Personal well-being and its impact on work productivity

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Achieving work-life balance is not an easy thing to do. The situation becomes even more complicated when the work activity is suddenly developed in a teleworking environment because of a crisis, such as the health one we are currently experiencing due to COVID-19.

In this environment, workers remain connected to new technologies, which can lead to demotivation, lack of a sense of belonging, reduced productivity and lack of some competitive advantages. Hence, the importance of personal well-being to cope with change.

What we are experiencing due to the coronavirus is traumatic, not only because of the disease itself, nor because of the loss of human lives, but also because of the economic losses and the closure of a multitude of businesses that many entrepreneurs have carried out with effort, perseverance and affection. It is not easy to see how these companies begin a process of decline that we do not know how to stop.

This situation affects the personal well-being of workers, both in physical and remote environments. If you want to know how the binomial of well-being and labor productivity affects companies, we invite you to continue reading this post. You will discover good practices to improve them.

What is personal wellness?

It is a state of personal satisfaction in which body, mind and spirit are in balance. This results in harmony, both with oneself and the surrounding environment. Considering that our brain functions best when it is in a positive state, workers with high personal well-being increase their work productivity, creativity, energy and intelligence. But what can they do to achieve this?

How to improve workers’ personal well-being

At ChVmpionMind, we are convinced that one of the first steps to achieving well-being is to feel good about the space in which we live, as well as enjoy it.

Basic tips to improve personal well-being:

  • Get enough sleep so that your body can rest, which positively influences your mood.
  • Eat healthy, knowing the proportions that your body needs of each food. It will give you more energy.
  • Maintain a positive mentality, learning to adapt to changes. You decide how to react to them. Generate a state of gratitude with what surrounds you.
  • Protect your immune system, as it needs a certain amount of nutrients for its proper functioning.
  • Do physical exercise, it will increase your energy to achieve your goals and purposes. Find the exercise you feel most comfortable with and make it part of your routine.

Other healthy habits to improve personal well-being and work productivity:

  • Exercise before going to work to wake up our neurons and start the day with energy.
  • Eat a good breakfast to have a productive workday and avoid gaining too much weight.
  • Maintain an adequate work pace, which will prevent employee burnout and deterioration of job satisfaction.
  • Start the day with a few minutes of reflection or meditation that will allow us to relax.
  • Leave work tasks that have less priority to be done after lunch, as we tend to be less efficient after lunch.
  • Distribute tasks in a logical way to obtain good results, which leads to a better work environment.
  • Maintain good communication with each department, transmitting tasks in a clear and organized manner.
  • Have adequate spaces for the needs of the workers.
  • Encourage the team feeling, since it has been proven that it has a positive influence on productivity.

The well-being of people in the environment of the organizations can be enhanced. Due to the pandemic situation generated by COVID-19 in recent years, many companies work in mixed environments – remote and face-to-face work – to which, perhaps, we are not so used to. Our main task is to learn to navigate them.

In this sense, personal wellbeing is fundamental to improve work productivity in any work mode, but how does it influence?

The relationship between employee well-being and productivity

When we talk about new ways of working, we must broaden the vision to also talk about new ways of living. People have a certain attachment to our comfort zone, and although our brains are hardwired to cope with change, uncertainty and challenges, the human mind is not comfortable with change. The pandemic situation we are currently experiencing transcends the world of work. Therefore, we need to discover what we can do to navigate this storm with confidence and excitement.

Personal well-being, both in the context of telework and face-to-face work, has a major influence on work productivity.

For the worker, it manifests itself in the form of:

  • Emotional exhaustion.
  • Impulsivity and affective coldness.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Tiredness and lack of energy.
  • Lack of concentration and attention deficit.

For work:

  • Work absenteeism.
  • Poor performance.
  • Difficulty in communicating with the rest of the team.
  • High stress.
  • Lack of feeling of belonging to the company.
  • Job dissatisfaction.
  • Difficulties in facing new challenges and solving problems.

Labor productivity comes from employees, but if employees are not mentally capable of performing their job, the company can have serious consequences. That is why HR departments must create training plans that improve the personal well-being and motivation of their employees, as well as the work climate.

Respecting schedules, separating the personal and professional spheres and maintaining a good atmosphere in the team are some of the main ways to prevent personal discomfort, as well as its consequences at work.

Workers have to be able to transcend difficulties in order to grow!


2021 has been one of the years that we have done more coaching processes, to date, and approximately 38% of the coaching processes started with a focus on people’s well-being, such as lack of time (or incentive?) to take care of themselves, stress due to disruptive schedules they had to manage with their partners, children also studying online, working from the living room, or even from the bathroom, etc. and after the first 2-4 sessions, and having channeled these needs much better, there were still approximately 22% where wellness issues were still being addressed, although these were already related to wellness and: self-esteem, communication with others, limiting beliefs, etc..

In conclusion, of the 38%, approximately one third were people who, if they did not implement some relatively short-medium term changes, had the potential to leave work or lower their performance, if they had not already lowered it. And the other two-thirds were already people who were not performing well, some even confessed to being on the verge of leaving, and others were showing signs of burnout linked to health problems.

Coaching came at a good time for all of them, some of them would have been even earlier, if the lack of well-being in about a quarter of this working population had been detected earlier.

Coaching without a coach is now possible thanks to online tools such as ChVmpion Mind, which can support a very large population within companies and thus avoid the ills of lack of well-being and lack of productivity, among other benefits that can be obtained.

Summarizing wellness and productivity

Motivation is what gets you started. Your habits are what keep you on track.

Do you want to promote high performance in your work teams? Do you know how to set challenging goals that take you out of your comfort zone? Do you know healthy habits to avoid stress and sedentary lifestyles? How to monitor the evolution of your employees and the ROI of their personal and professional goals? Do you want to develop a culture of prevention and health treatment to help them adopt a healthy lifestyle? Working in a company that cares about your health is something that can become a reality thanks to our coaching training programs. ChVmpionMind can help you to solve all your doubts.

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