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Did you know that the happiness and commitment of employees have a positive influence on the evolution of companies? This has been demonstrated by executive coaching tools based on the strengthening of managers and the transformation of corporate culture.

You may not have stopped to think about it, but culture comes before the implementation of any strategy. And in this article we invite you to check if your corporate culture is the ideal one to implement the strategy you want to put in place. We will also talk about how to implement the ideal culture through job coaching.

It’s a fact.

Remember what corporate culture is

It is the set of values, beliefs and norms that guide the behavior of people in an organization. Corporate culture influences the way decisions are made, conflicts are resolved and employees are motivated. But, above all, it is a competitive part of the company’s strategy that we must take care of.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if the company culture was not in line with the organization’s goals? Or if the employees’ approach to performing their tasks was far from the company’s personality?

Read on.

A Guide to Creating a Successful and Motivating Corporate Culture

Surely, you know that corporate culture is one of the most important things for the success of an organization. Without a motivating culture, productivity and overall performance could plummet. That’s why it’s so important to design a successful corporate culture.

Here are some tips to start working on yours:

  • Encourage engagement

It is well known that the key to a successful company culture is to foster engagement. Make sure that all employees know what is expected of them and that they are willing to give their best to help the company achieve its goals.

  • Encourage creativity

This is another key component of corporate culture, so make sure that company members feel comfortable expressing their ideas and are encouraged to be creative.

  • Encourage teamwork

It is fundamental to the success of the company. For this reason, it is essential that employees feel comfortable working together, that they have the tools they need to develop collaborative work, etc.

  • Establish values and principles and communicate them.

A successful and motivating corporate culture is based on a set of values and principles that guide the organization and its members. They should be in tune with the company’s purpose and mission, and should be reinforced in all interactions and decisions of the organization.

  • Communicate objectives

To foster a successful and motivating corporate culture, the organization’s goals, as well as mechanisms for measuring and evaluating progress toward those goals, must be established and clearly communicated. Corporate culture is also characterized by a climate of trust, respect and collaboration, in which creativity and innovation are encouraged.

Corporate culture as a prior step to the implementation of a strategy

Companies are living entities in constant evolution. Just look at the tangible example of business during the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation meant a brutal change in the way of working and relating to others. Digital transformation has also marked a before and after for companies: from a strategy based on unidirectional, product-oriented communication to an interactive strategy that focuses on the customer. All of this has led companies to take a change of direction.

And in this context, executive coaching becomes the best way to adapt the corporate culture to the requirements of the strategy.


Transform corporate culture with coaching

Coaching can help transform an organization’s culture by providing tools and strategies to improve employee performance and engagement. It can help employees understand and embrace changes in company culture, enable leaders to establish and maintain a positive culture, as well as take a broader perspective and learn how it influences organizational performance. It helps them identify the values and beliefs that underlie the culture and how these may be inhibiting change.

In short, executive coaching can help leaders establish a clear vision of the culture they want to build and learn how to achieve it. From this point, each employee can work on their own development goals and motivate themselves through their own initiatives.

It is a chain transformation where coaching changes the corporate culture and this determines the strategies of the organization. If you want to know more about how to achieve a motivating and successful corporate culture through coaching, contact ChVmpionMind.


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