Communication: One of the most important skills within companies.

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Good communication skills are a desirable quality in the job market and in short supply these days. According to recent studies and statistics, communication is the greatest unmet need in business today. These data show that companies need 1.4 million more people who know how to communicate and connect with others effectively.

Communication is a skill that benefits employees in everything from project managers to sales professionals, among others. Collaborating and communicating complicated project details and conveying the value of complex products to customers are tasks that involve assertive communication.

Neuroscience backs effective communication.

A study published in the scientific journal “Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience” in 2017, entitled “The importance of effective communication in the workplace: Implications for Neuroleadership and organizational neuroscience,” examines the relationship between effective communication in the work environment and brain activity.

The study suggests that effective communication in the workplace is related to increased activity in areas of the brain associated with empathy, understanding and decision making. Thus, lack of effective communication can lead to a decrease in employee motivation, engagement and performance.

Of course, effective communication is essential for success in the work environment and is supported by neuroscience research.

Effective communication boils down to these four factors:

Of course effective communication is essential for success in the work environment and is supported by neuroscience research. In addition, there are 4 factors that make it possible for win-win communication to take place:


The ability to listen is fundamental to communication, understanding another’s point of view and reacting accordingly are key components of great communicators.

Be clear and concise:

Ensuring that others can easily understand what is being communicated, whether in person, by email, video conference or any other means, requires the ability to be clear and concise. Clarity is part of the art of knowing how to communicate.

Possess emotional intelligence:

In the midst of office disagreements, it is important to be able to understand the emotions of others without becoming emotional yourself. Communication needs to make use of a stable and manageable state of mind.

Business acumen:

Even the best communicators in the world must understand the needs of the business and think beyond their own role in order to drive the business forward. Communication must be preceded by a tremendous knowledge and understanding of business needs.

We all know it’s important, but communication skills can be difficult to develop and apply on the job. The rise of remote working hasn’t made it any easier either. However, effective communication can be transformative for individuals, teams and companies.

How do you know how to communicate within a company?

Not all communication at work is the same. We’ve all had the experience of attending a long, boring meeting with the thought, “This should have been an email.” Different communication channels are ideal for different types of communication. Depending on the type of information being conveyed, those different channels can enhance – or detract from – how it is received. An effective communicator will develop different skills and tools to adapt to the type of communication that is merited.

Communication if you are a leader…

Leaders often transmit one-way communications to their teams. The purpose of this type of communication may be to inform or simply to update. Remember, leaders also often communicate to persuade, encourage and inspire commitment. Hence, in many cases, this can be a weakness for one who wants to be a good leader. We all need to improve some aspect of our being; either personally or professionally. Now, can you imagine being able to do it in one place? ChVmpion Mind makes it possible. This innovative business coaching system allows you to improve your weaknesses and those of your work team; through a system where the coach is yourself and, at the same time, you have the support and guidance of the best professionals.

A coaching process without a coach? That’s exactly what ChVmpion Mind is all about; with its 21-week program you will achieve transcendental changes that will promote positive habits and tangible results within your company. In addition, you will be able to measure the quantitative ROI in money.

When speaking at business meetings

Meetings, whether large or small, are a fundamental part of a company’s internal communication strategy. They are also one of the least understood and most overused types of communication. Effective meetings create synergy between teams and quickly communicate information that might be misunderstood in another format (such as email). The best meetings are highly collaborative and should leave participants energized, not drained.

When communicating with customers

From one-time communications to face-to-face, virtual, spoken or written, formal and so on; in general, all of the considerations about employee-to-employee communication double for customers. It is very important to plan your messages to deliver what your customer needs, in the way they prefer, to create a positive impression of the company and the product.

Regarding Informal Interactions within the work environment.

Informal communication includes emails and chats in which people participate on a daily basis: making requests, asking for information, responding to requests, and giving or receiving support and guidance. In addition to advancing the work of the organization, these informal communications have secondary goals of forming social connections, building culture, establishing trust and finding common ground. Don’t neglect them and be a reliable and effective communicator at all times.

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