Quality of work life: How to improve it for your employees?

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La calidad de vida laboral, se refiere a cualquier actividad o recurso utilizado para lograr una mayor eficacia organizacional. 

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Quality of work life refers to any activity or resource used to achieve greater organizational effectiveness. Through the improvement of human dignity and encouraging the process of personal and professional growth of employees.

According to statistics, approximately 77% of workers state that they would be more involved in their work if they felt that their achievements were recognized. This means that they would be more productive if their quality of work life were better. In other words, if the organization’s workforce worked together, it would determine desirable and feasible actions, changes and advances, among others. At this point, you are probably wondering how can I improve the quality of work life of my employees? ChVmpion Mind helps you achieve this in just 21 weeks and through a process of constant growth and measurable changes. Would you like to be part of this system?

Quality of work – what’s it all about?

Quality of work life can involve many factors, but, in general, it means how satisfied and happy employees are in their jobs. Ensuring that employees have a good quality of work life means giving them the resources and support they need to do their jobs well. Employees are happier and more satisfied when they are clear about how to do their assigned tasks, are supported in their work and have confidence in their abilities to do it. Now, this is easy to say, but not so easy to put into practice.

That is why ChVmpion Mind provides you with a platform where you can evolve day after day, while you achieve small goals that, at the end of the day, add up. Looking back, you will be able to identify your progress and improve the quality of work life in your business. However, it is important to follow the advice suggested by the experts. Pay close attention!

Reward and recognition

To improve the quality of work life, there must be a system of rewards and recognition. This includes not only material incentives, but also psychological ones. Reward breeds commitment and the ultimate quest is to get the right recognition. This is the main reason why we all work. And, once you achieve this goal as an employee, you will be more motivated to invest more time and energy in your work.

Growth opportunities

Another powerful measure to increase the quality of work life, and one that can lead to greater employee engagement, is the growth opportunities provided by the company. Growth and development is an innate human need, and everyone wants to achieve greater growth and stability, both of which are related to the concept of happiness.

There are many ways in which a company can help its employees to grow. From providing opportunities that entail greater responsibility, to job advancement, to value-added jobs, to meaningful and valuable work. All within a learning culture that allows employees to grow and develop. Once they recognize that the company’s growth translates into their personal and professional growth, then employees will be more committed and will undoubtedly motivate higher performance.

Respect and increased self-esteem

When people are respected not only professionally, but personally, they do their best to achieve the success of any project or business plan.

Regardless of individual status, everyone deserves respect. A good manager respects people at all levels. In turn, he or she will always try to support you by doing what is necessary. It has been proven with plausible results that whenever a company motivates its employees, through value and respect as individuals, the quality of work life translates into exponential improvements for the development of the company itself. As such, employees, feeling valued and respected, commit heart and soul to making the project a total success. The company, as a result, achieves great results.

Vision and support

Engagement cannot be achieved if people do not know what they are committed to. Organizations and their leaders must provide a compelling vision of the future to employees. People will perform well if they can visualize what they are supposed to achieve. An effective leader will motivate people by giving them a vision of what they can become and how they can transform their organizations. People are vision-driven. Consequently, a well-oriented employee with a clear vision will mean an optimal quality of work life and, therefore, better results with tangible benefits for the company.

Every organization must provide a clear vision to its staff. In addition, employees must be helped to align their actions towards achieving that vision. A good vision must be challenging. Quality of work life is challenging, but challenging employees to create new standards of excellence produces powerful and positive results.

In this case, we can quote a phrase from the CEO and Co – founder of ChVmpion Mind, Jose, L. Melendez; which goes like this: “Just because no one else can walk or do your inner work for you does not mean you can, should or need to do it alone”. In this way, vision and support are key elements in driving employee engagement.

Mutual commitment

To gain employee support, employers must initiate it in terms of leadership. They must provide the right tools and equipment; the right training and other inputs that people need to successfully perform their jobs. The quality of work life, then, depends on a mutual commitment that keeps available all the mechanisms and tools needed to properly execute assigned tasks.

A good working environment

Workers spend most of their time at work. An important factor that employees would highly appreciate is to be able to function in a pleasant working environment, where they are happy to work with other people, where they feel supported and valued. Teamwork, cooperation, friendship with colleagues and managers and, above all, mutual respect are signs of a good working environment and quality of work life that attracts employees and keeps them to stay longer with a company.


It means giving people the power, authority, freedom and responsibility to carry out their jobs. This undoubtedly provides a sense of control over the job and makes them feel worthy of doing things on their own. Empowerment leads to greater job satisfaction and sense of control over tasks. This can result in improved commitment and loyalty, in addition to improvements in job quality. Empowerment is an important motivational tool that makes employees independent by giving them the means, ability and authority to do their jobs well.

Work-life balance

Helping employees achieve a balance between work and personal life encourages them to stay with the organization. A proper work-life balance improves the quality of work life. Many studies have revealed that work-life balance is one of the top concerns of employees. Organizations that allow employees to balance work and family responsibilities at the same time have a positive impact on employees’ decision to stay with them and give their best efforts to meet the needs of the company they work for.

Let’s not forget that more than 56% of HR managers are concerned about their employees leaving the company in search of other career options. But, it is important to note that if an employee does not feel recognized, they do not achieve a balance between their profession and personal life, then, it is very likely that they will look for a way out of the company to find motivation in their life again.

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