Collaboration at work: How to improve it? How to encourage it?

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Colaboración en el trabajo

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Gone are the days of a lone genius knocking on the door to generate the next great ideas and solutions. Today, the focus is on teamwork. As such, collaboration at work is essential. There are a multitude of benefits to be gained from a collaborative workplace. From increased employee satisfaction to increased idea generation. One of the most important outcomes of a collaborative workplace is the positive effect it has on an organization’s innovation output. A cohesive environment is the perfect vehicle for creative thinking and idea generation.

A cohesive environment is key to an organization’s…

Collaboration in the workplace can increase successful innovation by up to 1%. So, higher levels of innovation lead to higher productivity and business growth. As a result, implementing a mechanism to drive collaboration at work is a must for any company looking to make the most of its employees’ talents.

It is important to note that an incentive program can increase employee productivity by up to 44%. Similarly, statistics show that the promotion of employees can increase their productivity in work teams by 27%. Likewise, a salary increase improves it by 62% and greater recognition by 37%.

Steps to improve and foster collaboration at work.

Cultivate openness and transparency:

Let’s start with a tip for improving collaboration at work. If you are a leader run an internal innovation challenge. Start by sharing your company’s strategic goals with your employees and ask them for ideas on how to achieve them.

How can employees be expected to collaborate with people across the organization if the company’s goals and challenges are kept hidden? There is no need to divulge every bit of information that is sometimes confidential, but keeping employees informed is essential to inspire loyalty and productivity. Do you, as the leader of your company, seek to make collaboration at work a reality, be open about the issues and challenges facing your organization, and present incentives for employees to offer solutions? As a result, all staff can stay aligned with the company’s strategic objectives. Which means everyone can work collectively toward the same business objectives.

Establish a culture of non-judgmental exchange of ideas:

To improve collaboration at work create a safe space for creative thinking. As José, L. Meléndez. CEO and co-founder of ChVmpion Mind:

“The secret of great achievement is not in the talent of the person but in the structure they have relied on to achieve it. Many more people achieve great accomplishments by working within structures that provide value, than those talents who have no support to develop their strengths.”


One obstacle that often prevents employees from actively participating and presenting their ideas, closing off opportunities for collaboration at work, is fear of judgment or rejection. This is particularly present in companies with a top-down organizational structure. Intimidation can be a frustrating barrier that gets in the way of the best ideas bubbling to the surface from employees. Overcoming this impediment by establishing a creative, judgment-free work culture where new ideas and discussions are always welcome is critical. Likewise, refraining from setting too many guidelines that can stifle creativity is also important. Emphasize creative freedom and you will gain valuable collaborations in the workplace.

Encourage cross-departmental collaboration

To improve collaboration at work, you must understand that working with the same teams day in and day out can become routine. And, as a result, it slows down and degrades the innovation process. To combat this, you must foster engagement between teams, even better if this includes collaboration between different departments. Combining different goals, types of people and skill sets can lead to more effective idea generation. By boosting communication between employees who are not normally in contact, you will be motivating your staff to get out of their comfort zones and, as such, keep them more on their toes.

Lead from the top down

Example is key here. If employees can see their managers and directors collaborating effectively, they will be inspired to replicate this behavior and improve their own productivity, through collaboration at work.

There is nothing more demotivating than a leader who remains locked in an office, separated from the team and therefore in some sort of superior bubble. To motivate collaboration at work, adopting an open-door policy where communication between the different hierarchies of an organization is frequent and fluid is quite enriching. Managers should join and stay with employees. It is important to remember that collaboration is not reserved for only one part of the organization. It should be embraced by all staff members, regardless of their level or job title.

Offer positivity and rewards

We are human and even the most dedicated employees need to be rewarded appropriately if they have achieved success. Reward individuals when necessary, but don’t forget to reward team efforts as well. This is crucial to foster future collaborations. Employees will realize the benefits of working together. To motivate collaboration at work, there is nothing better than rewarding group effort. Of course, not all ideas will be good, but, it is important to be persistent in providing feedback, while remaining positive.

Offering constructive criticism is key to improvement, but be sure to convey an appreciation of the effort achieved by the collaborative work. Responding to each idea can be time-consuming. So, encourage peer-to-peer discussions of ideas to further enhance collaborative efforts.

Provide your employees with the right technology

If you’re pushing to create a fully cohesive work culture, then you need to make sure you have the right technology to facilitate collaboration. This will help employees get their work done faster so they can spend more time on teamwork and innovation. Collaboration at work will be smoother if employees have the right technology to fulfill their roles. Stay on the cutting edge of technological advances that help drive engagement and improvement.

ChVmpion Mind plays a key role in this regard. As a business coaching tool, it promotes innovation and makes use of technology and science. Not only does it offer the advantages of traditional coaching without the presence of a coach, but it also provides a technological platform where each employee or leader can make the change in their professional and personal life that they long for. Companies will be able to measure the return on investment in numbers, that is, in a quantified and totally objective way.

In addition to all of the above, its agile coaching principle and a 21-week program help to truly generate that change. However, only those people who decide to do it and demonstrate that they have the skills to do it can achieve it. Do you want to know more? ChVmpion Mind is waiting for you!

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