Improving the work environment: 5 ways to do it while motivating your employees

Mejorar el clima laboral

Keeping employees motivated and improving the work environment is an important factor not only to get the most out of human resources; it is also the ideal way to retain the best workers in their jobs. According to statistics, incentive programs or social benefits motivate more than 60% of employees to stay in the company.

It is logical that the best workers with more competencies always have a higher demand for their services; and, certainly, they will change companies if they are not kept motivated at work. To this end, improving the work climate is essential. Increasing employee motivation does not necessarily require more money, as long as you are willing to be flexible and think creatively.

Incentive programs have a direct effect on talent retention…

Our immediate environment and work environment have a significant impact on the state of our mind. The “environment” or work climate depends on many factors and, without a doubt, improving the work climate can bring great benefits. Did you know that you get the vibes from your environment and that is simply contagious?

Job design, company values, and leadership styles all factor into the work climate. Only when all factors come into play can you build a positive and healthy workplace. A positive work environment ensures that your employees don’t have to leave their hearts at home when they are at work. It also has direct implications on their performance, productivity and morale.

Improving the work environment is perhaps the basic characteristic of any successful work team…

Improving the work environment is what brings out the best in your employees, as it increases productivity, boosts morale and helps maintain the best skills. However, it is one of the most difficult aspects to maintain and requires continuous effort. While no single approach to motivation works consistently, applying the following tips can help.


We know that motivation should be intrinsic to the individual, that is, come from the person himself. Since, we will not always have the external motivations we desire. However, as a leader you can offer a structure where the worker receives support and feels at ease, making him or her work more efficiently and thus achieve the objectives. And, you are probably wondering, where do I find something like that?

Well, there is a way. Not in many places, but it IS possible. The best way is the application of CHVMPIONMIND.COM that proposes a method with incentives and disincentives for users. In which, the company itself participates in the design of these “motivators”; allowing the user to improve his health and/or achieve his professional goals.

In addition…

ChVmpion Mind understands very well what are the types of motivators that make people take action. This has to do with how the brain works. Another time we will talk about how the brain works with respect to motivations, as this is key to understand how to get the human being to take action and not just think about how to do something.

So… Do you want to help your company to improve the work environment and with it, the performance of your employees in the long term? Keep reading! Here are 5 ways to do it, while keeping your employees motivated:

Redesign spaces

“Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.”

Workplace design matters much more than you might think. A good office design should have a combination of comfort and style. A well-designed office space is a gift that your employees will greatly appreciate. Plus, it says quite a bit about the company’s values and work style. After all, it’s the first impression anyone entering the office space has. Improving the work climate includes office design, and this should focus primarily on comfort. Your employees spend a considerable portion of their waking hours in the office. Therefore, comfort should be a primary design criterion. Be sure to provide adequate amenities, such as ergonomic furniture, break rooms, restrooms and a kitchen.

Keep in mind that, the office space design should have room for customization and flexibility. Instead of employees being tied to a particular region, offer some coworking spaces within the organization where employees can work alone or in teams to change their usual environment. Open offices, too, are gaining more popularity lately. Improving the work climate will undoubtedly increase your employees’ productivity and motivation.

Color and lighting

“Light attracts more light, and, consequently, better ideas.”

Colors impact our mood. The physical environment of the office, which generally includes lighting, walls and ceiling, has a significant impact on the spirit of the work environment. Improving the work climate means adding vibrant, colorful elements to change the aura. Blue and green are associated with creativity and innovation and have been a favorite choice for office walls. Similarly, red is associated with better concentration. You can partially add these shades on the walls or decorate with elements of these colors in certain areas.

The office should be well lit to improve the work environment. Adequate lighting makes even complex work tasks more manageable. In addition, good, shadow-free lighting can prevent fatigue and headaches among employees. Also, it is preferable that natural ambient light floods into office areas.

Foster an entrepreneurial culture

“Even the best strategies don’t work when you don’t have the right culture”.

Company culture is an amalgam of company values, leadership style, internal behavior, internal communication and company structure, among others. The internal workings of the company have a significant impact on improving the work environment. It is something that must be worked on constantly and is not a one-time agenda. It involves building a healthy corporate culture and this requires the participation of all members at different levels of the organization.

Implementing the use of technology

“Digital tools demolish boundaries.”

Workplaces are transforming at an astonishing pace and technology has become an inseparable part of every modern workplace. Today’s businesses rely, to a large extent, on digital tools for their performance and productivity. Therefore, automation trumps efficiency and to improve the work climate, technology must be present. Only when organizations offer the best tools can employees deliver the desired results. When they are not given access to tools that help them; they are also not allowed to implement best practices. Ultimately, employees become demotivated and often frustrated in their work.

As José, L. Meléndez CEO of ChVmpion Mind rightly says, “The secret of a great achievement is not in the talent of the person, but in the structure he or she has relied on to achieve it”.

Embrace diversity in the workforce

“Remember, diversity is power, for it strengthens us.”

With the immediacy of digital media, more and more businesses and companies are becoming global entities. For your company to have a global identity, your workforce must be diverse and inclusive. When people from different regions, ethnicities, traditions and social structures come together, they bring new and unique ideas to the table. They offer a new perspective on issues and more ways to solve problems. The result will be a combination of a much-needed global perspective on the issues at hand. Improving the work environment will undoubtedly involve embracing diversity, as it will bring more and better ideas for solving your company’s problems and opening up better optics that lead to success.

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