Can job performance be measured effectively?

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Either we don’t know how to cope with everyday work or we don’t dare to change our habits. Fortunately, there are lifeboats in the business world: coaching. Increasing productivity and work performance are two of the main objectives of any company. That is why, in this article, we want to tell you what work performance is, how to measure it and what are the qualities that allow you to increase it.

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What is job performance?

It is not the quality of the work. Nor is it the level of productivity. Job performance is much more than that. It is the individual’s ability to perform the professional duties and obligations of his or her job. It should not be confused with productivity, although they are two directly related terms. On the one hand, productivity focuses on achieving a series of specific objectives within a set timeframe. On the other hand, performance is oriented to the way in which each of the assigned tasks are fulfilled.

Read on to find out how to evaluate work performance. And we’ve already told you that it can be measured effectively.

5 aspects to evaluate to measure job performance

Below, we have summarised the main factors to consider when measuring job performance:

  1. Productivity. The employee must be guided by specific goals and meet them within a certain period of time.
  2. Efficiency. The work must be done on time and with the quality required by the client.
  3. Effort. This is another of the determining factors for measuring work performance and obtaining results.
  4. Teamwork. Teamwork is more than just getting along. It means coordinating correctly in order to achieve the business objectives set.
  5. Attitude. It directly influences performance, productivity and the working environment.

But in addition to the essential factors for measuring work performance, there are a series of qualities that are key to guaranteeing it. Read on and find out what they are.

The qualities of a well-performing employee

Did you know that the key qualities for improving job performance are emotional competencies?

Work is often full of complexity, rivalry and emotional disconnection. Stress, pressures and inflexible schedules trigger a series of attitudes and results that are not conducive to productivity.

However, there are a number of emotional qualities or competencies that can overcome these handicaps and are key to employee performance. Remember that human beings are emotional rather than rational.

So pay close attention:

  • Commitment and involvement. This is the ability to make our actions speak louder than words. Employees must be involved with the company.
  • Proactivity. There are difficulties in life, but they can be overcome. An optimistic and resolute attitude is capable of learning to live with frustration and to manage this feeling in the best possible way.
  • Ability to adapt. Responding appropriately to changing situations requires, above all, the ability to transform our behaviour and thinking.
  • Teamwork. It requires empathy, problem-solving skills and assertive communication, among other things. The employee must be able to collaborate with other colleagues.
  • Communication. It is a fundamental pillar for work performance, as it enriches the work and makes the company healthier.
  • Optimism. Maintaining a positive attitude is key to being more competent at work. An optimistic mind will be able to face challenges more easily.
  • Perseverance. An employee who does not let himself be defeated by failures or bad times is an employee capable of improving himself. And to evolve.
  • Integrity. Companies need employees who can be trusted. They will make decisions with integrity that benefit everyone.

Enrich your work with emotional intelligence!

So how is job performance measured?

First of all, how many things did you get right the first time you tried to do them? Think about your first recipe or your first job interview. I’m sure they weren’t the best in the world. It’s the same with job performance. Learning to use the tools and skills of a new job takes time, but they are critical to increasing job performance.

Because if this article has made one thing clear, it is that job performance can be measured on the basis of some intrinsic employee characteristics, such as communication, flexibility or proactivity. But it can also be improved thanks to tools such as business coaching.

This discipline helps to reflect on career paths, reorient objectives, change habits, make better decisions and define new goals to be achieved. In short, emotional intelligence is the key to effectively managing emotions. Emotions are a means to achieve our goals in coaching. And coaching allows us to improve our performance at work.

It is a wheel that turns and feeds back continuously. Along with new challenges for companies, coaching has emerged as an integral tool to address different problems related to work performance.

If you have any doubts about this relationship, contact us and resolve them without obligation. At ChVmpionMind we will be happy to help you.

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