Leadership. Can all employees become good leaders?

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You may only think of leadership in the context of how a company is run, but in fact this is a critical mistake to avoid. Leadership is part of the everyday culture of every company. Employees at all levels can lead, the question is whether they will become good leaders. Of course, when they practice great leadership in their work, they will enjoy greater empowerment that will lead to more and better achievements and consolidate a more effective structure within any company.

First of all, what is business leadership?

Business leadership refers to the way people make decisions, set goals and provide direction in a professional environment. Business leadership can take many different forms, but typically involves a CEO or senior employees guiding and inspiring others. However, all employees can fulfill the role and functions of leaders at any given time or in specific tasks.

However, not all employees are prepared for business leadership, therefore, it is important that as a leader, you guide them in this role. How to do it? How to know which employee will be able to become a good leader? and, above all, how to train them for it? Turning employees into leaders and increasing your company’s productivity is possible as long as you help your employees and guide them on the right path.

What does neuroscience have to say about it?

A study called Neuroscience and Leadership: The Promise of Ideas, published in the scientific journal “The Leadership Quarterly” in 2012, examines how findings in neuroscience can be applied to business leadership and how leaders can use this information to improve their performance and that of their teams. The study focuses on topics such as decision-making, stress management, empathy and motivation.

The article highlights the importance of neuroscience within the business world and how it can help leaders better understand human behavior and thus make more informed and effective decisions.

In short, it shows how neuroscience can be a valuable tool for business leaders in today’s world; where high standards of competitiveness are constantly changing.

How do you turn employees into gifted members of leadership?

If you are a leader, and a good one at that, you know that developing better leaders is a pressing need for companies. Companies are facing more and more challenges in changing and fluctuating markets. It is necessary, then, to leave organizations in the right hands so that success is achieved and maintained over time.

“The difference between very good people and exceptional people is not in their skills, talents or strengths, it is in what and who they rely on to develop them in an exceptional way and for long enough to make a difference”.

José, L. Meléndez Ceo of ChVmpion Mind

True leadership fosters influence

To lead your employees, you must master the skill of influence. Harnessing the power of identity is essential to influence. What is identity? It is the set of standards and beliefs by which you define yourself and offer others to define you. Your company’s identity is called a brand. Thus, asking questions that prompt positive thinking is very important. For example, how would you like to shape your personal brand; how would you like to describe it; how would you describe our company’s brand?

Once they give their answers, assigning related tasks expands the future leaders’ sense of corporate identity. Remember, they will be the driving force behind that company brand in the future, so you will be cultivating leadership.

ChVmpion Mind helps to develop good leaders…

If it is about developing tasks, ChVmpion Mind is the right platform for you to achieve them. Through its 21-week program of constant work, you will be able to achieve the personal well-being you desire. At the same time, the achievement of the professional goals you set for yourself. Through tasks and Kpis you will be able to monitor and measure your own development; because the best of all is that it is a coaching process without a coach.

Lead with courage

All people, including your employees, demand courage in the people who lead them. Leadership is an aspect of life that demands courage. Therefore, your employees need to have full confidence in your willingness and ability to protect the company and make the right decisions in difficult circumstances. When you lead by example and demonstrate courageous leadership to your employees, you will inspire their loyalty and awaken their sense of courage.

Authenticity and transparency define good leadership

An authentic leader is honest and transparent in all things, including the personal face he or she shows to the world. His actions align with the core values expressed. An authentic and transparent leader inspires trust and loyalty, not concern about possible ulterior motives. Leaders who are authentic and transparent don’t keep employees guessing; they are forthcoming with challenges and setbacks, not just good news.

You don’t need to get every detail right, but you do need to be aware of your own mistakes and take action to fix them, so that your employees feel able to own and fix theirs as well. This kind of authenticity is contagious. Let transparency and accountability take center stage in your organizational culture so that the leadership you promote is the right kind of leadership.

Leverage your team’s results

You can’t do everything yourself, but if you focus on simple delegation, you’re missing precious opportunities. When you delegate work to employees, you’ve ordered them to perform that task. You’ve given them the rules and the expected outcome with little room for creativity and problem solving. Instead, and leveraging a leadership advantage, try to take advantage of the task at hand. Inspire your employees by communicating what you need from the job and letting them figure out how to make it happen. Support your employees as they work toward a common outcome. In this way, you will share with them their goals and they can work together to achieve them.

Communicate effectively

Great leaders are great communicators. There is no exception to this rule. Without the ability to make others understand goals, results and missions, you can’t inspire leadership in your employees. Great communication is part of the foundation of a successful team because it forges true connections between people.

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