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Alessandra Grisolia

Alessandra Grisolia

Global Account Manager (Engie)

What was the problem or challenge that encouraged you to use ChVmpion Mind?

I learned about the ChVmpionMind method when, a few years ago, my company launched this neuroscience program for the development of managers and my experience was very good. Last year I had the possibility to repeat the method, this time in a private capacity and with the support of a web APP. When they proposed it to me, I could not imagine how much it would be useful to me. In fact, around the same time I took a job in sales on a global scale, a totally new field for me. In addition to being a great professional challenge, I suddenly had much more visibility within the company and in front of clients.

The change of role also meant moving from teamwork to more independent and solitary work, a situation that over the months has been extreme restrictions imposed by COVID. To face the new challenges, I needed to enhance my level of self-confidence, my capacity for self-motivation and self-discipline. I started with the ChVmpionMind method when I needed it most.

What would have happened if I did not perform the CM method?

I probably would have suffered much more stress, been more distressed, and had taken longer to adjust to the new job. It is likely that my discomfort would have also affected my family relationships and in general the relationships with the people around me.

What did ChVmpionMind offer me?

This method offered me to improve my general well-being, working on physical and mental well-being, understanding the interactions between the two. The ChVmpionMind method offered a guide and a framework, but it was clear that everyone had to break their own way and put will and determination on their part.

Regarding other methods oriented to well-being, ChVmpionMind offered me to customize the program according to my own objectives, for me this has been the most outstanding differentiator of the method. In practice, it was about defining my goals, the milestones to be achieved to achieve them and, based on these, I had to commit myself to concrete actions.

The choice of actions was also personal, however the program supported with informative readings on various topics, from meditation, physical exercise, quality of sleep, good nutrition, etc. Gain: I have gained in security, assertiveness and self-acceptance. I suffer less from public exhibitions and I suffer less from conflict situations. I appreciate what I have and I appreciate it. I recognize and appreciate the affection and support of the people around me. Overall, I am more positive and resilient. I feel more gratified by life, I have gained in satisfaction.


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