Do you feel that your current routine doesn't motivate you...

And you don't know how to change it?

ChVmpionMind is technology with applied neuroscience and CM data at your service that will put you in the seat of the one who manages your mind.

You will stop procrastinating and you will move forward taking small steps day by day, week by week to achieve your goals.

You design your goals, you decide what you want to do, you overcome your biggest enemy, your inner self! You will gain confidence and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

You will train your mind by doing regular physical exercise and practising mindfulness. You will define your goals clearly, identify monthly milestones and weekly actions, get the ROI of your investment, observe patterns from CM data, receive support from technology and your acquaintances for 21 weeks, learn something new every week and move towards your goals with ChVmpion Mind.

All in one app!

Data for your growth

Need a boost and energy? Data without action is useless, and acting without data is like guessing. Energy comes from movement, and data must be your ally.

Sustainable and unshakeable motivation

You will be supported by technology (ML & AI) and people you invite to support your development. You will incentivise your mind to execute daily, weekly and monthly activities that will bring you closer to your goals.

Boost your productivity

Manage your time and overcome procrastination with our proven techniques. Regain your physical and mental wellbeing, and merge personal and professional goals, get knowledge according to your goals with personalised technology coaching. Achieve more in less time. Your success is a unique journey.

Balance your life

Your success depends on your health and positive habits. The balance between effort and rest is key. ChVmpion Mind guides you for 21 weeks to take control of your life.

Ready for success?

Want to train your mind like a chVmpion? Do you want to develop soft skills? Embark on your unique journey to success, with the support you need to feel alive, alive!

Don't settle for less! ChVmpionMind, the high-performance structure-platform that prepares you to get your life back on track without neglecting your professional goals.

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