7 Ways to improve motivation in the company

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Motivación en la empresa

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Employees are one of an organization’s greatest assets. Their skills, knowledge and experience drive the business. It is not surprising then that more than 85% of companies use incentive or recognition systems to promote employee loyalty and stimulation. Employee engagement with the brand is a priority, and there is nothing better than improving motivation in the company. Here are 7 ways to achieve this and ensure that both leaders and work teams in general feel positively involved within your organization. Pay close attention!

Motivation in the company: A factor that should never be overlooked.

As a leader or team leader you have surely wondered about the importance of keeping your employees in the right tune. Why should I keep my employees motivated? What are the benefits of giving incentives and recognition to workers? Is it really necessary? These and many more are questions that make you hesitate to, for example, invest in motivational plans or business coaching.

However, it is important to remember that there are strategies to improve motivation in the company and it is proven that they will ensure the maintenance of an energized team, committed and ready to provide maximum productivity for your business. Do you want to know what it is? Here, we tell you all about it…

Why is it important to improve motivation in the company?

Motivation in the company, in general, as well as motivating a specific work team, whatever the case may be, is an important factor in the success of an organization. The commitment, drive and energy that staff bring to their role is paramount in driving a business forward and enabling the company to achieve its objectives. ChVmpion Mind, knows the importance of this and therefore offers a proven system of business coaching without a coach, where you can determine what motivates your staff, generate a high impact on productivity and, very importantly, achieve greater employee commitment to their job and the organization that shelters them.

However, applying strategies, tools or ways to achieve higher productivity and better production is not always a simple task. At ChVampion Mind we know this and we want to help you achieve it quickly and easily.

Benefits of improving motivation in the company…

As we have mentioned above, there are multiple benefits to be achieved through a well-motivated work team. Here are some of the most outstanding benefits of this business strategy:

  • Motivation in the company determines the outcome of an employee’s work performance, commitment and well-being. It’s your job as an employer to make sure your employees are motivated and engaged.
  • Compensation is an important part of the picture, as employers can boost morale and continually encourage team motivation for greater employee engagement.

Here are 7 important ways in which you can improve motivation in the company:

Transform your managers into leaders

True leaders are inspirational, i.e. they help others to achieve their goals, hold themselves to a higher standard and lead by example. Therefore, they will help motivation in the company considerably and implement inspiration. Leadership can be learned to some extent and investing in that education is the smartest way for an organization to spend its money. ChVmpion Mind allows you to do it without the need of a coach, it is the person himself who sets his goals, achieves his objectives and moves forward day by day.


Many of the tips on this list depend on your managers’ ability to execute them flawlessly. For example, knowing when to be lenient, when to apply pressure, when to recognize outstanding work, and how to praise employees and get them to be even more dedicated is an art.

It is important to make sure you hire and promote the right people when it comes to management positions, because managers will be the ones who dictate the overall motivation in the company. Being a manager and a leader, as such, means a great responsibility and in the job of supporting the teams, many times the leader feels alone.

ChVampion Mind is presented as a tool that helps managers and team leaders to know how to proceed. All this, for the welfare of the company and its employees. As José L. Meléndez, CEO of ChVamion Mind, says “Just because no one else can walk or do your inner work for you does not mean you can, should or need to do it alone”.

Create career opportunities

The best people are those who want to take advantage of opportunities and advance their careers. Therefore, if as a leader you don’t give them the opportunity to do so, they are likely to move elsewhere. Take the time to get to know your employees, their strengths and aspirations. Understand their career plan and provide a roadmap for that development. That might involve funding additional training or looking for ways to develop specific expertise. Far from encouraging them to give up their dreams, supporting staff to accelerate their careers promotes employee engagement and improves motivation in the company.

Improve internal communication

When a company communicates well with its employees, it generates a strong and positive impact. Employees understand the organization’s mission and their contribution to it. This ensures that they are willing to go the extra mile to make things work even better. Keep your team informed about upcoming events, changes in headcount or engagement initiatives. In addition, provide regular updates on the overall state of the company.

However, communication is not one-way traffic. So, make sure employees feel heard by leadership. Promoting dialogue about what’s happening in the organization ensures that your team knows that their input is important, and it certainly promotes motivation in the company.

Always promote transparency

Collaboration between staff and teams encourages employees to work together to achieve collective goals. This will not only promote skills development and generate innovative results. It can also improve group motivation in the company. For apathetic people are driven by the energy of those around them. Cooperative work depends on open communication and a high level of transparency. Open dialogue between staff and management ensures that team members feel secure in their role and in sync with business management.

Create a culture of safety

Nothing reduces productivity like stress. And when people feel that their job is not safe, they quickly begin to feel nervous. So, as a manager, it’s important to address any threats on the horizon or changes in the marketplace. Communicate clearly how this could affect the business and set out a plan of action that puts minds at ease. Motivation in the company can be directly dependent on how secure employees feel within their jobs.

Don’t overlook employee recognition.

Last but not least is employee recognition. Recognizing staff for their efforts and achievements makes them feel valued and directly affects workplace satisfaction. Motivation in the company walks right behind recognition of values and skills. Therefore, letting employees know that their work has had a positive impact gives them a sense of pride that can increase loyalty to the company and thus increase productivity.

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