Coaching for entrepreneurs: Detection, evaluation and processes

Coaching para empresarios

Training a company’s staff members on consultative selling methods and, subsequently, establishing a solid management system based on a coaching culture, undoubtedly helps to build a more successful practice. Coaching for entrepreneurs, as such, is recognized as one of the most important activities a manager must apply to be better. Recruiting, motivating and assigning responsibilities, without factors that complement good management of a leader.

To help leaders capitalize on their strengths and overcome the personal and professional obstacles they face, coaching for entrepreneurs is the key. At the same time, it allows you to achieve a higher level of expertise, focusing on high-return-on-investment (ROI) skills, implementing a solid sales system, understanding the workforce and human talent you’ve been given, and tracking your company’s metrics.

All this and much more is coaching for entrepreneurs. José L. Meléndez, CEO and Co – Founder of ChVmpion Mind, says it well about business coaching:

“If coaching is the water for someone to become a champion, ChVmpion Mind is the structure for the champion to drink that water in the right way”.

What is business coaching?

Coaching for entrepreneurs is one of the methods and techniques of coaching whose basic objective is to achieve the most suitable methods to consolidate the effectiveness of the results. And, through this, to motivate employees. The aim is to achieve professional satisfaction in an effective way and thus enable personal fulfillment that promotes activation, consolidation and the pursuit of the desired results. It is evident that those responsible for a company to consolidate its success in terms of objectives are not only the workers or people who work, but also the leaders and team leaders who manage them. Therefore, it is logical that coaching is also oriented to its entrepreneurs.

Transposed to the corporate environment, coaching for entrepreneurs is derived from coaching high-performance teams. Its objective is, above all, to train, instruct and guide executives in the competition of their activities in order to increase their strengths, talents and, above all, to improve their leadership skills. Certainly, coaching can be extended and applied to all employees that make up the business group, regardless of the position or rank they hold. The coaching process for entrepreneurs is vital. It starts from the moment the need is detected, which is done by a coach, the measures that are taken and decanted from the evaluation; until finally, an intervention or process is implemented and executed.

Coaching process for entrepreneurs:

From the detection of the need to the evaluation of the outcome.

Coaching for entrepreneurs obviously has concrete benefits, with a long list of successful examples worldwide. Coaching for entrepreneurs has been widely used in companies in all sectors, promoting measurable results and positive changes in the coach’s attitude and efficiency. However, the process is certainly confusing and doubts may arise about how to implement it and when to start applying it.

It is important to note that…

Work enthusiasm has been declining sharply in recent years. This is a phenomenon that leaders must face and look for viable solutions. Why? What is happening with the worker? Why do employees feel demotivated? Where does the disenchantment of workers towards the company that welcomes them or towards the leader who guides them come from? Well, according to statistics from the Hays labor report, approximately 20% of employees would like a change of superior or boss. So, what about the leaders? Coaching for employers has the answer…

To clarify this conflict, here is a list of the coaching process for entrepreneurs. Starting from the moment the need for coaching is detected to the end when the process from which the change will emerge is applied. For this, ChVmpion Mind offers a coaching process ideal for entrepreneurs, leaders and senior executives, through a 21-week plan; in which, of course, you will experience a very significant change process. Keep reading!

Coaching process for entrepreneurs with ChVmpion Mind:

1.Needs assessment and diagnosis

The first phase of the coaching process for entrepreneurs with ChVmpion Mind begins with the analysis of the current situation of the business environment at the moment. The situation must be focused on the search for the achievement of objectives and general well-being. Then, the coach in this phase should be subject to an in-depth evaluation of the coaching objective itself. While the objectives can be very specific, they can also be broader such as:

  • Competency development
  • Performance enhancement
  • Performance evaluation
  • Coaching to reinforce the work of teams of the same rank.

In the latter case, coaching sessions for entrepreneurs should focus on improving communication among team members.

2.Design of the work plan

Once all aspects of the current situation have been addressed and the corresponding diagnosis has been carried out, the work plan design phase should begin. At this point in the process, each of the SMART objectives should be initially set: realistic, achievable, measurable, relevant, time-bound and specific. At the same time, and after the stipulation of each objective, the duration of the coaching for entrepreneurs work plan process should be established. Its duration will depend on the goal that has been proposed and will be established by sessions; this will define exactly the work plan between the coach and the company. With ChVmpion Mind you can be part of a 21-week plan that will allow you to achieve the objectives you are looking for.

3.Execution and implementation of the entrepreneur coaching plan

The third phase of the coaching process for entrepreneurs must be followed by the implementation of the plan. At this point the project is initiated. Generally, the sessions have a stipulated time, but this can vary depending on the needs and the specific objectives to be achieved. With ChVmpion Mind it will take 21 weeks before measurable results are consolidated. Each of the business coaching sessions must, by nature, have a progress control, a measurement of the scope and progress of the plan. Analyzing what has been put into practice and the changes that are generated from it. Thanks to these evaluations made during each session, it is possible to redefine the techniques that are being implemented to improve the results and lead the coach group to the expected point.

4.Monitoring, evaluation and measurement of results

The fourth phase of the coaching process for entrepreneurs concludes with the follow-up, evaluation and measurement of the results achieved from the plan designed at the beginning. With ChVmpion Mind it is possible to measure the ROI or return on investment quantitatively. Therefore, this phase is executed by means of reports addressed to the employee and the company participating in the coaching plan.

Finally, and obligatorily, it is necessary to evaluate whether the objective set at the beginning has been achieved and thus measure the competencies acquired by the coachees. It may be, in fact, that the objectives have not been achieved and this should also be analyzed. The final evaluation is a process that must be carried out. In addition, 2 or 3 months after the end of the plan and the coaching sessions, it is important to verify that the changes achieved in the plan have and project a positive, significant and lasting transformation.

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