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Did you know that the mood of employees can directly affect their performance and performance in their work activities? A demotivated employee will not be able to obtain the established goals or achieve the desired objectives. That is why an adequate incentive plan is capable of boosting motivation and, consequently, productivity. Personalized coaching for companies is the best tool to promote and implement any strategy for corporate welfare.

It is a fact that an incentive program can increase employee productivity by up to 44%. Therefore, the objective of a coach is to help the client or an organization to develop faster, be more efficient and effective and experience more satisfaction in both personal and professional life.

First of all, it is important to know what is personalized coaching?

Personalized coaching refers to a personal coach working with clients in almost any area, including personal relationships and personal growth. Business, career, financial and health issues are also addressed. Personal coaching is about helping a client set better goals, take more action and make better decisions, and make use of his or her natural strengths.

A good coach should listen attentively to whoever needs it, observe their behavior and personalize the help so that the person individually obtains solutions and strategies for their development.

ChVmpion Mind is a platform that offers these benefits and many more.

ChVmpion Mind is the best personalized coaching offered in the market…

ChVmpion Mind helps leaders and employees achieve business improvement through a professional and personal wellness program. Since it: It sets clear objectives to achieve goals, trains body and mind, to encourage positive habits and allows to reach higher goals, to be better every day.

As the CEO and founder of ChVmpion Mind, José L. Meléndez, says: “If coaching is the water for someone to become a champion, ChVmpion Mind is the structure for the champion to drink that water properly”.

Personalized coaching provides support and guidance to enhance the skills, resources and creativity that people already have. While the coach provides feedback and an objective perspective, the client is responsible for taking the steps to produce the results they desire.

Personalized coaching drives to address employees’ personal challenges.

Personalized coaching teaches and directs, through encouragement and advice. The use of the term ‘coach’ has been around for many years and has historically been associated with sports. In recent years, non-sports coaches have emerged. These coaches are experts in specific technical skills according to the needs of individuals and companies. In addition, they are experienced and trained to offer motivational and inspirational guidance and advice. Personalized coaching helps a person analyze and address his or her own behaviors and challenges rather than offering a lot of specific advice or instructions.

So, do coaches tend to specialize in one or more of several areas? Although they usually specialize in only one area, it is important to note that their knowledge should be comprehensive, ranging from professional coaching, transition coaching, executive coaching, business coaching, systemic coaching, organizational or corporate coaching and finally, life or personal coaching. Each and every one of these aspects should be part of a good coach’s background and knowledge.

The terms personal coaching and life coaching are often used interchangeably. Life and personal coaching is based on the interests, goals and objectives expressed by the needs of the individual. The initial task involves the coach and the subject coming to a mutual understanding of the scope of work and documenting that understanding. This is to analyze the process and learn about improvements. Subsequently, the coach helps prioritize needs and looks for ways to facilitate improvement.

Personalized coaching helps determine the steps to take to achieve the desired improvement…

A customized coaching can use inquiry, reflection, requests and discussion to help a subject identify personal, professional and business goals. And, in this way, develop strategies and action plans. Through the coaching process, for example, employees determine what steps should be taken to monitor progress. In general, coaches do not give much specific advice and do not offer therapy. A personal coach, however, acts as a mirror for people by sharing an outside, unbiased perspective on what they are observing.

Benefits of personalized coaching…

The coach provides committed expertise, bringing knowledge, perspective and a growth mindset to everyone who makes it a part of their life.

Coaching is a highly personalized and individualized wellness intervention. A relationship with a coach is unlike any other personal or professional relationship. A coach, through their training and experience, sees the person or employee holistically and encourages them to bring their whole self to the coaching sessions.

A coach, through one-on-one coaching, helps the individual develop self-awareness around the various roles and dimensions in their lives. It is a powerful intervention because the coaching process is tailored to individual circumstances, meeting people where they are, with what they need, when they need it.

In addition…

While coaching sessions are facilitated by a trained professional, they put the control directly in the hands of the member. Good, professional one-on-one coaching is designed to empower the individual to find their own answers within themselves. In the coaching partnership, it is the client, not the coach, who sets the goals, defines the playbook and determines what success looks like.

Understanding the unique human pattern of the personalized coaching process, growth and development helps individuals and organizations know how long to commit, what progress looks like and when to expect results. Here are some benefits of personalized coaching:


The first important area of development for most personalized coaching participants is introspection. This is a fundamental skill for personal and professional development. Once this is in place, members can work to develop a deeper vision of what they want and future areas of growth.


With feedback and improved self-awareness, people who participate in one-on-one coaching develop a greater tolerance for stress. When leaders become more resilient, they are better able to adapt to changing or unfavorable circumstances successfully.


Individuals, through one-on-one coaching, can better understand the underlying motivations and commitments of all group members. They benefit from reduced conflict and greater confidence in decision making.


The main components of self-efficacy are learning through the experiences of others and being affirmed by people you trust. These factors are critical elements in the one-on-one coaching relationship. Strategizing to achieve goals and celebrating those successes with a coach is an excellent way to build self-confidence.


All types of one-on-one coaching have a beneficial effect on communication skills. Developing effective communication skills can help people in all aspects of their lives, both inside and outside the workplace. This, in turn, has its own positive impact on stress, which is undoubtedly exacerbated by poor communication.

Work-life balance

With one-on-one coaching, people take the time to set their own priorities and work to make them an important part of their lives. This allows them to maintain a better work/life balance. These individuals tend to get more satisfaction at work and effectively in life. This can be attributed to both better self-care and greater alignment with their goals.

Increased mental health

With ChVmpion Mind, from the fourth week and after a 21-week process, members participating in this personalized coching can see a 38% decrease in listlessness. Among other dimensions of mental health, life satisfaction, purpose and social connectedness improve. These, along with emotional regulation, reliably improve the mental health of work teams overall.


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