Ways to use business coaching: Get to know the best techniques for its effective use.

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Formas de usar el coaching empresarial

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Did you know that the most effective leaders have a secret to their success and their employees are the key? In addition to managing projects and delegating tasks, a successful manager will know the importance of developing the skills of each member of his or her team. The more skilled and capable workers are, the more successful your department will be. While training models and frameworks help structure practice, skilled and confident coaches rely on an arsenal of techniques and ways to use business coaching.

So, do the most effective coaches know the value of developing the intuitive and fluid art of using different techniques based on what will be most effective for the desired objective? The answer is yes, you want to know more about it, read on and we’ll tell you all about it!

Effective Business Coaching Techniques

No matter what type of business coaching is used, whether personal or professional, there are specific fundamental techniques based primarily on communication and motivation. And that, all coaches should have in their toolkit. It is common knowledge that talent retention can generate between 25% and 85% increase in company profits.

Statistics show that business coaching is a fundamental tool that improves talent retention and that being considered as a pro-worker benefits program motivates more than 60% of employees. So, in this article you will learn about the techniques and ways to use business coaching with focus. This, to be used in various ways and in any training context.

ChVmpion Mind is high-end business coaching:

ChVmpion Mind, promotes high performance within your work teams. This, thanks to the innovative system offered by this completely self-manageable platform. Its 21-week plan guarantees success, as it not only attracts personal benefits, but also helps you to achieve your professional goals. All this, at a low cost per user and without the presence of a coach.

The fact that it is the same person, leader or worker who is in charge of his or her progress, increases his or her commitment to the need for improvement. By raising awareness of this need, the effort and investment made by the company for their well-being is also valued.

Here are some proven techniques that you can start implementing with ChVmpion Mind.

Pre-session check-in and questionnaire

Pre-session check-in is a simple, yet effective technique and way of using business coaching that will help coaching clients mentally prepare for the upcoming session and determine what they want to focus on. This could include something they want to address during the next session because they have not been successful. This is an excellent time for clients to list their most significant accomplishments and any clarity they have gained since their last session. Thus helping both the coach, leader and employee to recognize where progress has been made and where there are still gaps. The pre-session check-in should provide space for the client to indicate what they have been struggling with and any obstacles they have faced. To gather this information efficiently, coaches are increasingly turning to digital technologies.

Concentration, breathing or relaxation exercises.

Taking the time to center and ground yourself at the beginning of a coaching session can help both the coach and the employee to be in a present and focused state of mind by establishing positive energy before delving into the session material. One of the ways to use business coaching is to tap into part of the nervous system to promote calm and relaxation. In addition to using this technique at the beginning of a meeting, you might also consider pausing for a quick focus exercise during a session. Perhaps, before addressing a challenging topic, for a break between topics, or to interrupt unhelpful thought patterns when the coach is speaking from a place of fear.

“If someone wants to practice meditation on a daily basis, they should not think about doing it, but sit down to execute it, and then think about what they did, what went well, and what they would need in order to continue practicing.”

José, L. Meléndez CEO and Co – Founder of ChVmpion Mind

Open-ended questions

Asking open-ended or “leading” questions is an effective way to assess a person’s fears, needs and desires. Indeed, one of the cornerstones of good business coaching is questioning, which encourages self-reflection and invites the coach to find the answers he or she is looking for within. As a coach, one way to use business coaching is essential to stay curious and be fully present with your line of questioning to select the right one at the right time. Also, remember to allow enough time between asking a question and receiving an answer.

Follow-up and feedback

One of the simplest and most productive techniques and ways to use business coaching that a coach can use is continuous follow-up between sessions. Follow-up, which allows the coach to evaluate the effectiveness of the coaching, shows the client that the coach cares about his or her progress and well-being. And, it also helps with accountability. Follow-up can come in the form of an email, questionnaire, text message or any other means of communication and is most useful if it is consistent. For example, you can follow up regularly with your coach directly after the session, 24 hours after the session, halfway through the next session, etc.

This simple way of using business coaching that involves maintaining feedback provides invaluable information that helps the coach prepare for next steps. Be sure to make it clear to the employee or leader that you will not judge them and that honest feedback is in their best interest. Since, it will allow them to get the most out of the coaching experience. Don’t be afraid to probe deeply either. Getting useful feedback can be the quickest route to growth and improved performance.


Accountability is the glue that binds commitment to outcome. Accountability helps us achieve our goals, whether in the office or at the gym. There is no denying the advantage that this action can increase the likelihood of achieving a particular goal. As such, it is part of a coach’s job to discover the best way to hold each client accountable. And this is certainly a foolproof way to use business coaching. It is also the coach’s job to recognize what obstacles might be preventing a client from being accountable and determine the appropriate actions to overcome them. When implementing the accountability technique, it is important to be specific, consistent and make the process as simple as possible.

The coach should work together with the employee or leader, to create an action plan with meaningful guidelines and an understanding of how progress will be tracked and how accountability will be developed in the relationship.


Within the coaching field there are multiple possibilities for specialization and ways to use business coaching. Still, regardless of a coach’s particular niche, most coaches share specific techniques for building confidence, setting goals, solving problems and challenging limiting beliefs. The more you practice and the more knowledge you acquire about business coaching, the better you will be able to apply the right techniques at the right time.


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