Combat demotivation in the workplace with these strategic guidelines

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Combating demotivation in the workplace is a challenge, for several reasons: because you have been doing the same job for years, because the organization does not suit you or because the economic incentives are not up to your expectations. Burnout syndrome appears in more than 50% of employees at any point in their career. Therefore, as a leader, you must help to overcome it for the well-being of your employees and organization.

Workplace demotivation affects almost everyone. Your employees are no exception, their motivation can disappear, their smiles fade away. Are you looking for a solution to this problem and you can’t find it? Are you spinning your head and you don’t know what to do? Don’t worry, here are 8 tips to effectively fight demotivation at work and generate the results you are looking for and expect for your organization.

8 Tips to combat demotivation in the workplace

Pay close attention to the following series of tips to make your employees truly exceptional and overcome any state of discouragement or unproductivity. As José L. Meléndez, a coaching professional with more than 20 years of experience and founder of ChVmpion Mind, the best business coaching system, says: “The difference between very good people and exceptional people is not in their skills, talents or strengths, it is in what and who they rely on to develop them in an exceptional way and for enough time:

“The difference between very good people and exceptional people is not in their skills, talents or strengths, it is in what and who they rely on to develop them in an exceptional way and for long enough to make a difference.”

1.Having a different view of working hours

One of the criteria for demotivation at work is often the framework that is set for employees. Instead, adopt the following philosophy: Be more flexible! Stop thinking in terms of working hours and start thinking in terms of efficiency. Just because your employees meet the schedule you’ve set for them doesn’t mean they’re going to be efficient. The most important thing is that they meet the deadline of your projects. However, this system is exclusively for the service sector. In industry, it can quickly become complicated to apply this advice.

2.Apply a responsible policy within the company.

Companies are increasingly integrating the principle of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) into their corporate culture. They are finally committing themselves to take into account social and environmental concerns. To this end, it is preferable to rethink the production process. Employees will be proud to work for a company that donates part of its turnover to charities or that is respectful of the environment. If you decide to follow this new company policy to combat demotivation, your staff will spread a positive image of your company. They will feel that they are working for a worthwhile cause beyond their salary and benefits.

3. Learning from mistakes

Many employees are afraid of making mistakes and this can cause them to feel stressed. Stress can generate a bad atmosphere and even unhappiness, and of course, demotivation at work. Do you want to fight demotivation at work? Give your employees more freedom. This will show them that you trust them. Accepting mistakes allows your employees to develop their skills and motivates them. Moreover, if the employee understands his mistake, he may not make the same mistake next time. As the saying goes: practice makes perfect!

4. Trusting your employees: A way to combat demotivation at work.

There are times when you can offer your employees different tasks to deal with demotivation at work. As it turns out, these novelties will improve their day-to-day life and they will be more involved in their new tasks. They will want to show you that they want to succeed. You risk demotivating them by limiting them to a routine. So get your employees to participate in meetings where, for example, they will present their latest work. You put them in the spotlight, give them the opportunity to prove their worth and develop their skills. In other words, you show them that you trust them – this can only increase their motivation!

5.Providing means and tools to counteract demotivation at work.

Fighting demotivation at work is a task that requires a lot of creativity. Thinking about a new environment, new strategies and tools that, together with technology and new trends, allow a leader to increase the profitability and productivity of their work teams. ChVmpion Mind is a clear example of this. It is a digital platform that combines agile coaching, science and technology; allowing the execution of comprehensive strategies that in just 21 weeks change habits and increase work performance.

ChVmpion Mind is something important and it works. It may seem unnecessary, but it will make your company’s way of working more attractive, let your employees be the ones to promote their own well-being! Allowing them to do so will revitalize your company’s workforce!

6. Spaces for rest and relaxation

There’s nothing like a little break to put a smile on your teams’ faces and put an end to repetitive and stressful workdays and reduce demotivation. The morning coffee, the chocolate and candy moments at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the parties organized to celebrate a colleague’s birthday; organizing events and celebrations will make your employees happy. Take advantage, too, of certain national holidays to let your employees have fun and free their minds. Every year there are many possibilities to do different things. This can help you to unite your team. Especially since everyone has their own need to belong.

7.Mood and work: A duo to be taken into account

Work demotivation is a state of mind that can evaporate very quickly. If you have a sense of humor, don’t hesitate to adopt it at work. Not only will it lighten the mood, but it will also lighten the mood. A few jokes never hurt, quite the contrary. To add a little distraction, you can go so far as to laugh at yourself. This will help you listen to what your employees have to say and make them feel valued. This can help you solve any problems. Don’t waste humor, which is a sometimes unsuspected ally in the fight against demotivation at work. Without going so far as to hire hilarious profiles, you can very well foster a certain work atmosphere in your facilities, made of seriousness and lightness.

8. Praise: A simple gesture that motivates any employee.

Don’t forget to reward employees who get a contract after long negotiations, who help you with a project or who find a solution to a problem. In the pyramid of needs, the need for esteem comes right after the need to belong. There are several possible solutions. Say thank you from the heart, write an article in the internal newspaper, give a speech, create a “Hall of Fame”, organize a party, offer gifts on the occasion of the birth of a child. Your employees will appreciate your gesture and remember it, even in the most difficult moments. You will be surprised how much a simple word of thanks can combat demotivation at work.

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