Unemployment: An opportunity to upgrade and grow professionally and occupationally


The job search process can be challenging, as professionals often have to devote a significant amount of effort and time to find a position that fits their needs. Being unemployed or suddenly unemployed can be a frightening situation for the vast majority. However, it is also a great opportunity for those who know how to cope with the situation and make the most of it.

It is essential to focus on the job search, while at the same time doing activities that inspire, motivate and keep morale high. Doing things that inspire you can help you navigate the job search process more easily and help you grow, in turn, as a person and a professional. Often in this process you discover new passions, trades and knowledge that lead to entrepreneurship.

In the following lines we explain why it is important not to miss the opportunity to update and improve yourself if you find yourself in a situation of unemployment. Do you want to know how a negative moment can be a perfect opportunity to grow and strengthen your weaknesses?

How to take advantage of unemployment to grow professionally?

Choose a hobby

During a period of unemployment, you can look for a new hobby that interests you. Consider dedicating some of your free time to activities you’ve always wanted to do but, due to lack of time or whatever, have never been able to pursue. You may find a new passion that opens up opportunities in your professional life or simply a method of self-care that you can use to relax outside of work hours. Remember, you won’t always be unemployed and adding a new activity to your resume can be a good strategy for growth. Also, hobbies can nurture creativity and feed skills you already had or were missing. Don’t underestimate what you can do with your free time, a hobby can make you better in ways you can’t imagine.

Certainly, knowing how to select what to invest your time in is fundamental. A good decision could help you increase your skills and professional concentration. However, if you are unemployed, it never hurts to learn something new, so the possibilities are endless.

Develop unique skills

Learning a new skill can take time and you can do it to remain productive; while you are unemployed. For example, consider developing valuable and marketable skills outside of your current skill set or industry. It has been the case for many who, upon becoming unemployed, learn to program or use new software that certainly broadens the skills you can apply in a new position. Remember that unemployment is temporary, which is why you should understand that when the time comes to start a new job you could have accumulated a lot of new experiences or unique skills that you have learned during that period of inactivity or forced rest. Don’t underestimate any activity, do your part and discover how you will find in each activity a unique and incomparable value that will make you a more capable professional in ways you never imagined.

Use the time to practice Mindfulness

It’s common to neglect personal items on your to-do list while working in a demanding full-time job. While you’re unemployed, you can take the time to cross some things off your list. From landscaping to meditation are good ways to get your mind and personal affairs in order.

As Jose L. Melendez CEO and Co – founder of ChVmpion Mind says: “If someone wants to practice meditation on a daily basis, they shouldn’t think about doing it, but sit down and do it, and then think about what they did, how it went well and what they need to continue improving their practice”. According to statistics, meditation can increase employee productivity by 120%; just imagine what this habit can do for a person who needs to think clearly and manage to overcome that stage of unemployment.

Also, speaking a little more about meditation; neuroscience has shown that meditation can have several positive effects on the brain and body. From improvements in stress and anxiety states, through mindfulness, to changes in the brain structure of those who practice it.

In unemployment, going back to school is always an option.

If unemployment has motivated you to change careers, you may want to consider going back to school instead of looking for new roles right away. If you don’t have a college degree, consider attending an online university and expand your knowledge set to boost your new career. However, if you have a bachelor’s degree, you may want to consider pursuing advanced studies, through master’s, specialist or doctoral programs.

Unemployment: The Perfect Time to Learn a New Language

Finally, we have come to a tip that you can take, even if you are not unemployed, and it is a tip that will open many doors for you. While you are unemployed, you can commit to learning a new language. Knowing a second or third language can be very advantageous as a job candidate – especially when it comes to specific roles – and you can add your newly acquired language proficiency as a skill on your resume. Learning a new language can also open up attractive career opportunities in different regions.

Find or be your own coach

ChVmpionMind offers the benefits of a business coaching process, without having to pay for a coach. All this, in a single platform to achieve professional goals and the well-being of your teams. If you want to meet deadlines and objectives, then this platform is ideal for you. You will be able to grow personally and professionally in just 21 weeks.

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