5 ways to promote business coaching from the human resources perspective

Potenciar el coaching empresarial

Business coaching means many things to many people. But, it is important to clarify that certain techniques referred to as “coaching” are not really the business coaching you may be looking for. In most cases it is simply advice or feedback. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what this area is all about in order to promote business coaching.

An illustrative example…

For example, you may have heard or had this happen to you: A manager will say, “Let me give you some ABC guidance,” and then proceed to explain why he or she did not accomplish a task. The manager then explains how that task should be done. Most of the time, the recipient, i.e., the employee who receives this coaching call leaves disappointed and, perhaps, also deflated and unmotivated. So, he or she thinks that it was a training experience, but that it has left him or her with nothing more than a know-how to do something.

That’s why business coaching can sometimes get a bad rap and come to be seen as unnecessary. For this reason, many owners, managers and leaders dismiss this tool because they believe it does not provide the return on investment they expect. Not to mention the fact that, in most cases, it is very costly for the company. As a result, both the leader and the employee begin to disengage.

So, how to promote business coaching in a real way?

First of all, the company’s human resources must know the different tools that exist today that help to enhance business coaching and, of course, make use of them. ChVmpion Mind is an excellent option to work as a team with leaders, workers and HR professionals.

ChVmpion Mind is an intelligent platform that knows how important and crucial it is for the employee to have time to reflect, respond and be an active participant in their professional growth, learning and communication.

Getting the employee or leader themselves interested in asking questions that challenge the way they work is the best means to achieve the change you are looking for, “What would you have done differently to be more productive?”, “What actions should I take to improve my performance?” or “How can I support my company and my colleagues for the common good?” ChVmpion Mind, empowers the employee to take action while receiving support from a team of highly trained professionals with over 20 years of proven experience.

Through a 21-week plan, the employee will gain self-confidence, knowing that he or she owns the outcome, while feeling recognized and supported by his or her team. In short, with ChVmpion Mind, business coaching can be empowering.

Studies prove it…

Now more than ever, there is a great opportunity to bring and leverage business coaching to organizations. According to several global workplace studies; only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work or psychologically healthy in terms of how they feel about their job. Therefore, it is only that percentage of workers who actually have positive contributions to their organizations. Which, in turn, means that 87% of employees are neither engaged nor feel fulfilled in their work.

With this in mind, why not integrate and leverage business coaching into your talent management strategy, not only to increase employee engagement, but also to achieve other competency development objectives such as problem solving and strategic thinking?

5 ways to integrate and promote business coaching in a talent management strategy:

Educate each and every one of your leaders;

Start at the top and educate your executives and leaders about the differences and benefits of coaching versus mentoring. Talk about their expectations about coaching and gauge their willingness to participate and support an initiative. Explain the benefits of ‘leveraging business coaching and ask them where this tool could be applied within the organization.

Remember, empowering business coaching requires specific and detailed education in each aspect of the area and then expanding, through human resources, the fundamental knowledge to everyone in your company.

Identify trainers, participants and executive sponsors

Look for people and managers who can be trained to become internal coaches within your company. These individuals may be within the areas of talent management and organizational development. Consider having talent management or human resources executives trained and credentialed as professional coaches. Empowering business coaching is about covering every aspect of your business. Alternatively, you can opt to use external coaches or platforms that help you throughout the process, such as ChVmpion Mind.

Surely, you will want to identify candidates to participate in the 21-week training program offered by ChVmpion Mind to enhance business coaching. Review your succession plan and consider the best talented managers, directors and executives. Participants must be excited to be part of the program and willing to commit for the entire life cycle of the program.

“Very few people have the willpower to maintain healthy habits or to make great achievements, but many people have the talent to take giant steps, if only they would rely on methodologies such as ChVmpion Mind” José, L. Meléndez.

Manage expectations

Be sure to clearly set expectations with your leaders, trainees, executive sponsors and, of course, managers. It is best to execute the initial program and build on its success. To promote business coaching make sure everyone is clear on the program objectives, time commitment, and their roles and responsibilities.


Enroll your candidates in ChVmpion Mind’s 21-week training program; make sure they are truly committed to their personal well-being and achieving the professional goals required. The key to empowering business coaching is to ensure that all participants have a similar experience.

Measure success

Before you start your business coaching program, determine how you will measure your success. With ChVmpion Mind this will not be a problem, as this is the only platform that allows you to measure ROI; through quantitative ROI.

Measurement can be done in multiple ways, simply by using a net promoter score or by setting up a simple impact study. However, ChVmpion Mind allows you to measure it in terms of money, i.e. the gains you achieve through changes in the performance and productivity of your employees.

At the end, interviewing participants or surveying them about the benefits they received once the training was completed is always an excellent idea if you are looking for feedback and synergy within the work environment. Also, be sure to ask the leaders or monitors of program participants about changes they may have noticed in their employees’ behaviors after receiving the training.

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