Personal growth within the company: How to stimulate the development of your employees?

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Crecimiento personal dentro de la empresa: ¿Cómo estimular el desarrollo en tus empleados?

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Personal growth is the ongoing act of assessing your life values and goals and developing your qualities and skills to reach your full potential. Employees consider it imperative to their work and their future, while employers cite personal development as a way to enhance the company’s skills. The truth is, where one ends, the other begins; they are closely related and co-dependent.

Statistics show that, if incentive programs are applied in companies, employee productivity can be increased up to 44%. Did you know that?

How to stimulate the personal growth of your employees?

Is it possible that the mood of employees directly affects their performance? The answer is yes, and the solution can certainly be a proper incentive plan that is able to boost motivation and, consequently, productivity. ChVmpion Mind offers the best option for you and your company; a 21-day work plan in which you can, at a low cost per person, obtain a qualitative and quantitative ROI; along with a positive impact on the professional performance and personal life of your employees.

With ChVmpion Mind, you can work in parallel on personal well-being and professional objectives. At the same time, you save your company money and generate transcendental changes in people’s lives.

Statistics don’t lie…

As we mentioned before, statistics show that motivating your employees is fundamental for the success of the company. According to studies, the percentage of employees who feel dissatisfied and unhappy in their jobs is higher every year. How can this phenomenon be combated? The first thing is to know the numbers. It turns out that 6 out of 10 workers believe that a salary increase would be the best way to motivate them. On the other hand, 37% of employees believe that promotions and job recognition is the best way and, in turn, 20% of them reflect that a better and more flexible schedule would be the best way. Not to mention that 16% of employees believe that it is necessary to increase social improvements.

In any case, the most effective solution is to integrate incentive systems or social benefits that will help your employees feel more valued and committed. This will translate into better performance and, therefore, the achievement of better results.

Personal growth: An evolutionary factor

As the CEO of ChVmpion Mind. José L. Meléndez: “The secret of a great achievement is not in the talent of the person, but in the structure on which he or she has relied to achieve it. That is why, many more people achieve great accomplishments because of their work within structures that give them value, compared to talented people who do not have supports to develop their strengths.

So, if you are an employer one of the most important things you can do to nurture and retain talent is to provide them with personal development opportunities. This can encompass anything from leadership training or enabling the development of new skills, to simply pursuing a passion that inspires an employee in and out of the workplace.

However, personal development is not the same for everyone. Most personal development plans fail because they are not driven by the individual and his or her interests. Some leaders mistakenly believe that helping employees achieve professional growth will also help them grow in their personal lives, and nothing could be further from the truth. This is a misguided concept that will send the wrong message to staff. While professional growth and personal growth are equally crucial to foster, it is important to make a clear distinction between the two.

Keep in mind.

Professional growth opportunities help employees excel in their jobs, while personal growth opportunities help employees find more balance and satisfaction in their daily lives.

When leaders and managers focus development opportunities solely on job-related growth and fail to consider that employees have interests and goals outside of work, they make a serious mistake. Thus, when employees feel that their leaders are overlooking their personal lives, then morale, engagement and productivity decline. Meanwhile, stress, resentment and job resignation increase.

Enriching the lives and personal growth of your employees will undoubtedly lead to a happier, healthier and more productive workplace. Only striving to enrich professional lives, without paying attention to their personal lives, will eventually burn them out.

Encouraging personal growth…

Employees who feel fulfilled in their personal lives will improve their results in terms of work productivity. Happiness has been shown to play an important role in improving performance and creativity in the workplace. One of the most inspiring conversations a manager can have with employees is about their personal goals. Faces light up when workers talk about their dreams and aspirations. Plus, the energy from this kind of attention will motivate them to work even harder. Now, can you imagine the change that would occur if leaders would go one step further to help employees achieve their career goals and personal dreams?

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