Building trust in remote teamwork is a challenge that ChVmpionMind helps you to reduce

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“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude” – Maya Angelou

Do you want to build trust in remote work teams and don’t know where to start? Do you want to improve the results of collaborative work in your company?

Whatever your goal, here you will find all the information you need to set up effective teamwork that achieves the results you want. To do this, we will explain in detail the challenges of team trust in teleworking and an online coaching method to overcome them.

Sit back and open your mind, you are about to enter the fascinating world of ChVmpionMind.

The challenges of trust in teleworking

Trust is the magnet of all relationships in life: from couples and friends, to family and work.

It is a strong nucleus that consolidates all meaningful relationships, where people give each other the best moments, the best results, the best words, always based on integrity. Few things in life are as vital as giving a part of ourselves to others. However, teleworking invites us to place twice as much trust in each other, either because we do not develop sufficient expectations to feel committed to, or because we do not set realistic goals.

In either case, trust presents some challenges in remote teamwork:

  • Transparency of employees in the performance of their tasks.
  • Adaptation to the customer in the context of teleworking.
  • Effective communication between team members.

A good way to start working on these challenges is to perceive the workplace as a place where fairness is fundamental, to maintain leadership, to set an example to employees and to give regular feedback.

So how do you get into the new habits of remote working? Read on, because all change starts in your mind!

Problems for companies in investing in training for behavioural change

Have you ever wanted to change negative habits into positive ones? Have you ever invested in training without getting the results you expected? Have you ever wanted to measure the economic impact of the investment and know if it was really worth trying?

Many businesses invest in training-based talent and leadership development solutions, but don’t get the results they expect. They lose millions of euros due to a lack of traceability in improving the behaviour and accountability of those involved in the investment, from those in charge of approving the proposal to those who benefit from it.

Behind these problems lie other reasons:

  • Participants do not feel responsible for the investment made in them, they focus more on problems and daily tasks than on the investment and future goals.

  • Companies spend a lot of resources on finding suppliers and conducting training courses, but they do not ask for objective results and ROI for the investment they make. In other words, they do not follow up.

These problems can be summed up as companies’ lack of knowledge of how to measure the economic impact of talent and leadership development. It has been shown that less than 10% of investment in training has a positive impact, a very low figure indeed.

ChVmpionMind: online tool to increase team confidence at work

With ChVmpionMind, everything changes. It is a neuroscience-based method, tested in the real world of business with managers and senior executives, where it has proven successful for 95% of people. This programme helps to change negative behaviours, improve competencies and build on strengths in a solid way.

As a result, an ROI of more than 2,000% per person is achieved thanks to our algorithms, which can also personalise learning for each user based on their profile and needs. ChVmpionMind offers the advantages of an application with automatic functionalities, easily incorporating observers, real people behind the application who support users in the execution of their tasks and the achievement of their goals.

This innovative approach works for several reasons:

  • Because it ensures in advance that participants understand their responsibility to make the programme valuable to them.
  • Because it creates the right environment for behavioural changes to take place, new habits to be acquired and obsolete behaviours to be left behind.
  • Because it provides users with small, clear and achievable goals. The proverb says that “day by day, nothing seems to change, but when you look back, everything is different”.

But none of this would be possible without the tools that the platform makes available to users to:

  • DECIVALORS. Value-based decision making.
  • SMARTEL. Define a possible, personal or team objective, positive and achievable.
  • Measurement. ROI measurement model.
  • FU-PRE. Designing a route to the goal with all the necessary milestones.
  • 360 degree feedback. Continuous 360-degree feedback from support persons.
  • Neuro Quotient Questionnaire. Discovery of behaviours that block our progress and efficient behaviours that can help us move forward.
  • Character Strengths Questionnaire. Online questionnaire to detect individual strengths and use them to grow.

Change starts with you. And ChVmpionMind technology has everything you need to improve work confidence and remote team working. Request more information today!



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