7 methodologies to motivate company personnel and increase their productivity

Motivar personal

The efficiency of a worker is the result of a correct management when it comes to motivating personnel. And this aspect, as we have mentioned in other deliveries, is favorable when it comes to increasing productivity, since productivity is boosted thanks to the commitment that motivated employees come to feel and experience when working with the company.

That is why approximately 86% of companies implement incentive and recognition systems for their employees. Currently, many companies have understood that this type of systems maintain the motivation of their workers.

Remember that…

¨Motivating personnel implies thinking beyond salaries or economic incentives¨.

However, even today, there are companies that continue to underestimate the positive results that motivating personnel offers, effectively and with guarantees. It is when they opt to apply mediocre strategies towards workers, which never achieve the desired results. When this happens, it limits not only the working status of its employees, but also the profits of the company itself. Organizationally speaking, it is necessary to think beyond salaries or economic incentives; because the real work motivation will be subject to the creativity with which each situation that arises within the work environment is faced.

Did you know that nowadays, the factors to achieve personal motivation are varied and those who implement it in their respective work environments are heading towards substantial achievements and significantly positive changes?

For this, it is very important to recognize the achievements of employees, flexible schedules and job promotions. All of this will undoubtedly foster a pleasant and suspicious climate for improvements in labor productivity.

ChVmpion Mind understands very well what are the types of motivators that make people take action and this has to do with the functioning of the brain. Interesting right? Well, another time we will talk about how the brain works with respect to motivations, as this is key to understand how to get the human being to take action and think about the best way to do it. But well, we will talk about this aspect in future installments. For now, let’s continue addressing the methodologies to motivate personnel.

Motivation is one of the most important business drivers.

It turns out that, according to surveys and in general terms, only 7% of Spanish workers say they feel satisfied in their jobs. On the other hand, a large number of studies corroborate the idea of the impact of happiness at work. Thanks to certain methods to motivate staff, it can have a positive impact on a more forceful and effective professional performance. And so, our specialist Jose L. Menéndez, CEO of ChVmpion Mind, Master Coach and expert in applied neuroscience, lets us know; he advocates that all achievements should be accompanied by sufficient internal motivation and tells us that this requires the guidance of a coach, a support structure or both. We all need support from time to time to achieve or recognize work and personal happiness.

How can we transform the human capital of a company into a more committed and efficient one? Is there any kind of strategy that, when applied to the work community, can generate remarkable effects?

Well, how to motivate personnel has been a very popular topic of study during recent decades and has been studied by researchers worldwide; such is the case of the CEO of ChVmpion Mind. His conclusions have generated prototypes regarding the elements involved in the happiness and satisfaction of workers…

According to this specialist, to understand that personal motivation is a personal and individual state that leads and incites to the improvement of the behavior of a working individual. And that, undoubtedly, is produced as a result of the interrelation between a subject and the surrounding environment.

In this way, and understanding that motivation is an important reflection of the psyche of a subject and the external factors that affect it, we understand, then, that motivating personnel will undoubtedly produce important contributions to a company. In this instance, the act of stimulating an individual will lead to the satisfaction of a desired action and the achievement of a proposed goal.

So… What is the ultimate purpose of motivating people?

In essence, motivational strategies serve to influence people directly and effectively. Specifically, as far as a company’s personnel is concerned. And, it is from then on that the company is able to benefit, through a previous benefit to the workers. Which, as we have already mentioned, can be in multiple ways: personal growth, job satisfaction, results proposal and innovation capacity, personnel rotation, promotions, productivity increase, among others. In fact, it has been proven that the application of motivational strategies is favorable in more than 12%, and as far as dynamism is concerned, an employee can be up to 33% more participative and fluid in their work if they are being stimulated and motivated.

Methodologies to motivate personnel Do you know them?

Now, what methodologies are used to motivate personnel? Have you ever wondered what are some of the factors that influence work motivation? Here are 7 of them, pay close attention!

Involve the whole team:

It is necessary to establish regular meetings in which goals are outlined together and the proposals of the team in general are valued. Taking each individual into account for his or her participation and skills will be positive in the evolution of the work. Giving employees a voice will allow them to listen to strategies that, although they may not be transcendental, will build a sure path to success. Valuing means motivating staff to build a sustainable environment for all.

For this, then, team coaching is necessary. This allows us to accompany managers and leaders in optimizing their strategies to achieve high performance teams.

Correct positions for each employee according to their skills and abilities:

It is transcendental that each participant within the organization is executing the indicated tasks according to his potentialities and the skills he concretely possesses. For this, it is necessary to motivate the personnel and to take into account that the correct tasks must be assigned to the employee.

Specificity in each objective:

Motivating personnel also means that communication must be clear and precise. Avoiding at all costs that there is confusion in the instructions and therefore some activity is performed incorrectly. An employee needs to know that the work he/she performs is supported by well-established information and guidelines. This gives the employee security in what he/she is doing and will guarantee that there will be improvements in his/her performance.

Flexible policies:

Labor flexibility undoubtedly helps to motivate personnel. Therefore, strategies that include: flexibility in schedules, days off, casual dress or recreational plans, are aspects that, although they may seem insignificant, will serve as a regular stimulus for the members of the company’s organization chart.

Life plan:

Motivating personnel involves making use of all the tools that generate satisfaction in them. Therefore, personal aspects also come into play. Therefore, teaching them to create a life plan is a valid and potential methodological instrument when it comes to motivate and increase labor productivity. Seeking to guide staff and in the process linking their objectives with those of the company is an invaluable advancement and a very smart strategy to apply. Helping employees to cope with daily life is an infallible resource when it comes to obtaining results inside and outside the company.

Valuing employees’ work:

To motivate staff we must help them find their own self-realization and a basic element to achieve this is the constant recognition of the skills they demonstrate day by day in their working day. Recognizing an employee’s daily work and encouraging him to do his best will have a positive effect on him.

Optimizing the workplace

To motivate staff, there is nothing better than creating a work environment that is conducive to accomplishing tasks and pleasant to be in. It is very necessary for leaders to understand that employees must have the right facilities to be productive and meet their objectives quickly and easily. Comfort, convenience, safety and the right set of tools, in general, fortify motivation and consolidate the structure of a company.

If you are a leader, remember…

To conclude we can say that… Motivating staff will always be intrinsically linked to the commitment you have with them and your creativity to achieve the necessary productivity is consolidated in the ability you have to innovate. See you next time!

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