Coaching during the crisis: A help in the management of adverse situations?

Coaching durante la crisis

How does a coach take on the enormous responsibility of guiding and managing the well-being of others, and in times of uncertainty? To achieve this, it is important to seek the help of true certified professionals who know very well how to do their job. We know that coaching during crisis is elementary, as it is a way to keep work, personal goals and health under control, despite living in volatile times where we can barely stand on our feet.

Coaching during the crisis is a lifeline we must hold on to, regardless of whether we are employees or leaders. That is why, in the following lines of this post we offer 11 tips to be applied during coaching sessions and that help to manage adverse situations. Pay close attention!

Coaching during crisis

Crises always lurk on the human horizon. Whether it’s a global economic downturn or something more disastrous. In either case, coaches must be able to adapt the best way to communicate and help the people they guide and work with. During a crisis, especially, the need for a coach to be inventive in their engagement or discussion is crucial. For many clients, their coaches are their most important source of support, both professionally and emotionally. Therefore, coaching during crises is more than important.

In the words of José L. Meléndez, CEO and Coach of ChVmpion Mind: “Very few people have the willpower to maintain healthy habits or to make great achievements, but many people have the talent to take giant steps, if only they would rely on methodologies such as ChVmpion Mind”. This, finally, means that with the support of a good coaching during the crisis or at any time of our lives we can achieve goals in a much simpler and easier way, than if we did it only on our own. We are social beings who need help and the collaboration of others to live better.


How does a coach take this enormous responsibility on his or her shoulders in times of uncertainty? We know that coaching during a crisis is elementary, so here are some tips to apply during coaching sessions to help manage adverse situations in general.

Let’s remember that every tenth company is aware of the mental exhaustion of its employees. However, they attribute it to excessive workload in 72% of cases and stress in 67% of cases.

Tips for implementing coaching during any life crisis

Whether you are a coach, leader, employee or business owner, it is important to know how to act and cope in times of crisis. Here are some tips that you can use when dealing with a difficult situation:

Be human and approachable

One thing you can do to help others, whether it’s crisis coaching or self-management of emotions, is to simply communicate. In companies it is very common to do this, through a weekly email. Being transparent about what has been good and what hasn’t been so good is important. As well as offering some tips to help you and others stay productive and engaged. You’ll be surprised at how people respond and how much they will appreciate the reminders and honesty.

Provide encouragement every day

To show that you are there for your family or employees, in difficult times, and to achieve effective coaching execution during the crisis, you can post a few words of encouragement or an inspirational quote every day. A little positivity goes a long way when people are facing problems and pessimism.

Be realistic in the short term

During times of crisis, most people’s natural response is to hyper-focus on the problems of the moment. It’s easy to get caught up in short-term thinking, especially if our fears are in the driver’s seat. Coaching during crisis can mean a way out. Helping others with short-term problem solving, while supporting them in strategizing for recovery, is key to getting through the crisis without getting caught under the breaking wave.

Help people manage their triggers.

You must spend time with your leaders and work teams to observe and detect their triggers or, in other words, their stressful behaviors. And, from there, help them learn how to minimize the negative side effects. Crises often make people less productive, which reduces their ability to mobilize and energize others. When implementing coaching during a crisis, train your workers to stay visible and avoid the tendency to withdraw. Which, based on factual grounds, research identifies as the worst-case scenario for a company.

ChVmpion Mind helps you to promote effective coaching during the crisis…

Because in times of crisis we all need a boost. The support, therefore, of real specialists with long and extensive experience is never too much. ChVmpion Mind offers business coaching tailored to your needs and at a low cost per person. In addition, it allows you to measure the quantitative and qualitative ROI of your investment. In difficult times with ChVmpion Mind, you will never be alone. ChVmpion Mind offers you, among other things:

Virtual coaching sessions:

Offering virtual coaching sessions during the crisis is vital. People will feel valued and supported at all times. To the point that, they will feel a valuable and elemental boost of vitality.

It helps build resilience:

The first thing clients need in times of crisis is to regain composure and a sense of security. When our brains panic, they go into a fight, flight and freeze phase. By regaining exposure, they will have access to their executive function and, therefore, clearer thinking. Each person has specific needs, and resilience is a solid starting point. When you conduct coaching sessions during crisis you must nurture resilience so that people find the way out of their own momentary disadvantage.

ChVmpion Mind is a connector:

Often, people feel as if they are on an island. Times are changing rapidly and your network is not enough to handle these new challenges. As a digital business coaching platform, you have in your hands a tool that will help you in multiple different areas. It connects customers, suppliers, opinion partners, etc. with each other. Coaching during the crisis should function as a network of connections between all those who need help and can solve problems in their similarities.

CM is a shoulder of encouragement:

It may sound a bit unconventional, but in times of crisis, people need a confidant to vent their frustrations to. Offering to get out of coaching mode for a session and allowing them to express what keeps them up at night can help them refocus and become more resilient to the challenges they face. Coaching during crisis can make use of the trust built to stand in solidarity with people and allow them to vent. Letting go of mortifications can be the gateway to solutions.

Offer validation

In crisis situations, validation of irrational thoughts and emotions is key. ChVmpion Mind is a plus point to give more validation opportunities to your users. Like a key to a lock, once the customer’s emotions are validated, they are ready to switch to resourceful mode and look forward. Sometimes, the most successful exits are in plain sight, but the lack of validation prevents it from coming to fruition. This is why crisis coaching must offer validation to the user’s proposals.

Focus on coping skills.

Leadership and business are important, but in times of crisis, it is vital that people have the right coping skills. Do they have tools to reduce panic, anxiety and stress? Compassion from a coach or leader can work wonders, but coaching during crisis must make people understand the importance of self-compassion.

ChVmpion Mind is a no-criticism zone.

Everyone needs a place to be themselves, to vent, complain or describe their own challenges. A coaching relationship should always offer a no-judgment zone, a safe and creative place where people can let go of the stress and worry that arises during a crisis. Coaching during crisis, then, works when a coach asks open-ended, creative questions that allow you to reflect and verbalize your thoughts and feelings in a safe way.

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