits of individual coaching lasts, which is very high cost.
    • Companies know they must invest in talent and Leadership development, but they do not know how much money produce a change of negative behaviours into positive ones, in order to improve competencies and strengths.

We solve this problem with our Neuroscience-based Method.


Lack of identified accountability on investment

    • Once the budget has been approved and assigned to a specific department, there is no accountability on the investment.
    • Once the assigned department decides who the provider will be, they are no longer accountable for the use of that money.
    • Once the provider delivers their training or services, the person who participated in the training or coaching services will not feel accountable to deliver any ROI.
    • The only demand done is to the service provider i.e. quality of their service delivery, but by no means, measurement of its impact, other than quality or feedback requested of satisfaction from participants.

We provide a solution to this with our unique and specific way of engagement from all stakeholders in the process.


Lack of traceability for people changes/improvement = ROI for the investment

    • Companies do not know how to trace behaviour changes and benefits from these investments.

We have the tool for this, and we show hard numbers, thanks to our unique method and algorithms.


Remote work is creating chronic illnesses, as a result of stress and sedentariness, due to the lack of systems that encourage the well-being of employees, and distrust in teamwork due to the lack of tools that facilitate working by objectives, as opposed to by schedules.

  • Neuroscience and Positive Psychology provides us with the information to understand how to make the mind aligns with our desire to improve, and achieve healthy habits while maintaining or improving productivity. With the incentive to make these changes that ChVmpion Mind proposes, you can manage healthy routines, even working from home.
  • Companies don’t know how to create confidence in remote teamwork and set daily, weekly and monthly goals that can be shared and supported among ChVmpion Mind users.

CM offers the methodology within the application so that users can design their dayly, weekly and monthly goals and tasks, so that they can share them voluntarily with their team and people close to them, generating confidence in their work and achievements


(maybe the most important)

    • People want to improve competencies but don’t have the structure for it.
    • People would like to grow their strengths but don’t have the support for it.
    • People would like to acquire healthy habits, but they dont know how to “convince their mind” and it is not enough with wishful thinking. 
    • People want to have human feedback on a regular basis without disturbing others, but don’t know how to go about it without bothering them.

Yes! We can do all this with our application CHVMPIONMIND ™. We have done it before, and we will do it for you again if you want to.


You will get to know extremely useful patterns of Data that will help you to make invaluable decisions like:

      • What kind of profiles are more efficient for tasks and goals achievement, from your potential talents? 
      • What kind of personal traits are associated with the most productive, achieving people?
      • Which most common behaviours are likely to achieve more or/and higher goals?
      • Which kind of goals have more valuable ROI?
      • What kind of profiles produce higher ROI?
      • What kind of tasks produce higher ROI?

What is the relationship between?

      • Productivity and regular physical exercise, of your people.
      • Emotional estate and feedback received, of your people.
      • Productivity and regular meditation, of your people.
      • Productivity and emotional estate, of your people.
      • Discipline and goal achievement, of your people.

And many other patterns and data analysis that could transform you company into a more productive and wellbeing company.

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