3 negative habits in the corporate culture that foster the labor unproductiveness

improductividad laboral

Your behavior at work can profoundly influence your work unproductiveness, organization, success and relationships with others. Whereas, good work habits can help you grow in your job, help you have positive experiences at work, and help your bosses consider you for future promotions.

Negative habits can do the opposite. It is important to have respect for your job, your workplace and the people and colleagues you work with. So, it’s always a good idea to try to eliminate your bad work and personal habits.

3 negative habits in the corporate culture that encourage unproductive work

Did you know that companies with a higher level of employee engagement are able to increase customer loyalty by 50%? And, therefore, increase their profits and profitability. That’s right, but an employee’s commitment is related to how well he or she does his or her job. To do this, you need certain positive habits to make it possible. Employees with bad or undesirable habits are a mine of unproductivity.

In the following lines, we describe what bad work habits are and offer a list where you can identify the 3 negative habits you may have at work, which you may not be aware of and which are surely fostering your unproductiveness at work. Be sure to read on!

Labor unproductivity due to poor communication:

Once upon a time, a great thinker said, The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has occurred. Therefore, you should never assume that others know what you mean or that you always understand what others want or expect from you. When it comes to work unproductivity poor communication can be the common denominator of poorly executed tasks. So before you assume that an activity is fully understood, you should understand some signs that indicate the need to work on your communication skills:

  • Not responding promptly to work-related emails, text messages and phone calls.
  • Not asking others for their opinion. When they offer you their point of view, you don’t pay attention to them.
  • Others offer you constructive criticism, but you make excuses instead of being grateful that someone wants to help you improve your work.
  • You often get involved in arguments with others.

Poor communication can waste your time, cause mistakes and frustrate your colleagues…

In severe cases, it can cost your company money and have a serious impact on productivity. Poor communication is a negative habit that fosters unproductiveness at work. Either because the message you are hoping to convey is not understood, because there is no communication at all, or because the communication attempt does not spend the right amount of time trying to solve problems.

Proper communication is important in any workplace. Because coworkers can continue to work together to achieve goals and create a cohesive work environment that benefits everyone. To ensure that you maintain proper communication, actively listen to others, respond promptly to important email correspondence, return phone calls and be open to discussing opinions and new ideas. Communication is the flow of any harmonious and productive relationship, but a lack of it fosters unproductiveness at work.

Remember to pay special attention to body language…

Body language is just as important as other forms of communication. Your body language can give others the impression that you don’t care or that you don’t have confidence in your abilities. Instead of continuing this bad habit, pay close attention to how you present yourself to others. Make sure you maintain eye contact when someone is talking and don’t cross your arms so you don’t give the impression that you are indifferent or annoyed. These little things can also lead to unproductive work in your organization.

Unproductiveness at work due to taking too many breaks

Like every person and employee you have the right to take occasional breaks at work to rest, but if they are too frequent or last too long, you will give the impression that you are not a good worker or even that you don’t care about your work at all. If you are easily distracted or get out of your chair every five minutes to go to the bathroom, get a drink of water, or just see what others are laughing about in the break room, you may have a concentration problem. This bad habit encourages unproductiveness at work and should be corrected immediately.


Spending too much time away from your role at work can reduce the actual workday. Even if your boss allows you to take breaks throughout the day, it is important that the amount and duration of breaks are reasonable. To improve this bad habit, understand why you take too many breaks. If it’s because you can’t concentrate, if you have external concerns, if you feel uncomfortable in your posture, etc. In any case, you should analyze the cause and ask for help to solve the situation.

For example, if you take a lot of breaks to meet friends from another department, suggest that you have lunch together. In any case, you must find a way so that the breaks you take do not lead to unproductive work and you are considered an employee without proposals or solutions that could motivate the company to eliminate you from your position.

Unproductiveness at work due to being disorganized

If you are disorganized, you can miss important details, waste time, and fall behind your peers when participating in a collaborative project. Clutter fosters unproductiveness at work because you are simply not in harmony with the space and actions around you. Some signs that you need to improve your organizational skills are:

  • Your workspace is cluttered. You may have pens and papers strewn all over the place, or you may even have old food wrappers and last month’s receipts floating around. You struggle to find things on your desk, in your briefcase or in your computer files. The clutter that is projected on your office or desk will be reflected in your unproductiveness at work.
  • You lack a system for planning your days and weeks. You always tend to improvise.
  • You often go to meetings unprepared.

Disorganization can cause you to miss deadlines, work to take longer than expected, and be unprepared for meetings. To combat disorganization and avoid your work unproductivity, create a system that works for you. You may need to block out your calendar, use a physical filing cabinet and organize your computer data into folders, clean up your cluttered desk, and gather what you need for a meeting in plenty of time.

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