Corporate wellbeing: Add value to your company and differentiate yourself from the competition

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Corporate wellbeing has been a topic that has been very much in the spotlight in recent times. And it is precisely because of this that we are now more aware of the effects and benefits it brings to a company. From a healthy working environment to an atmosphere that benefits employees, these are just some of the aspects that relate to corporate wellness.

Because employees spend so much of their time at work, the focus is on employers in terms of how they promote and enhance wellbeing in their company.

Despite this, statistics show that more than 40% of employees do not feel appreciated by their company. That is, there is a high rate of workers who feel that they are not valued by the organisation they serve.

Corporate wellbeing: An increasingly important issue

Investing in corporate wellbeing does not only benefit employees. There are obvious business benefits. These include improved performance, increased employee engagement and reduced sickness absence. In addition, a company with a corporate wellness culture will stand out from others by proposing and promoting a better climate for its staff.

So what is corporate wellbeing?

Corporate wellbeing is a concept that brings together the notions of physical and mental health of staff. It also refers to a general feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment in and through work. And that, in turn, brings positive results for both the employee and the organisation. Indeed, an employee who reports a certain level of professional well-being will undoubtedly be more committed, productive and better able to manage the difficulties he or she faces in the workplace throughout his or her career.

To assess corporate well-being, we can base our assessment on the following 5 key points:

  • A feeling of serenity at work
  • Strong creative stimulation at work
  • Low level of stress due to work responsibilities
  • Optimism and positivity at work
  • Strengthening and trusting relationships at work.

The health of an organisation and corporate well-being are closely linked. Making your employees feel good in your company will allow you to develop their commitment, motivation and to retain and attract the best talent.

“The secret of great achievement is not in the talent of the individual, but in the structure they have relied on to achieve it. Many more people achieve great things by working within structures that give them value”.

José L. Meléndez CEO of ChVmpion Mind

The benefits of corporate wellbeing

Adopting a proactive approach to corporate wellbeing has many benefits for a company…

Less sick leave and absenteeism:

A balanced approach to corporate wellness that directly benefits employees means that employees are less likely to take consistent sick leave, burnout and return less productively after leave. Developing such programmes and ensuring that staff members feel good is a real investment.

Higher performance:

Employees who are not constantly on sick leave are more present in the workplace to achieve the goals set by the company. Aligning employee and business objectives is mutually beneficial. They work together positively and perform at their optimum level. Corporate wellbeing moves the company as a whole; enabling the achievement of goals. You should know that engaged employees tend to work harder and invest more than is expected of them, which helps generate better results for the structure.

Increased staff retention:

A company that maintains a positive view of its employees and their well-being will, in turn, benefit from employee loyalty. More and more employees want to feel part of a company’s success and want to grow with it. An employee who feels that the dynamics implemented by the company they work for favour them in one way or another will motivate them to stay with the company and strive to achieve its goals. Corporate wellbeing allows staff to dedicate their loyalty and commitment to the company to which they provide their services and working hours.

Energising the employer brand:

Do you realise that a positive workforce is reflected in an employer’s brand? Indeed, an employer’s reputation, through its corporate wellness propositions, is important in consumers’ conception of the brand.

Corporate wellness shows employees that matter:

Showing employees you care should be a priority for your business, but why is corporate wellness important?

Simply put, your business is made up of your employees. They are one of the elements that play a pivotal role in the successes and failures of your organisation. Imagine a factory full of machines that create products. If these machines are not maintained, updated and upgraded, they will become less efficient, make mistakes in the manufacturing process and ultimately break down and need to be replaced. Employees need to be supported in their daily role, developed and empowered to grow personally and professionally. It is important that their concerns are heard and taken into account. Otherwise, their productivity will suffer, they will be less engaged in their work and will end up leaving for another company that cares about their wellbeing and overall corporate wellbeing.

How can you best support corporate wellbeing?

Supporting corporate wellbeing and thereby improving employee wellbeing is essential for companies that want a productive, creative and loyal workforce. This is especially true post Covid-19, with more and more people prioritising their physical and mental health. As well as, their work-life balance. A holistic approach to corporate wellbeing, encompassing mental and physical health, financial health, career development and recognition, will deliver huge benefits in terms of productivity, performance and employee turnover.

ChVmpion Mind helps you support the corporate wellbeing of your business:

“ChVmpionMind offers the benefits of a business coaching process, without having to pay for a coach. All this, in a single platform to achieve professional goals and the well-being of your teams.

In ChVmpion Mind you work in parallel on the professional well-being of your employees and the professional goals you need to achieve. The dynamic is based on the holistic wellbeing of the individual (employee), who improves their performance and productivity as they feel good and in balance with all aspects of their life.

In addition, ChVmpion Mind allows you to measure the return on investment you make for your employees. This gives you peace of mind when it comes to recognising that your efforts are paying off. Without a doubt, it is worth making a small investment in a system like ChVmpion Mind, which offers you long-term benefits. At the same time, it avoids disruptions and problematic situations in the work environment.


Did you know that companies that have not invested enough in a corporate wellbeing policy can face a number of problems? Among them, and in extreme cases, is burnout syndrome. This is considered the disease of the century and appears more frequently due to work overload, lack of support and lack of recognition in the work environment. This syndrome results in constant fatigue, physical pain, mood disorders and a considerable loss of motivation in the worker. This situation is not only detrimental to the employee; it is also detrimental to the employer. In fact, business performance can drop drastically and teams can become even more stressed and less and less engaged in their work if no action is taken.

To conclude, we can only say that today it is no longer acceptable to neglect corporate wellbeing in business. Business owners, employers and HR professionals must look after the well-being of their employees for the betterment of the company.

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