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ChVmpionMind‘s weekly pills or articles are directly related to the goals set in the training. This functionality is part of your path to achieve the results you want, hand in hand with your own professional goals and tasks to execute.

These weekly pills or articles are part of a process aimed at encouraging the brain to modify and generate healthy habits. Read on to discover how the ChVmpionMind Library works and squeeze its full potential.

What is the Library functionality of ChVmpionMind?

From words to deeds:

  • Log into the ChVmpionMind application.
  • Access the Library functionality.

In this section, every week you will get a mandatory pill or article and several optional pills or articles. The main difference between the mandatory and the optional ones is that the first ones you must watch or read and complete a short summary with a commitment to an action towards your goals that will be visible to your observers.

For example: a video on how to focus on your strengths, a pill on how to change your mindset, or an article on how to spend 5 minutes in the morning to supercharge your whole day.

How ChVmpionMind works without a coach

You may be wondering how it is possible that such a complete process based on functionalities such as the Library, Goals or Meditation does not have a coach and still works. It happens because in a coaching process there are three key elements:

  1. That the client really wants to achieve something or get out of a negative situation.
  2. Commitment, being aware of who they are, their strengths and the impact of what they do or don’t do.
  3. It provides a structure that motivates and supports them to take small steps towards their goal.

Note that this training method has been designed by professional Master Coaches who are aware of these 3 points. Moreover, they know that a great value of their contribution lies in the participation and commitment of their clients, which becomes evident with the follow-up of the application.

A process that requires commitment

In ChVmpionMind, the goals set are not achieved with a bit of meditation, physical exercise, videos or a couple of tasks, but with the perfect combination of all of them. It is a process that requires commitment, so it is not for everyone.

For there to be real results, there must first be voluntary commitments. And to assess this, some filters have to be overcome: that of genuine commitment to enter or self-exclusion if they do not feel ready, answering questionnaires at the beginning to be, or not, accepted or invited to prepare later on, etc.

Let us know your doubts and don’t miss the next chapters on the method and functionalities of ChVmpionMind.

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