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Quality or volume? low impact or low impact? What if your idea of quality in coaching was a mirage? What if I told you to go for volume which, in addition to saving you a lot of money, would also impact many more people. All this, ChVmpion Mind offers you without compromising high quality impact for a large volume of people to reach.

Imagine you have around €25,000 to invest in your staff…

An individual coaching process for a company can cost between €2,500 and €5,000. Those who offer retail coaching services, with limited capacity and for a small number of people, try to make an impact through the quality of their services. And it is precisely those who are closest to the €5,000 figure per coaching process. Because they are really closely monitored by a small number of managers and coaches, the results are usually generated with a high impact. However, if the company is medium or large, then investing around €5,000 per person is perhaps too high a price to pay for a high impact on the company.

It is necessary to select very well in whom you are going to invest that money, because only about 5 people will be able to use it and although this model is usually very effective, it is estimated that 20% will not take advantage of it properly, so in the end the investment of €25,000 divided by 4, will be equal to 80% of those who take advantage of it. This means that, in reality, it costs the company €6,250 per person.

The scope of your resources must be well used:

If you hire a large coaching service provider, such as those emerging in recent years, they can offer you individualised coaching processes for around €2,500 per person. In other words, with your €25,000 budget, you would reach about 10 people, and you would probably spend no less than €250,000 to reach 100 people. For a large company, say with more than 4,000 employees, this is not usually a budget problem, nor will 100 people be a significant number to make a big impact within the organisation.

Importantly, with this type of volume-focused service and where technology facilitates various parts of the process, it is possible to offer extra value with other elements. However, what HR or volume recruiters ignore; paying little or no attention to is that, out of 100 people, approximately 30% will have little or no use of the coaching process that has been paid for by the company. This, in numbers, translates as follows: 30 people x €2,500 = €75,000 lost. Approximately 25%, i.e. 25 people x €2,500 = €50,000; will use some sessions, but without a real commitment to benefit from the coaching process, which means another €50,000 lost.

Of the rest, 50%, although they will work to try to make the most of the time/investment in them; nevertheless they will lose about 20% or about 10 people = €25,000. And that is because, although they worked with the coach on a regular basis, they didn’t make enough use of it, or they didn’t know how to get real value out of it.

To sum up…

The company spent €250,000 for 40 employees (managers, directors or executives…); employees who really benefited from the coaching process. In the end, the real investment was €6,250 per person; considering the cost of those who did benefit the company.

“Very few people have the willpower to maintain healthy habits or to make great achievements, but many people have the talent to take giant steps, if only they would rely on methodologies such as ChVmpion Mind”.

José, L. Meléndez CEO and Co – founder of ChVmpion Mind.

So much wasted resources, money and employee time that goes unused!

Now, imagine that with that €25,000 you could reach 60 people who would benefit from a technology-based coaching process to automate and facilitate parts of a coaching and applied neuroscience process that encourages the user to execute all week what brings them closer to their goal. Whether it is mental or physical wellbeing or the development of leadership skills, including tasks to be more productive or achieve professional goals, project execution, among others. All this and much more can be achieved with ChVmpion Mind.

An Integral coaching with a series of elements that are supported by the structure of ChVmpion Mind so that you can execute all of this on a regular basis for 21 weeks. With this budget you would reach 60 people, of which 95% = 57 would complete the 21 weeks with more than a 70% success rate. This means, they would achieve no less than 70% of the goals they set out to achieve, whether it is exercising or meditating regularly every week, practising habits to acquire new communication or leadership skills; executing weekly tasks that lead them towards their goal.

The numbers speak for themselves…

These are the percentages we manage. So, if you are a small or medium sized company and you have a budget of 25.000€ imagine the impact you can make in your company with 57 people taking advantage of coaching processes, without a human coach, but with all the benefits and more of an effective coaching process with a platform like ChVmpion Mind. What if you were a big company and you could impact almost 600 employees with a bigger budget? How do you think your company would grow?

Consider all this if you have already hired coaching for several people in your company before, you can check the approximate figures above yourself. And if you have not yet done so, then you already have a way to verify the high impact you can generate without wasting a significant investment or the time of your employees. If you want to know how to implement it in your company, click here and request a demo with ChVmpion Mind.

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