How to improve common welfare in the company?

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¿Cómo mejorar el bienestar común en la empresa?

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Common welfare is an important investment for any company. Remember that your company’s greatest asset is its human resources. Therefore, as an employer you must look after them as much as you look after yourself and, of course, the organization in general. Remember that when you take care of your people, you are helping to invest in the common success of your company and to safeguard your own future without risk.

So… What is common wellness?

Common well-being is a broad term that describes the physical and mental health of employees. This results in harmonious group work and high levels of performance.

A reflection of well-being is the level of employee engagement. Companies with a higher level of employee engagement are able to increase customer loyalty by up to 50%. Why? Because, if customers perceive that employees are committed to the company, they will be more than willing to prefer and have loyalty to the products and services they consume.

Why is common welfare important? Because, by means of a well-executed work, business objectives can be achieved.

Why do you need to improve and increase common wellness within your organization?

For employers, the cost of absenteeism is very high. And much of the absenteeism is related to workplace stress. In fact, according to surveys of workers in the UK in 2020, it was estimated that 79% of workers reported feeling stressed at work.

56% of HR managers worry that their employees will suddenly decide to leave the company.

If an employee feels unrecognized, he or she is likely to leave the company to find career motivation elsewhere.

The main causes of stress in the workplace: Do you know them?

  • Overly aggressive and unsympathetic company policies.
  • Harassment and aggression
  • Little or no communication at all.
  • Excessive working hours
  • Lack of direction and focus
  • Poor interpersonal relationships with leadership or co-workers.
  • Unsafe working conditions


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the common well-being of employees and companies in general. Since then, the workforce has more stressors due to a variety of changes that have been implemented in every sense of our lives. At the workplace level, new modes and policies have permeated the way people are employed. Working remotely, for example, can make people feel disconnected. Or, conversely, feel like they spend their entire lives at work. Added to concerns about health, family and other issues, this can have negative and counterproductive consequences for the common good.

ChVmpion Mind has the solution…

Reducing the burden of stress and any other health problems, allows to encourage common well-being in the workplace and has a direct benefit to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. In this way, ChVmpion Mind, through its special 21-week program helps to reduce staff turnover, attracting and retaining talent.

By being part of the coaching program without a coach, for 21 weeks and totally online, you will be able to increase the common well-being within your organization. Not only because you will address the issues behind demotivation and unproductivity, but also because, as an employer, you will be able to be a participant and, at the same time, an observer of the whole process of personal and professional growth of your employees.

This means that not only will you no longer have to deal with the costs of having gaps to fill in terms of the work team; you will also have at your fingertips a quantifiable ROI that will help you know for sure if your investment is worth it or not.

It is no secret that one of the most negative financial impacts of a company can come in terms of lost productivity. Stressed employees are disconnected, tired, exhausted, worried and anxious. So, they can’t work to their full potential.


What can I do to promote common welfare in my company?

The most important step is to seek the help of real professionals if the case deserves it. Business coaching is the fastest and easiest way to achieve all the goals you have set for the development and growth of your company. ChVmpion Mind is the best option, thanks to the professionals who support it and who have a proven track record of years.

In addition, you can take the following steps. They will be of great help:

Make the office space more ergonomic.

One of the easiest ways to improve common well-being in the company is to make the office environment as ergonomic as possible. Constant discomfort can not only lead to drastically reduced productivity, but also to serious health problems.

Encourage frequent exercise, meditation and a healthy diet.

Physical health is a very important component of common wellness in the company. Offering healthy meals in the canteen and inviting nutritionists to give talks on dietary needs are a good way to encourage healthy eating. While, group exercise classes, team-building physical exercises and guided meditations are great for everyone to feel better.

In the words of CEO and Co – founder of ChVmpion Mind José. L. Melendez: “If someone wants to practice meditation on a daily basis, they should not think about doing it, but sit down to execute it, and then think about what they did, what went well and what they would need to be able to continue practicing.”

Design an appropriate company-wide common wellness program.

There is no point in creating a common workplace wellness plan if it is not made specifically for a company. The key to having a motivated and productive workforce lies in knowing their needs and desires.

Analyze the company’s capacity

True greatness lies in knowing your own limitations. A company must consider its possibilities when designing a common wellness plan.

Proper planning of employee schedules and tasks.

You can execute a plan to perform shift and task planning for each employee with great accuracy. This results in greater job satisfaction as the workload becomes more balanced, thus promoting greater common well-being. In addition, taking into account and respecting the time preferences of each employee is key to making them feel happy.

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