Coaching for human resources: What is it and why is it important?

Coaching para recursos humanos

HR coaching is the process of guiding an employee from one level of competence to another. Employees who participate in coaching are more likely to improve their self-confidence and grow in their professional capacity. Today, there are a variety of business coaching plans that include the different areas that make up an organization. ChVmpion Mind offers a 21-week program that promotes performance among work teams, through an innovative system of regular activities, through which it is possible to obtain professional objectives and personal goals at the same time.

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So… What is HR coaching?

As mentioned earlier, it is about preparing human resources professionals to increasingly become the new agents of growth and change within organizations and companies worldwide. HR coaching enables people to use relationship-building skills and build exploratory questions to guide executives toward better strategic decisions. At the same time, it helps managers become more aware and responsive about their teams, and employees toward self-directed actions that result in greater career satisfaction and productivity.

Coaching for human resources allows you to:

  • Communicate effectively.
  • Work constructively with others.
  • Fulfill commitments and take responsibility for their actions.
  • Set goals and take action to achieve them.

Although HR coaching, and business coaching in general, is not mentoring, advising or teaching, the one-on-one sessions provide a crucial space for personal development. This can improve your productivity and performance. Common areas of focus for coaching include:

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Decision making and problem solving
  • Goal setting, thinking and strategy planning
  • Leadership and team development
  • Organization and time management.
  • Teamwork and relationship building.

As José L. Meléndez, CEO of ChVmpion Mind, rightly says:

“ChVmpion Mind offers leaders the possibility to enter into a structure, platform application for high performance development, either to grow as a leader, to improve productivity or to improve mental and physical health, or all together, in a practical and cost-effective way to implement greater development agility with business and technology coaching.

It is very clear, then, the importance of this type of coaching at the business level. However, in the following lines we will address more about the subject…

Why is coaching important for human resources?

There are coaches who coach and those who do not. Leaders in the latter category are not necessarily bad managers, but they are neglecting an effective tool for developing talent.

Did you know that 80% of people who receive HR coaching have gained greater self-confidence and more than 70% benefit from better job performance, relationships and more effective communication skills? Did you know that working relationships between employees and their immediate supervisors improve by a high percentage just because of business coaching training?

The human resources coaching offered by ChVmpion Mind has the ability to move you from where you are to where you want to be. Our innovative coaching system transforms your life by first changing your mind. It is a process that is designed to help people make changes to improve their personal and professional development. In this sense, working hand in hand with a professional and with a consolidated structure can give employees the necessary advantage to improve their work skills, discover their strengths and achieve the objectives of the organization, through maximum performance.

An issue that can be solved…

In today’s competitive business world, many organizations are losing talent and struggling to retain employees. Statistics show that 89% of companies assume that their employees change jobs in search of a pay raise. However, only 12% of employees end up earning more in their new job. So, this is a motivation problem.

This and many other problems must be considered and solved for the growth of any organization. On the other hand, companies are discovering that the traditional “command and control” management style is no longer effective in today’s environment, as rapid response, enhanced creativity, resilience, individual effort and performance are required today to remain competitive. Talent retention for a company is a critical factor, and HR coaching supports career, professional development and employee satisfaction, which keeps employees within your organization and meeting the goals your company needs from them.

In addition…

HR coaching provides invaluable space for personal and professional development. For example: managers are often presented with employees who struggle with low confidence. The traditional approach would be to send them on an assertiveness course and hope that this will solve the problem. In the short term, the employee learns new communication strategies that can improve their confidence. Unfortunately, on their own, these courses rarely produce a sustained increase in confidence. The unique attribute of HR coaching is that it focuses on helping another person learn in a way that allows him or her to grow.

ChVmpion Mind, will not tell them what to do, but will provoke thoughts, while holding the individual accountable for their goals. This is what makes our coaching system most effective. HR managers must help business owners to seed the culture of internal coaching in their organization. This will create a fundamental change in their employees’ approach to work, increase their self-confidence and make them more present in the workplace. The result will automatically make employees more resilient and assertive.

The benefits of HR coaching vary, but some of them include…

  1. Set and act on goals: Through HR coaching, you will be guiding your employees to realistically define their career goals and identify specific behaviors or steps to achieve them. What this means is that your employees can set goals and actively work to achieve them.
  2. Challenge the thought process: One of the characteristics of HR coaching is open-mindedness. Because in the leadership position, you will find yourself asking open-ended questions that will drive alternative solutions to problems and encourage your employees to take calculated business risks.
    Performance management: as a trainer in the HR coaching segment, you will not only focus on individual performance, but also on team performance. Creativity and innovation will be fostered among the coached teams and not only among individuals.
  3. Deeper level of learning: HR coaching is not just about improving individual skills in the workplace; it takes learning to a much deeper level. Through coaching, an individual can learn more about themselves, improve personal challenges that could affect daily tasks, and motivate themselves. Imagine this transformation replicated throughout the organization? Exceptional success that could drive revenue.
  4. Improve retention: Employees are more loyal and motivated when their managers take the time to help them improve their skills.
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