Causes of demotivation at work and how to end it

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desmotivación laboral

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Have you ever heard of burnout?

The feeling of discomfort caused by stress can lead to burnout, with demotivation at work being one of the most frequent visible signs.

When we do not know where we are heading, it is very difficult to decide which path to take. Demotivation affects, above all, younger workers, who change jobs with the intention of seeking better working conditions, such as salary or opportunities for growth, according to El País.

At ChVmpionMind, we have prepared a post with the main causes of job demotivation and some recommendations to end it, so pay close attention.

What is demotivation at work?

We understand demotivation at work as the progressive dissatisfaction or disinterest of a worker in his job, which can generate serious consequences: frustration, lack of productivity, absenteeism or high staff turnover.

Demotivation generates workers who do not want to make an effort for the company, for their colleagues or for their own objectives. They are not committed, their words speak louder than their deeds, they are not enthusiastic and have no desire to continue performing their tasks. For this reason, they will make the minimum effort when it comes to fulfilling their obligations.

In general, their main emotions at work are characterized by apathy and coldness. Therefore, demotivation at work is a very serious problem for companies that directly affects productivity, but what are the main causes?

4 causes of demotivation at work

“This salary is not enough for me”, “so much time in the same job is exhausting me”, “if I keep stagnating like this, I’m going to end up looking for another job”.

Do these statements sound familiar to you, and what would you think if they came from your employees?

There are many situations that can affect the motivation of a company’s employees, but we have compiled them for you to keep in mind so that you can combat them. We tell you what they are, so take note:

1. Lack of communication

There are many employees who do not feel comfortable giving their opinion on a given subject, either out of insecurity, fear or for any other reason. The result is communication that is increasingly reduced to silence. Both vertical and horizontal communication are vital for the smooth running of the company, as they not only improve the work environment and relationships with employees, regardless of their role or area.

Communication is a fundamental pillar that can contribute to both success and failure!

2. Little chance of escalation

Surely you too know employees who have been performing the same tasks for years, in the same job, in the same company and with the same colleagues. Of course, their expectations for advancement are conspicuous by their absence. And to this situation, add the monotony that the employee feels, limiting their creativity, their expectations and their professional growth.

There’s nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in us!

3. Low salary

We know that there is life beyond salary and that there are more and more factors that influence demotivation at work that have nothing to do with it, but salary matters a lot. In fact, it is one of the causes that most affects demotivation. When you are new to a company, you may accept more for less money, but as time goes by, the worker feels the injustice and loses interest in the job.

The economic salary attracts talent, but it is the emotional salary that converts it into success!

4. Unfavorable work environment

Surviving in a toxic work environment where gossip, drama and confrontations between colleagues prevail is very complicated. Emotions are contagious, so it is essential to create positive spaces where development, empathy and communication stand out, among other emotional competencies. Regardless of your job, the work environment influences your results, as well as your quality of life and motivation. In the worst cases, many employees learn to make the toxic work environment a routine, losing sight of its consequences.

There are attitudes that should never go hand in hand with a leader!

Another phenomenon that is starting to cause concern is the so-called big quit: workers who leave their jobs without yet having another job alternative. Apparently, the companies where they find themselves do not take enough care of them, which means that they leave totally unmotivated.

Coaching: a tool to end demotivation in the workplace

Have you detected any signs of demotivation in your company’s staff? Do your employees not feel motivated to get out of bed and go to work? What is happening to them to present this limitation? Are you the one who feels identified with these causes?

Whatever your case may be, low work motivation can occur at any time. Therefore, it is essential to have the necessary resources to prevent or combat it, as is the case of coaching training through different methods that create discipline, change habits, acquire competencies and develop skills.

Many companies are aware of the importance of keeping employees motivated, but are not always committed to the investment they make in coaching programs. The support and desire to improve must be real and continuous for participants to achieve their goals, as well as those of the company.

These are some of the advantages of coaching to reduce demotivation at work:

  • Availability of a suitable environment to change attitude and behavior.
  • Acquisition of new habits, leaving behind obsolete or unhelpful behaviors.
  • Design of clear and achievable objectives, both for the company and for personal growth.

Well, this is the end of our review of the causes of demotivation in your employees. If you are thinking about how to detect them, combat them and improve the work environment, we hope this post has helped you. You already know that at ChVmpionMind we can support you, so don’t hesitate to take a look at our proposal.

Pay attention to the well-being of your employees and find a way to motivate them so they can grow!

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