Talent management: What is it and how to execute it in 2022?

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Gestión del talento: ¿Qué es y cómo ejecutarlo en el 2022?

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Talent management practices have evolved over the years to adapt to specific trends in individuals and teams. Likewise, all other aspects of the professional environment have been changing. In the last two years, the transformations that have taken place have been far-reaching and 180-degree changes.

The reasons for all this are diverse. Massive digitalization, new ways of selling, new consumer interests and changes in the ways of buying, among others, have caused companies to change substantially, and with them the management of the talent they have in their human resources.

Human capital must be managed by its talent…

The rapid pace of change in strategic talent management in recent years is a necessity in today’s hyper-accelerated, fast-paced and ever-changing environment. Global trends in talent and human capital management have led to a novel approach to the work, worker, workplace and holistic well-being equation.

Human resources play many roles in a company. The HR department, manages employee relations, talent acquisition, payroll, onboarding and much more. One more duty of HR is talent management. This is key to getting your organization or company closer and closer to achieving its goals.

Statistics don’t lie…

Talent retention can generate between 25% and 85% increase in company profits. That’s why talent management is a constant process that involves attracting and retaining high quality employees, developing their skills and motivating them continuously to improve their performance. Chvmpion Mind is the platform that helps you achieve this and much more. Do you want to know more about all the advantages that this optimized integral coaching plan offers you? Don’t wait any longer! The time has come to increase the performance of your company and the productivity of your employees.

The overall nature of talent management is brought to light with Chvmpion Mind.

Under the talent management process, there are a number of elements and sub-processes that must work in unison to ensure organizational success. For example, analyzing the absence or shortage of certain right and necessary talents for the present and the future; identifying the right and suitable talent pools and, consequently, the most suitable candidates to fill the positions; in addition, getting them to join each other and then optimizing their existing skills and strengths. All this, while helping them grow.

The main purpose of talent management is to create a motivated workforce that will stay with the company for the long term. Exactly how this is achieved will differ from company to company.

Therefore, the application of CHVMPIONMIND.COM, which proposes a method with incentives and disincentives for users, is indicated. In which the company itself participates in the design of these “motivators”. The aim is for the user to improve his health and/or achieve his professional goals.

In addition…

ChVmpion Mind understands very well what are the types of motivators that make people take action, this has to do with the functioning of the brain. At another time we will talk about how the brain works with respect to motivations, as this is key to understand how to get the human being to take action and not just think about how to do something.

How to execute talent management?

Talent management is not a mere checklist of requirements to be met, it is a strategy that needs careful implementation, regular checks and continuous improvement to be executed correctly. The following are key talent management strategies that serve as fundamental pillars in this area:

Detailed Job Descriptions

A detailed and well-informed job description helps the supplier, the sourcing software and the candidate to better understand the job. It is the goal of talent management to hire the right people. Generic job descriptions only serve to confuse all parties involved in the talent acquisition process, while generating a wave of irrelevant applications.

Person-organization fit and compatibility

An employee who does not fit the organizational culture cannot be sustainably productive. Hiring candidates with the right fit greatly improves the chances of higher employee engagement. In turn, higher employee satisfaction and generally better performance. Well-executed talent management will deliver sustainable positions to the right people.

Collaborate, coach and evolve

An important strategy to make talent management more effective is to create a culture of coaching, mentoring and collaboration. Constructive feedback is very useful when it comes to helping employees evolve and develop their skills and expertise.

Reward and recognize

The rewards and recognition process is an important part of the talent management strategy to better motivate, engage and manage employees. This goes beyond financial rewards and bonus packages. This is a great opportunity for organizations to show their employees how much they care for them as individuals and professionals.

Opportunities for evolution and continuous improvement

Talent management must always seek to be placed in the context of the future that the organization has imagined for itself. Therefore, employees must be equipped with the right tools to be able to maximize their own potential in the present and in the expected vision of the organization in the future.


In the words of José L. Meléndez, CEO of Chvmpion Mind… ¨Many more people achieve great things by working within value-giving structures, while talented people who have no support to develop their strengths fail¨.

Because we all tend to perform better if we know where we are headed and what the next station of our skill development is. Even more so, if we are supported by a structure and a team of which we are an active part.

In this way, talent management involves strategically planning which professional careers make sense, in which area and, then, determining who are the right employees for each position and according to the existing tools in the company to support and empower each human resource.

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