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It seems like our goal is to get immediate results – fast and easy! But mastering a skill, developing talent and leadership, starting to exercise, as well as increasing the efficient work productivity and well-being of a company’s employees takes time. How long? 21 weeks with the ChVmpionMind method.

But… What is ChVmpionMind? What method does it propose? How to register? This and much more is what we will tell you in this installment. Read on!

ChVmpionMind: What is it?

It is an innovative high performance platform that uses a method based on neuroscience, with automatic learning and artificial intelligence to change negative habits that generate low productivity in work results. It consists of working by objectives and creating healthy habits, such as starting to exercise, which will make you live in balance while achieving your weekly goals. It is ideal to help organizations and their leaders achieve better results, through a program of personal and professional wellness.

ChVmpionMind is designed for the mind to achieve two clear purposes:

  • High professional performance.
  • Personal wellness, mentally, emotionally and physically.

How to achieve professional performance and personal well-being.

Now, which path should you follow to achieve it? The ChVmpionMind platform uses a learning method based on brain incentive to modify and generate healthy and positive habits. The user performs physical and mindfulness exercises on a regular basis for 21 weeks, designs his own professional goals, creates tasks to execute, among many other things, and all this with neuroscience elements applied. Which, impact on the mind and achieve high performance and the achievement of higher goals.

And this is what the data obtained in the Return on Investment (ROI) show. Because ChVmpionMind is the first platform that allows companies to measure the benefit of their investment in human development in a quantitative way. That is, with real data for each employee. We will talk about this in more detail in the next installments on ChVmpionMind. However, the most curious thing of all is that it works and can be done without the presence of a coach. Incredible, isn’t it?

First steps in accessing ChVmpionMind

If you have come this far, you are probably a person or company that wants to give your team the opportunity to create habits that will help them combat stress and illnesses derived from sedentary work. Wherever they work and whatever position they hold, you need to help them be better and move past underperformance. However, you worry that employees are not taking advantage of the investment in their development.

In this case, ChVmpionMind is the ideal tool to achieve this. You will be able to offer them coaching processes without a coach and obtain tangible benefits.

Now, where to start?

  • Enter ChVmpionMind, request a demo, contact us and register.
  • Take the previous questionnaires.
  • Get to know the structure of the ChVmpionMind method.
  • Start your training!

We should all be born with an instruction manual to find what we need. ChVmpionMind has designed one especially for you.

Pre-questionnaires: A very important step

To access and get started with the first week of training, you need to complete the following questionnaires.

For the user:

  • Neuro Quotient Questionnaire (NQ).

A neurological assessment test developed to measure general brain functioning. It consists of a series of questions and tasks designed to test cognitive skills, memory, attention, language and other neural functions.

  • VIA Character Strenghts Questionnaire

A personality assessment tool developed by Dr. Martin Seligman and Dr. Christopher Peterson. It is based on the Big Five personality theory and measures 24 positive personality traits. It is ideal for discovering your distinctive traits in just a few minutes.

  • Resilience Questionnaire

Used to assess a person’s level of resilience. These questionnaires can be useful in identifying those employees who are more likely to experience a higher level of stress and anxiety in adverse situations. Also, they can help determine what factors may be contributing to their level of resilience.

  • Well-Being Questionnaire

These forms are used to assess a person’s well-being. Whether to measure mood, stress level, quality of life or to measure other aspects related to physical and mental well-being.

  • Leadership Questionnaire

It is a tool that can be used to evaluate the user’s leadership, measuring the potential of a born leader that the person possesses. At the same time, it evaluates the performance of a leader in the job he/she occupies.

For the observer:

  • Questionnaire on behavioral characteristics with others.

It is used to determine the peculiar qualities, the specific characteristics of the user observed during his training in ChVmpionMind.

It is important to note that this high performance platform is not for everyone. To achieve real results, there must be a voluntary commitment. Therefore, these start-up questionnaires serve as a filter to evaluate whether or not you are suitable to be part of this training. Once completed, if the user is accepted, the training can begin. Otherwise, we will invite you to prepare for later.

It’s not who. It’s when…

ChVmpionMind Structure

You have finally passed the previous questionnaires, congratulations! Once inside the platform, you will see a circle divided into 6 distinct parts (these are the functionalities) and a small section in the core (this is your profile).

These functionalities are the ones that will lead you to achieve the change. So, although it may seem that day by day nothing changes, when you look back, in 21 weeks, everything will be different.

Take note!

1.Fit body. Record all the sport you do.

2.Meditation. Click play and start recording the time you spend meditating.

3.Pending tasks. It will inform you if you are up to date with your tasks or if you have any pending.

4.Goals. It will show the completed tasks following the SMARTEEL and FU-PRE model:

  • S (what it is for)
  • M (completes the FU-PRE model, the goal must be measurable)
  • A (goal must be achievable)
  • R (goal must be realistic)
  • T (the goal must be set in time)
  • E (goal should be ethical)
  • E (goal should be ecological with the planet and the system in which we live)
  • L (the goal must be legal)
  • FU-PRE: It is a method within ChVmpionMind that helps us to design the route with milestones from the future to the present. The dates appear automatically, what we have to do is to fill in the milestone.

5.Observers. They are key in the performance and motivation of the user during the training and they only need to dedicate 5 minutes a week or 15 minutes a month within the platform.

6.Library. Visualize weekly pills linked to your goals to boost your professional development and get out of your comfort zone.

In short, six features, twenty-one weeks and one goal. Don’t worry if you have doubts about these features, the first steps are never easy. In addition, we will explain each area of ChVmpionMind in detail in the next chapters.

And remember… Small victories lead to big changes.

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