Integral Coaching: A dynamic fusion of multiple aspects, including the ontological.

Coaching ontológico

Based on the understanding of language and communication, integral coaching helps to better manage everything related to the human being, from all points of view. Covering work, personal and professional. In the following lines we tell you more about this interesting type of coach that is more and more used every day and whose popularity is growing…

“Integral” means inclusive of everything, whole, complete, everything. Thus, at its deepest root, integral coaching refers to a form of coaching that is whole, complete and integrated. In addition, it includes frameworks and developmental principles based on the globally recognized Integral Theory.

ChVmpion Mind: An Integral Approach to Coaching

Integral directly influences the overall purpose of ChVmpion Mind’s professional coaching. For, it includes systemic approaches and the unique phenomenon of the dyad associated with the relationship between a coach and a person. In addition, it involves subjective understanding and measurable objective results. And most basic and important of all, it works. Here are some essential things to know about integral coaching.

What is integral coaching?

Integral coaching is a continuous and evolutionary methodology, which aims to be the most complete response to life. The approach takes into account the individuality of the person, as well as the social context in which he/she is always immersed. The coach is there to help the person discover his or her own possibilities and find solutions by widening the lens through which he or she views his or her own situation.

Thus, holistic coaching can be described as a systematic and integrated way of accessing a problematic situation and then designing a unique program that provides solutions according to and for the uniqueness of each person. Integral coaching sees possibilities in a person’s life and offers them new perspectives and practices so that they can embody that change and possibility in a holistic way.

Ultimately, integral coaching is a way to be “seen” as a true self, to unlock what is at the core of the client so that they can feel freer, so that they have more choices and so that their experiences can continue to expand into the world around them. Integral coaching offers a new way of being in the world.

Integral coaching methodology with ChVmpion Mind:

The integral coaching model has to do with human development. It is based on changing the structure of people’s interpretation through self-observations and practices, through the areas of language, body and emotion (Emotional Intelligence). Instead of asking “What do you want?”, the question asked is “Why do you want what you want?”. The answer points to what is meaningful to a person and how it can then be transformed with purpose.

An overall change

Holistic coaching is designed to make people more aware of their current approach to situations and develop new ways of doing things to achieve what matters to them. It guides you through change and helps you develop the skills you need to effectively integrate change into your professional and personal life. We all have limited belief systems, habits and blind spots. We also don’t always know what works for us or what will work for us. Instead of doing more of what we have always done, we need to shift our focus to what is meaningful to us. The integral coaching method, therefore, changes the client’s relationship with himself and the world.

Why work with an integral coach?

Coaches who specialize in integral coaching seek long-term sustained excellence rather than focusing on short-term goals. The coach is there to help broaden current views on a particular topic and develop the skills needed to live with broader views on that topic in both their personal and professional lives. The challenge is for the client to broaden their awareness beyond the myopic way they have normally approached something because it is “what they know” or because it is the usual way of doing things. Instead, they should try to see situations with “fresh eyes” and from multiple perspectives. This will allow them to develop a lasting mindset change and incorporate a completely new way of thinking and being.

Working with a coach who specializes in holistic coaching will therefore bring more confidence and personal credibility, behavioral flexibility, better relationships and greater performance and commitment at work and in life in general.


Integral Coaching: A conversation that transforms and generates new perspectives.

Integral coaching is an invitation to discovery, to realize that we are blind in some areas where we don’t know we don’t know we don’t know. It allows us to see the future as something we can design. It helps us to distinguish that our thoughts are only our particular way of seeing the world and not an absolute truth. It also allows us to see our moral boundaries as personal choices. With this in mind, an integral coach assists a person in a conversation in which he or she will listen and ask questions aimed at transforming the person’s vision so that he or she can become a different observer of life and thus achieve what was not possible before.

Integral Coaching vs. Ontological Coaching

Indeed, integral coaching includes aspects of multiple dynamics and, in itself, seeks to complement all aspects of a person in order to transform and empower him or her for life. Providing a new way of thinking that emerges from oneself is the purpose of integral coaching. For this reason, it adopts dynamics coming from ontological coaching…

As José L. Meléndez rightly says:

If someone wants to practice meditation on a daily basis, he should not think about doing it, but sit down to execute it, and then think about what he did, what went well, and what he would need to be able to continue practicing.

Ontological coaching, then, is a performance tool and a means of development rather than a means to solve a problem, in the same way as integral coaching, ontological coaching seeks to reinforce the client’s behavior to put him on track to achieve his goals. Integral coaching, reinforcing its methodologies with key aspects of ontological coaching, allows people to discover and perceive themselves differently. Without being directive, the coach leads the other person towards autonomy. Ontological coaching as a discipline is actually a conversation between 2 or more people, a tool that allows us to become what we want to be, to develop our talents and to improve our relationships with others.

Can holistic coaching make a difference in the business world?

A coach specializing in integral coaching is there to help clients reach their full potential and navigate through the complexities of corporate life. Coaching is tailored to the needs of the individual and the challenges of the moment, then transforms clients into who they want to be and how they want to behave as leaders. Most importantly, the use of holistic methods can help clients find a balance between their professional and personal lives. After all, success in both can be intrinsically linked.

What is special about this type of coaching?

It is interested in the total development of the person. Integral coaching aims to design and maintain a goal that is directly linked to an intense need, it provides a method that contributes to a real knowledge that the person acquires about himself, as well as to accurately embody significant and fundamental obligations in everyday life.

So if you notice something new, does that mean your life will magically change? The answer is no. For a change to occur and be real, it is essential to embody and do what is reasonable for oneself. This is a crucial phase that distinguishes integral coaching.

Other interesting details…

Integral coaching is a term that has become very well known, through social networks. And, it has long been appreciated in the coaching world, that is, among the wide variety of coaching. Also, did you know that it is considered an inevitable result of the free practice of coaching?

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