We cannot reveal all the details 😎, but if you have a combination of applied Neuroscience knowledge, plus skills to develop ML, AI and have experience in Integral Coaching, you will surely understand the following reasons why CM works…

Because the experience of coaching


    • Coaching already has a history of significant impact on individuals and teams. 
    • Therefore, master coaches with over 20 years of experience are the ones who design the main steps that every training process follows to support coaches in achieving their goals.
      • For example, to establish a good partnership before starting a coaching process
      • Designing a well-achievable goal to reach it
      • To execute regular actions toward your goals
      • Having support from others to overcome challenges
      • To be able to see objetive data that help to overcome emotional obstacles
      • and much more that a well thought out structure can offer any person willing to work, explore and learn to achieve a chvmpion mind.

Because of applied Neuroscience:

    • The brain is NOT our best allied to change behaviours
    • Most people work from one of these two reasons to change or to persue goals:
      • They are strongly motivated to run away from pain or fear to feel pain, moving towards something positive, or
      • They strongly move foward to something beause the future rewards.
    • People feel more pressure on their own behaviours from people watching them, more than they think
    • Public commintment enforce our actions
    • Visible numbers remind us comitted goals.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence:

    • Combining ML & AI with a tested methodology lever the effiency of information proccesing.
    • ML & AI allows us to achieve two important facts:
      • to individualize information according to each profile, and
      • to proccess big data to detect valuable information about releventa patterns to maximise resources.


Our vision is to help organizations and businesses achieve the right balnace between a wellness culture and a high performance


  • People first
  • Balance
  • Integrity
  • Performance
  • Diversity

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