The figure of the leader: Who is he and how to detect him within the organization?

La figura del líder

While we have all experienced leadership in our lives, we are rarely asked to define what makes a good leader or what a leader entails. The answers vary from one company to another and from one person to another, which makes the qualities of leadership even more difficult to identify. In the following lines we want to give an approach to what is commonly known as a leader and that refers to that person who has the ability to raise his voice and position to make others follow him in a purpose. Read on and find out more!

What is a leader?

  • A leader is someone who inspires passion and motivation in those who choose to follow him or her.
  • A leader is a person who has a vision and seeks the path to achieve it.
  • A leader is someone who ensures that his team has the support and tools to achieve their goals.
  • A leader can be anyone who has any of the above characteristics, but a good leader possesses all three.

Explaining the figure of a leader implies knowing aspects of attitude and training. An effective leader has a shared vision that is aligned with the fundamental values of the environment, whether it is the company, the family or even a sports team. What is important is that he or she understands what is needed to achieve the goals of his or her team as a whole. Leaders inspire, manage and support their teams to work creatively and confidently toward that shared vision that will lead to success.


The leader is an important figure in any organization, empowering team members to embrace their own unique leadership qualities; acting with independent and responsible passion. Inspiring and motivating their teams to maintain progress and enthusiasm for the long term and towards the achievement of set goals.


What is the role of a leader?

Now that you understand the idea of a leader a little better, you might ask yourself, what does a leader do? How do I know if I am a good leader? Is there a way to become one? The answer to all these questions is “it depends”. The details of each leader’s role change depending on the size of your team, organization or base. They also depend on your values and objectives, both short and long term. In general, the role of a leader is to coach, guide and inspire others. Motivating teams in difficult times and guiding people through their career advancement. A leader manages people to keep teams aligned and working towards shared goals. Fostering, in turn, a collaborative culture; while leading by example.


What does a leader do?

As you can see, a leader has many responsibilities. But they tend to fall into the same three fundamental aspects:

  • The figure of a leader is characterized by being a Coach.
  • A leader is defined by being a Guide
  • A leader inspires and is an example to follow.

Companies with a higher level of employee engagement are able to increase customer loyalty by up to 50%. And, in part, this commitment is fostered and cultivated by the presence of a good leader who is in charge of leading workers through the path of belonging to the company.

It is important that we explain the three aspects that we talked about in previous lines separately, let’s see:


The figure of a good leader is characterized because he strives to develop his employees and teams through coaching and mentoring. This can be through tools such as ChVmpion Mind, which offers customized programs where professional and personal objectives are worked on in parallel.

A true leader seeks the well-being of his company and his employees. Therefore, economic savings for the company are paramount. Therefore, having a positive impact on various levels of the company is the goal of ChVmpion Mind.

When choosing a business coaching program, the best option will always be ChVmpion Mind. A great leader will balance the goals of the employee with those of the organization. Making the development of each individual and the company they work for a symbiotic relationship. Often, the professional growth of a team and even of an employee correlates with the growth of the company.

As José L. Meléndez, CEO of ChVmpion Mind, says: “If coaching is the water for someone to become a champion, ChVmpion Mind is the structure for the champion to drink that water properly”.


In addition to coaching, when we talk about the figure of the leader, we understand that it is a figure who also guides his employees on a personal level. This is achieved by creating and organizing teams, setting goals, devising ways to achieve those goals and guiding employees through the process. A leader has the ability to guide employees through difficult conversations, for example, or propose various ways to solve problems.


An undervalued role of the leader is to inspire. A great leader can leverage their storytelling, empathy and communication skills to inspire their employees and other team members. Whether they are supporting the promotion of a direct subordinate, rejecting a strategy, or managing a team that failed to achieve its goals, inspiring others is a big part of a leader’s role.

Recall that 77% of workers say they would be more involved in their work if they felt their achievements were recognized. Recognition of achievements is one of the things a leader must do objectively. Give honor to those who deserve it and know when to recognize good work to motivate and incentivize workers.


What are the most common characteristics of the leader figure?

When we talk about the leader persona, we understand that leaders are bold, but never leave their teams behind. By balancing vision with support that empowers team members to achieve shared goals, leaders embrace a range of leadership qualities and cannot be limited to one style. However, leaders, in general, tend to exhibit seven main characteristics:

  • Purpose: Without a sense of purpose, it is difficult to motivate team members. The leader persona is one that empowers people to see the intent behind specific goals, allowing them to participate in equal parts.
  • Motivation: The leader figure involves a person who is a great motivator and creates value-aligned goals so that team members feel personally inspired to work toward the company’s vision.
  • Vision: The leader persona involves those people who, in addition to the two characteristics above, also see the big picture and can unite their team members behind their vision.
  • Empathy: Leaders empathize with their team members. This is how the leader inspires people to work beyond their responsibilities toward a shared purpose. By listening and sharing their appreciation for their teams, leaders impart a sense of value.

In addition…

  • Creativity: Leaders innovate with bold and creative touches. It is not possible to conceive of a leader without great creativity.
  • Team vision: Although the overall vision of the company may start with its leaders, their vision will be useless if it is not addressed to the team members. The leader then explores the individual values and goals that bring meaning to each of the members.
  • They are always looking to improve. This is an intrinsic truth within the concept of the leader figure. Leaders never stop improving themselves. With an eye toward growth, leaders continually look for opportunities to improve themselves and their teams as a whole.
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