“Principles of Coaching”: The third expanded edition by José. L. Menéndez

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Principios del coaching

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May 2023 – José Luis Menéndez Cuenca has launched the third expanded edition of his book “Principles of Coaching”. This book, published by Bubok Publishing Group, introduces the reader to the world of personal development and teamwork for the construction of desired futures.

“Principles of Coaching”: A reflection of experience

“Principles of Coaching” reflects the extensive experience that José L. Menéndez has acquired as a professional and writer from 1996 to the present day. In particular, it focuses on the development of soft skills, emotional intelligence and communication in the field of professional and business leadership. This book is a compendium of knowledge, experiences and success stories that demonstrate how the proper application of technical principles can foster the development of individuals and teams to their fullest potential.

Today, coaching is widely recognised and valued by entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, educators and athletes as a fundamental tool for personal and professional development. However, in the early 2000s, the term “business coaching” was virtually unknown in the marketplace. Thus, there was a lack of information about its benefits. José Luis Menéndez is a pioneer in the field of business and individual coaching in Spain. On the one hand, managing OlaCoach, a leading company in Spain and Latin America; and, on the other hand, training in more than five schools with renowned international coaches. Today he is CEO and Co – Founder of ChVmpion Mind; a platform aimed at promoting life change for leaders, professionals and people seeking motivation and wellbeing.

The third expanded edition of “Principles of Coaching” incorporates new concepts…

Beyond coaching, this edition incorporates related concepts from different complementary areas. From neuroscience applied to coaching, an introduction to agile coaching based on agile methodologies and various advanced tools for coaching processes in general. In addition, it presents real cases and practical exercises to strengthen the reader’s learning. This book goes beyond what is traditionally known as coaching, providing comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge.

The first Spanish certified coach…

José Luis Menéndez is the first Spaniard to be certified as a professional coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF). And, of course, a reference in the field of coaching in Europe and Latin America. He has appeared in the press, radio and television in several countries, including El Universal in Mexico, El Carabobeño in Venezuela, El Tiempo in Colombia and Tip Off Magazine in England. He has also appeared in Spanish media such as El Mundo, El País, El Norte de Castilla, Natura, 10Minutos, PlayBoy and ELLE. He has also participated in radio and television programmes in RNE, REE, COPE, Onda Cero, InterEconomía, Telecinco (Spain) and Canal 13 (Chile).

With his extensive experience and expertise in talent and leadership development, José Menéndez has worked with leading corporations and leaders from diverse industries, including Microsoft, Coca-Cola, ABB, Accenture, Unicef, Leroy Merlin, AEGON, Merrill Lynch, FIBA-Europe, FIFA, BBVA, Ford, PwC.

Within the framework of all the knowledge of this professional, this book is born, which proposes an approach to coaching; through the vision and experiences of a coach. Undoubtedly, an edition of “Principles of Coaching” that you cannot miss.

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Principios de Coaching

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