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Coaching is a collaboration between the coach and the person or company that requires it. For its part, the pillars of business coaching are several areas that have developed very intensively in the 20th and 21st centuries: sport, positive psychology, business and management.

A bit of history…

In the beginning and in most cases, coaches were experienced business people who also acted as advisors and mentors for entrepreneurs and people who were starting a new business. And who, in collaboration with the latter used several different working methods, such as coaching, mentoring, training, advising and consulting. Due to the fact that startups, led by young and committed entrepreneurs and leaders, developed much faster than traditionally managed companies, where the organization was usually led by a president whose motivation to work was much lower than that of young startup leaders, business coaching started to penetrate all sectors of the global economy.

Today, thanks to this phenomenon, coaching has become a highly sought-after profession. However, being a coach requires training, experience and vocation. Not just anyone can be a coach, much less anyone can create a solid business coaching platform, as is the case with ChVmpion Mind.

José L. Meléndez is a businessman, entrepreneur and professional with a background in business coaching. He has experience in starting, managing and developing businesses and, perhaps most importantly, has more than 20 years of experience as a certified coach.

“Just because no one else can walk or do your inner work for you doesn’t mean you can, should or need to do it alone.”

– Jose L. Menendez, Professional C.Mind Coach

Business Coaching with ChVmpion Mind…

Well, as we said in previous lines, business coaching has become a booming trend nowadays and all this thanks to the results that it has promoted increasingly and constantly in the consolidation of the objectives set by the companies. ChVmpionMind is the best proof of this. It turns out that this business coaching platform has managed to foster the professional spirit of its program participants and keep them with a positive attitude, offering business owners and leaders more than verifiable results.

So let’s take a look at three reasons why companies need business coaching and why it has become the recipe for successful companies today…

Reasons why ChVmpion Mind’s business coaching has become the new recipe for successful companies.

Increases employee engagement:

The most important aspect and goal of business coaching in the company is the development of the entire organization, and one of the steps to achieve this is to increase employee engagement. The employee and his or her skills are the main value of the company. For coaching to be applied effectively in the organization, it is best if it starts from the top, i.e. from the chairman of the board of directors or the owner of the company, i.e. from its leaders.

It cascades down to the next levels of the organization:

It can be individual for each employee or team, depending on the needs of a given company. By using Chvmpion Mind’s business coaching process in a company, the employee is able to define goals more clearly and focus on them, increase accountability for tasks performed, increase self-confidence and awareness of their impact on the company.

The individual results of business coaching for that employee translate into effects for the entire organization. So, do companies, leaders and employees need business coaching to achieve their goals faster? The answer is yes. Moreover, it is presented as a process of improving collaboration and increasing knowledge, awareness and well-being.

It is mainly based on working with a measurable objective:

Thanks to this, the return on investment in the coaching process can be very well determined. The business coaching processes implemented by ChVmpion Mind’s business coaches usually have a specific return on the coaching investment, i.e. a guaranteed ROI.

Increased efficiency of the organization:

Business coaching is a method by which the entire organization effectively achieves its own objectives, from the leader’s objectives, through the objectives of the board of directors, managers, teams, to each department of the organization. The objectives are set by the coach with the coaching client on an individual basis, from raising leadership competencies, to a specific increase in sales, to a specific financial result. Improving the functioning of a specific position, resolving conflicts in the team or developing the competencies of a manager or the rest of the team.

All of these factors, of course, translate into better performance and greater efficiency throughout the organization. Does a business coach help to identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses, the company’s main objectives and assign them to the right people? Yes, it does. Business coaching is most needed for companies that have problems with unstructured procedures, no sales growth and obvious chaos. All it takes is a business coach to help sort it all out and counteract the efficiency gaps.

Business coaching helps you achieve a work-life balance:

The lack of self-management in the balance between time and personal life, that is, between work and private life, causes people in the company to be overwhelmed by an excess of obligations and not perform them effectively. This leads to a myriad of problems in teams, such as demotivation at work. When this happens, all planned objectives can be abandoned at the first difficulties that arise. Companies need business coaching to maintain a balance between the personal and professional lives of all members of the company.

Maintaining that balance is important not only for the entire organization, but for each unit within it. That is why approximately 86% of companies have incentive systems and business coaching structures that support the organization. It is important to think about the cost to an individual, a team and an organization if an employee suffers a heart attack, nervous breakdown or depression. Business coaching is an effective prescription against all these symptoms of imbalance and well-being in life. Maintaining balance at work increases the employee’s effectiveness. As well as, their well-being and their relationships with their environment, not only work, but also personal, i.e. family.

Always remember about business coaching…

More and more companies are realizing that business coaching can bring amazing benefits. In fact, it is not considered a mere trend but a strategy that works perfectly to boost companies of any size. And, thus, be able to achieve concerted results that promote the health and effectiveness of the entire organization.

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