Innovation in a company: 7 ways to stimulate new ideas

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innovación en una empresa

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How would you describe the culture in your workplace? Do your employees remain crestfallen and complete the tasks assigned to them without showing emotion? Do your meetings tend to focus on logistical details rather than opportunities to think outside the box? If this sounds familiar, your workplace could use a boost, and nothing beats innovation in a company.

56% of HR managers are concerned; because their employees have a tendency to leave the company and their jobs. However, they forget that if an employee does not feel recognized, he or she is very likely to look for a way out of the company to find motivation in his or her career again.

Innovation in a company is a common task

You may place a high value on innovation, but you can’t seem to find a way to weave that passion into the fabric of your company. You’re not alone. More than half of executives and leaders who want to have an innovative company say they struggle to bridge the gap between innovation strategy in a company and business strategy.

Today, innovation is all around us. From exciting new technologies to new business models. And the very idea of innovation in a company is taking off as fast as the companies that adopt it. In Spain alone, approximately 55% of companies have hired innovation managers and more than 70% are using new technologies to help them implement the innovation process. Such is the case of ChVmpion Mind, an innovative business coaching technology, but without the presence of a coach.

What better example of innovation? ChVmpion Mind as a platform breaks with all the standards of business coaching so far known, goes beyond traditional methods and offers tangible results and evidenced in companies around the world. Therefore, it is not at all illogical to adopt new ways to undertake a path towards the innovation of a company in our country. And, with this, stimulate new ideas with a view to the development and advancement of our brand.

Innovation in a company: An unstoppable spirit

Despite the challenges, many companies have stepped up to the plate and fostered an innovative spirit that impacts every one of their employees. Many companies today rely on innovation. Their employees have caught the bug and their platforms have become more successful because of the culture they have created. Companies that focus on innovation reap many benefits, including higher profits, competitive advantage, market adaptability and employee satisfaction. Cultivating innovation in a company requires investment in terms of time and money.

In addition, you need to strategize and experiment with how to foster innovation in a company, or more specifically in the workplace, and thereby stimulate new ideas. These tips are a strategic move to get you started – pay close attention!

If you are a leader, then be more open

Company culture starts with management and for that transparency is key. It is unreasonable to expect your employees to suddenly become innovative when their management does not know how to promote creativity and innovation in a company. Be clear about your company’s goals and how innovation plays a critical role. Create an open-door work environment (which sometimes literally means keeping your office door open). The only way to inspire your employees to care about the company’s success as much as you do is to treat them well. No one wants to work for a dictator. Your employees will be passionate about your vision if you make an effort to show them that you care about them.

Implement diversity in hiring

Imagine a group of 10 people who come from similar backgrounds and share the same basic assumptions. What do you think will be the result of combining their ideas? Now, think about a group of 10 diverse people with different backgrounds and experiences. Which group has a greater capacity for innovation in a company? Which has a greater capacity for problem solving? When you make diversity a priority in your company, you automatically increase the potential for innovation. After all, your company isn’t just trying to reach customers who are like you; your goal is to reach all sectors of society. How can you do that if everyone you hire looks and thinks like you?

Reward innovation

It doesn’t make any sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do, we expect that when we hire smart people they will be able to guide us on what and how to do. Therefore, the best way to inspire your smart people to share innovative ideas in a company is to reward them with whatever you think will encourage your employees the most. Providing rewards creates a fun environment of friendly competition. Which ultimately translates into more innovation.

Motivate teamwork

If different departments in your company have little or no interaction with each other, you may need to rethink your management approach. Look for ways to break down barriers between different teams and encourage them to collaborate. Teamwork can boost motivation in a company. Some companies have one or two departments that prioritize innovation over others. In that case, it’s time to cross-interact. Mixing up your employees from time to time will allow the innovative spirit to invade even the dustiest corners of the company.

Develop an innovation strategy

If you don’t already have an innovation strategy in your company, now is the time to establish one. This will clarify the expectations you have for your employees at all levels of the company. Employees will feel more comfortable with innovation if it is part of their job descriptions.

Implement ideas quickly

Nothing kills a good idea faster than sending it through a lengthy approval process. This will only discourage employees from submitting their ideas in the future. Instead, do everything you can to act quickly. It may mean cutting down on some of the internal bureaucracy. Putting your employees’ ideas into action can certainly help new ideas emerge in others and this can only translate into innovation in a company.

Promotes risk-taking

Let’s face it, innovation in a company cannot be born without failure. That’s why it’s so important to encourage your employees to take risks and support them when their ideas fail. This willingness to experiment will trickle down and become a norm, also for your employees. The more you take risks, the more successful your company will be (even if it fails several times along the way).


In the words of ChVmpion Mind Ceo Jose L. Melendez, “The difference between very good people and exceptional people is not in their skills, talents or strengths, it’s in what and who they rely on to develop them in an exceptional way and for long enough to make a difference.”

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