SMARTEEL and FUPRE: How to make an effective design goals?

Design goals

We already know that ChVmpionMind is a platform aimed at companies and professionals who may be in need of help to improve productivity problems. These are reflected by missed deadlines and objectives, lack of team growth and insufficient involvement of the parties. By means of an effective design goals all these problems can disappear and give way to great improvements in all aspects of work.

ChVmpionMind is also aimed at those companies that are willing to innovate in the development of talent and leadership, increase productivity and ensure the well-being of employees. And, above all, who do not hesitate to apply means and tools that allow them to achieve all of the above. Digitalization has made it possible for many functions and jobs, today, to be executed through the online medium. And, without a doubt, it is the simplest and easiest way to use.

Learn two new features of the ChVmpionMind method…

SMARTEEL and FRUPRE, are the two new features that brings this new tool for your company. And, without a doubt, they are the most direct way to design goals and achieve them.

What does SMARTEEL mean?

It is a tool used in ChVmpionMind to define clear, achievable, realistic, measurable, ethical, ecological and legal objectives. Each letter represents an essential characteristic of the objective:

  • S: Indicates what the objective is for.
  • M: States that, in order to meet that goal, we need to complete the FUPRE model, which we will mention in the next section.
  • A: Indicates that the goal must be achievable.
  • A: The goal must be realistic.
  • T: It must also be measurable over time.
  • E: The goal must be ethical.
  • E: In addition, the goal should be ecological, not only with the planet, but also with the system in which we live and with the people around us. The important thing is to avoid harming third parties.
  • L: It must also be legal.

It is based on the SMART method, an acronym used to help people remember the components of a well-established goal:

  • S: Specific
  • M: Measurable
  • A: Achievable (Attainable)
  • R: Relevant
  • T: Timely

Remember that…

The design goals is the backbone of your training plan, so you must define them correctly.

The meaning of SMARTEEL in ChVmpionMind…

SMARTEEL is a tool integrated in the Goals part of ChVmpionMind that allows the user to define his weekly objectives. As well as, to reach them in the established time. This will allow us to advance in the training.

While the SMARTEEL is the goal we want to achieve, the FUPRE is the path we design to reach it.

Thanks to the information provided by both functionalities, as well as the milestones to be met, you will be able to know how many times you have put into practice all the actions you designed from the videos and articles of the ChVmpionMind method.

What does FUPRE mean?

It is a model used to design the route that we will follow in the training to achieve the previously designed objectives. In addition, it serves to motivate and support people to take small steps towards their goal day by day.

The FUPRE functionality in ChVmpionMind

In the first two weeks, the user completes his goals based on the design of objectives and with the FUPRE model, he also designs the route towards them. Therefore, this is the most direct path to achieve the goals marked with the necessary milestones. It is important to keep in mind that FUPRE allows us to design the path to achieve the goal from the future to the present.

The milestone dates are indicated automatically, all we have to do is fill in the milestone. This functionality allows us to see the progress with statistics. In fact, you can get the ROI, know the level of stress, resilience, etc. Ideally, when we complete the training, the ‘now’ is displayed higher than when we started. Undoubtedly, a very valid strategy for companies when they start to have many people and want to see how they are improving.

What should I know before starting with the ChVmpionMind platform for design goals?

ChVmpionMind is a method that works for 3 simple reasons: The user is totally willing to achieve something or get out of a negative situation. Therefore, there is a level of commitment and real awareness of who he/she is and, in turn, provides a motivating structure to take small steps towards achieving the goals set.

If you are a professional who wants to change your own course or that of the teams under your care for good, then, you should ask yourself the following questions before entering ChVmpionMind:

  • Can I identify my objectives, those of my employees or those of my company?
  • Am I committed to effective design goal and weakly actions?
  • Am I willing to spend 3 or 4 hours a week to improve my well-being and grow professionally?
  • Do I accept the accompaniment of observers that I will personally select myself to follow my commitments and accompany me during the 21 weeks of the training?

If what you want is to work in a team, ask yourself if you would be willing to collaborate in a transparent way with it. Observing you among all the processes and the way you execute the weekly actions for a greater achievement and positive impact, mentally and physically.

The tool to make a design goals offers visible and tangible results; which will facilitate decision making in the company and in your life. It is curious to see how, day by day, for 21 weeks, it seems that nothing changes, but when you finish the training and look back, everything is different. With new habits that will help combat the stress and illnesses that come from sedentary work, it’s clear that you will no longer be the same. Say goodbye to distractions and get all your employees to take advantage of the company’s investment in human development.

Do you want to be part of the method? Request a demo at ChVmpionMind! Don’t wait any longer!


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