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How can you make your teams not only productive, but also communicative? How can you contribute to improve their personal and professional habits? Is there a way to be involved, but without increasing work stress? The practice of sports is essential and it is necessary to keep track of both sports and work activities on a daily basis and achieve high levels of productivity at work. Therefore, as a team leader you should encourage employees to exercise daily and make it a personal habit.

It is a company’s duty to help its employees improve their lifestyle habits.

For a long time, companies have been looking for ways to help their employees improve their lives, whether through nutritional initiatives, fitness plans or other measures. However, stress continues to grow, which is all the more reason to create new ways to help employees reduce stress and improve their work performance. Nothing better than the practice of physical exercise, well regulated and planned. With Fit Body, you can keep track of physical and sports activities that will increase productivity in every aspect of people’s lives.

The control of physical activities is the basis of any effective training…

With this in mind, high-performance trainings have been launched that focus on changing habits through physical exercise and mindfulness. Because, when these become a regular habit throughout the office, the office is imbued with a productive environment. In this way, all processes and routines come together to achieve the objectives and goals set.

Nothing happens by chance. Therefore, in the following lines we are going to tell you how you can carry out the control of daily exercise activities, through the ChVmpionMind platform. Keep reading!

Activity monitoring with Fit Body What is it about?

It is one of the functionalities of the ChVmpionMind tool used to record the physical exercise performed during training. In other words, it is a tool for monitoring activities that, in turn, allows you to record all the sport performed on a daily basis and through the Strava application. Which is directly connected to ChVmpionMind through an API (Application Programming Interfaces).

You will find this functionality in the main drop-down menu that appears on the left side of the application or by clicking on the icon of the sportsman that is displayed in one of the divisions of the main face of the platform. In this section, you will be able to observe at a glance the total physical exercise performed during the week and other previous sessions. In addition, other data of interest such as the date, duration and activity performed in each of them.

In this way, the Fit Body functionality of ChVmpionMind allows the user to keep track of the physical activities performed. And, at the same time, it helps to check if the objectives set for the week have been achieved.

How does Fit Body help to generate healthy habits in employees?

If you are looking for high professional performance and greater well-being in the physical and mental health of your employees, then ChVmpionMind is the solution you need. You can help you achieve it in 21 weeks. This platform generates healthy habits through physical exercise, mindfulness and professional goals to achieve superior performance in your leaders and their work teams.

It has functionalities adapted to each of these factors: Fit Body to control physical exercise, Meditation to record the time spent in introspection and Goals to record completed tasks.

In the case of physical activity monitoring, Fit Body plays an essential role in changing habits for several reasons:

  • It helps you engage in regular physical activity.
  • It allows you to deal with the stress of getting out of your comfort zone.

In the same way that you go to school to acquire knowledge, habits and values, you should also freely choose a structure that allows you to do different things so that your mind is more open and you can create new habits. Which, lead to other productive skills. Hence, the birth of ChVmpionMind, a structure where the user voluntarily commits to perform small, regular, daily, weekly and monthly actions that allow him to advance and grow in his personal and professional life.

Training the brain is the first step to success…

When we have to do things that require us to make an effort, our brain consumes more energy. In this case, it is not our best ally, nor will it be when we seek to change habits. For example, to do new things or to do another activity that fights against the natural biology of our brain. However, the structure of the ChVmpionMind method has been designed with this factor in mind.

It demands accountability in the planning of the method, through designed goals and the execution of tasks supported by the structure itself. These goals are achieved by encouraging the brain to modify and generate healthy habits. However, none of this would be possible without the elements of neuroscience that are applied to the platform to impact the mind and achieve high performance and superior achievements.

“Motivation is what gets you going, habit is what keeps you going.”- Jim Ryun


Resuming the control of physical exercise activities in ChVmpionMind

Before finishing this post about the control of physical exercise activities with Fit Body, we want you to remember why it is present in ChVmpionMind…

  • Beyond being an innovative high-performance application based on scientific research, it has been designed for the mind to achieve two purposes: high professional performance and greater personal well-being. But achieving this requires the generation of healthy habits.
  • To do it is necessary to educate the brain through regular physical and mindfulness exercises for at least 21 weeks. Now, how to keep track of the activities of the sport practiced? The answer has a name: Fit Body.

In ChVmpionMind, everything that can be measured can be managed. And everything that can be managed can also be improved.

Would you like to discover new features to change the habits of your work teams? Follow us every week on the OlaCoach blog and get the answers you are looking for.

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