Job Counseling: What is it and what are its benefits for companies?

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Employees and workers face many problems in everyday life, they may have problems with their subordinates, colleagues, bosses, work system or they may simply go through negative situations in their personal life. Whatever the case may be, conflicts start to affect their job performance; their career and job performance. Job Counseling is one way to deal with these kinds of situations. Through advice, employee problem solving, guidance and help for the person to cope with the problem they are facing and take charge of their personal life.

What is Job Counseling?

A job counseling session is a meeting between the supervisor and the employee that can focus on a specific incident, a particular aspect of an employee’s performance that the supervisor has identified and that needs improvement, in terms of the employee’s overall performance or behavior. According to studies, 54% of staff feel demotivated at work, it is not surprising, then, that they present deficiencies that their superiors must help them overcome.

The supervisor initiates and executes the counseling process at the department level and it is not an act of discipline. It is a face-to-face communication between the supervisor and the employee, conducted in private and intended to achieve a constructive objective that will provide the employee with tools to help correct the problem.


Did you know that employment counseling is confirmed in a written memo after it takes place? Generally, the employee should be debriefed during the session and a memo summarizing the discussion will be written and placed in the employee’s official personnel file.

Job counseling can be thought of as a health care program for the human brain. That is, a solution to psychological health problems affecting employees. It is a way to address the problems presented by both employers and employees. Actively addressing the everyday psychological problems that afflict everyone. Stress at work is completely unavoidable in human nature and therefore improving employee motivation, employee willpower and employer satisfaction is the goal. The job counseling session or counseling program is very important. Similarly, involving each and every member of the company in a cost-free counseling program is the duty of a true employer.

Employment counseling services strengthen organizational performance…

Employee counseling, through job counseling, has become a state-of-the-art tool for the human resources department. It helps to attract and retain the best employees and increase the quality of the workforce. In today’s fast-paced business world, there is virtually no such thing as a stress-free organization or completely happy employees. Employees can be stressed, depressed, suffering too much anxiety from workplace-related issues such as managing deadlines, meeting goals, lack of time to fulfill personal and family commitments, or distressed and disturbed due to some personal problems.

“He who believes that he can overcome a depressive state, languishing, burned out at work, emotional exhaustion due to his toxic routine, in a solitary way, is a deluded person who digs his own pit with his own thoughts.”

José. L. Meléndez CEO and Co – founder of ChVmpion Mind

ChVmipon Mind is a solution to this problem…

Organizations have realized the importance of having a stress-free, yet motivated and capable workforce. As a result, many companies have integrated counseling services into their organizations and have made it part of their culture. ChVmpion Mind is a clear example of this. Its innovative business coaching system enables leaders and employees to achieve their goals and improve on a personal level. In addition, our 21-week program offers guaranteed results that imply great savings for the company and a greater impact for the users.

Organizations and companies are offering work counseling to their employees because it brings overall benefits to the company. ChVmpion Mind goes further, offering a qualitative and quantitative ROI, i.e. measurable in money and financial results.

In addition…

Labor Counseling helps employees to get out of problems, as it offers a new way of dealing with them. ChVmpion Mind counseling shows how much the employer cares for the employee. It can help the employer identify work-related problems and underperformance of their work team. It is also a way for the organization to start working on talent retention.

Why apply Job Counseling in office facilities?

Because it helps in the following situations:

  • Relationship problems
  • Physical health
  • Personal stress
  • Emotional health
  • Grief
  • Work relationship
  • Phobias
  • Family problems
  • Financial problems
  • Job stress
  • Traumatic events


Employees face the stress of completing objectives, workload, meeting deadlines, relationships with subordinates or colleagues, lack of time and increased responsibility. Job Counseling helps employees to get out of this kind of negative situations, offers a new way of dealing with problems. It shows how much the employer cares for the employee. Moreover, it can help identify the employee’s work-related problems and poor performance.

Benefits of Employment Counseling

  • Workplace counseling can be defined as the provision of brief psychological therapy for employees of an organization, which is paid for by the employer. An ‘external’ service usually involves face-to-face counseling, a telephone helpline, legal advice and critical incident reports. In an ‘in-house’ service, counselors may be employed directly by the organization.
  • Employment Counseling offers employees a facility that is confidential, easily accessible, provides a suitably qualified and supervised specialist who promises to improve the situation in a reasonably short time.
  • Employment Counseling offers the employer a service that is valued by employees, has the potential for savings by reducing sickness absence, takes pressure off managers by providing constructive means of dealing with ‘difficult’ staff or situations and contributes to your reputation as a caring employer.
  • Helps employees address problems effectively.
  • Employees can sort out their problems and take charge of them.
  • Workplace counseling aids in decision making
  • A new way of looking at situations from different perspectives.
  • Employment counseling avoids employee resignation. This is highly beneficial for the company and its evolution.
  • Employment counseling reduces the cost for companies to hire new employees and train new personnel.
  • It promotes effective coordination between the employer and the employee.

Never forget…

The biggest bottleneck in Job Counseling is the lack of trust on the part of the employee to believe in the organization or their superior in sharing and understanding their problems. Also, the confidentiality that the counselor will not reveal their problems or personal issues to others in the organization. The time, effort and resources required by the organization are a constraint.

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