4 technological solutions to motivate staff

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Si unificamos el uso de herramientas especializadas en pro de satisfacer las necesidades laborales; resulta necesario aplicar soluciones tecnológicas

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Undoubtedly, one of the most important and basic elements for any type of company is its human capital and the professional capacity of each one of them. If we unify the use of specialised tools in order to satisfy labour needs, it is necessary to apply technological solutions. Since, any collaborative tool allows to obtain results that far exceed the expected ones; as long as there is a strategy of motivation towards the staff that performs the tasks for the company.

Did you know that it is necessary to offer improvements in terms of technological solutions in order to solidify a desired environment within the work environment? As José L. Melendez, CEO of ChVmpionMind, says: “The secret of a great achievement is not in the talent of the person, but in the structure on which he or she has relied to achieve it”.

The constant quest to be better…

An effective strategy for motivating employee experience and building employee satisfaction must be based on a constant quest for improvement. It must also include components in which technology plays an important role. The value of human capital is undoubtedly undeniable and irreplaceable, but the emergence of new technologies and, indeed, the digital transformation to which we are currently subject, must play their role rigorously. Because, technically, we use it to stay afloat in a globalised and modern world. Therefore, among the technological solutions most used by business leaders are those that necessarily seek the techniques to create a specific change that is transcendental. Above all, in the work experience and always in favour of improving results.

Technology is here to stay and technological solutions are the proof of that…

If technology is here to stay, then should we make use of it to benefit the development of our company as much as possible? The answer, without a doubt, is yes. Innovation allows for a fundamental approach to implementing information systems in the work environment. Therefore, achieving improvements in terms of the processes managed, increasing productivity, consolidating efficiency and, in general, fortifying the entire business is the basic purpose of technological implementation within a company.

Statistics do not lie and they show that retaining talent, thanks to technological support that facilitates the work of employees, can generate between 25% and 85% increase in company profits.

So what do I need to do to improve the performance of technology solutions? At ChVmpionMind, we help you to obtain solutions that will allow you to improve work productivity in a comprehensive way. With us, you can make a big change from the fourth week, achieving small victories day after day.

How do we do it?

  • We have trained professionals, or in other words, we train your staff for the correct handling of their time and therefore their productivity.
  • We do not only manage the investment in the technological product, because technology, even if it is high-end, does not reach its maximum development without the correct professional and human resource handling. We also focus on the human being behind the average worker.
  • We train true leaders, because we believe that the training of the human resources that manage and lead work teams is fundamental.

So, is it worth it? The answer to this question is a resounding yes… let’s see…

Does ICT improve employee productivity?

ICT tools or technological solutions. Also known as information and communication technologies, they are being used as an important productive mechanism throughout the business world. In and of themselves, these tools produce compelling advantages, among which the following stand out:

  • They reduce costs.
  • They help to manage processes in simpler ways.
  • They reduce the time to produce goods and services.
  • As for human resources, they promote greater security in their work and, circumstantially, motivate them considerably to be better.


It must be taken into account that not all new tools can be favourable, since sometimes the complexity of these tools makes the worker’s tasks more difficult and, beyond motivating them, could lead to a decrease in their productivity.

Specific needs merit specific technological solutions

Each area will require a different solution and the type of tool, technology or resource to be applied will depend on this. In this way, we will be able to avoid implementing solutions that, if used by mere tendency, could lead to a new eventuality contrary to the expected one.

What are the technological solutions that can be used to achieve work motivation?

Now, if it is a question of motivating staff and thereby encouraging activity and productivity, then read on! Then read on! Here are 4 technological solutions that will help you to achieve your company’s objectives:

Employee engagement technology:

From this technology solution, we seek to implement novel tools that drive employee engagement. The technological improvements will be tested and then feedback will be collected and possible problems and difficulties arising from their handling will be gathered. This feedback will then be used to create a strategy to ensure that each process is improved. And so, thanks to the participation of the employees, the best strategy for developing, using and manipulating the technological solution applied will be chosen. All this, is going to result in the worker’s appreciation and his evident motivation.

Virtual activities:

Generate a system that allows you to reward your employees, while monitoring, directing and supervising all the activities and tasks they perform. Interaction through social networks is great. This technological solution will encourage employee participation and bonding with the organisation.


Making sure that workers are in constant feedback is one of the most important tasks a leader faces. Therefore, choosing the most convenient means of transmitting information and sharing it with employees is crucial. Whether through email, video calls or joint chat. Any technological solution will allow the distance between the participating members of the company to be closer and much more familiar.

Improve collaboration:

In recent years and in terms of technological solutions, improving collaboration has become a trend. It has been proven that employees who work in teams are more motivated and achieve better results because they feel supported by more people and colleagues around them.

Don’t forget!

Making use of available tools such as ChVmpionMind is, among all the options on the market, the best. It promotes teamwork and helps you to achieve a more consolidated level of communication within your organisation. See you in the next issue!

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