Achieve high performance and personal well-being for yourself and your work teams in just 21 weeks.

100% Guarantee: If, within the first 4 weeks, at least 60% of the participants do not achieve more than 60% of the defined objectives, we will refund 100% of your investment.

coaching empresarial

Generate a significant change in your work teams from the 4th week, improving well-being and achieving small victories that make a difference.

ChVmpionMind offers the benefits of a business coaching process, eliminating the cost of a human coach. But it is much more than a coaching process, as it combines advanced technology, Agile, and applied Neuroscience in 6 applications at the click of a button. Your team members and leaders commit in advance to work and improve with ChVmpionMind. They set their goals.

All of this represents significant savings for the company + greater impact for the users.

Your leaders and workers will be able to:
coaching empresarial or business coaching

Set their goals

They can define their professional and personal goals that they want to improve.

coaching empresarial or business coaching

Train the body and mind

They will be motivated to practice daily exercise and meditation to start creating positive habits in their routine.

coaching empresarial or business coaching

Achieve superior results

They will receive support to boost their professional development and step out of their comfort zone.

Members of your organization can set personalized goals.

They will define their professional and personal goals weekly or monthly and set challenging goals that drive them to develop beyond what they believe they can achieve.

coaching empresarial
coaching empresarial

Find out what your leaders and work teams are improving on.

Monitor the impact that ChVmpionMind is generating on their physical and mental well-being; on the journey to building the best version of themselves and thus fostering a winning mindset.

Measure the achievement of your team members' objectives.

Track their goals and take immediate action on those they need to work on to improve their results and achieve ChVmpionMind performance.

coaching empresarial

¡Necesitamos tu Ayuda!

Imagina tener un aliado en tu camino hacia metas como:

  • 🏋️‍♂️ Perder peso y mantenerte en forma 
  • 🎯 Mejorar tu enfoque y capacidad de concentración 
  • 🧘‍♀️ Reducir el estrés diario 
  • 🤔 Tomar decisiones más acertadas 
  • 🧠 Practicar mindfulness a diario (10-15 min durante 5 meses+) 
  • 🏃‍♂️ Ejercitarte 3-4 días a la semana con constancia 
  • ⏳ Dejar de procrastinar y ser más productivo 
  • 🚀 Diseñar y seguir un plan claro hacia tus objetivos 
  • ✅ Mantenerte en el camino correcto por 21 semanas con apoyo experto 
  • … y mucho más para mejorar y alcanzar tus sueños.

🔍 ¿CUÁNTO PAGARÍAS por un proceso de Coaching personalizado, con 3 opciones a través de la tecnología y basado en Neurociencia?

Dónde tu serías el conductor de tu destino con el apoyo de la tecnología y las 3 personas (al menos) que tu invitarás a acompañarte.


Puedes ofrecer tus respuestas en cada una de las 3 opciones, o solo marcar tus respuestas en la opción que más te interesaría.

Selecciona la opción que más resuene contigo (puedes elegir desde una a tres), indicando el valor que tu estarías dispuesto/a a pagar por ser apoyad@ en este, tu proceso:

OPCIÓN 1: Proceso de Coaching con una aplicación y tu Coach de Inteligencia artificial.
OPCIÓN 2: Proceso de Coaching con aplicación y con un Coach Humano por hasta 12 sesiones individuales.
OPCIÓN 3: Proceso de Coaching hibrido con aplicación + tu Coach de Inteligencia artificial y tu Coach Humano por 3-5 sesiones.
Opcional: Añade voluntariamente tus datos personales si quieres recibir el regalo sorpresa
¡Muchas gracias! 🙏