Productivity management: Learn how to do it effectively in your company.

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Gestión de la productividad

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It has been determined that up to 70% of the variance in employee engagement can be attributed to management and productivity management by team leaders. We know that, as a leader, you are concerned about the effectiveness of managing the performance of your people. At ChVmpion Mind, we can help you evaluate your employees’ resources, optimize task flows and set realistic deadlines that encourage your company’s progress. Do you dare to improve your employees’ productivity by more than 1250%?

Productivity management: An ally when it comes to increasing and improving performance.

As time goes by, the demands on the business world are increasing, staying active and thriving in new markets while improving productivity is the biggest challenge facing organizations today. The hybrid work model and ever-evolving business technology have made it difficult for employers to manage productivity effectively.

And this, in many cases, results in a total lack of commitment to the organization and the tasks it demands. Studies show that companies with a higher level of employee engagement are able to increase customer loyalty by up to 50%. Why? What does employee engagement, productivity management and performance have to do with customer preference?

The answer is simple: if customers perceive that employees are committed to the company and like the work they do, they will be more willing and happy to remain loyal to the products or services offered.

So… What is productivity management?

Productivity management is an organizational setup or framework that helps people and teams improve productivity. Productivity, in turn, measures the efficiency with which an organization or its employees convert inputs, such as labor and capital, into outputs, such as goods or services.

Managers, therefore, use goals, incentives, development and communication strategies to improve employee performance and help them increase their productivity.

Let’s define…

Productivity refers to the physical relationship between the quantity produced and the amount of resources used in the course of production.

Productivity maximizes profits…

  • Directly, through improved productivity and quality, or indirectly, by retaining top talent, enhancing them and providing them with additional responsibilities; productivity management maximizes profits. Therefore, establishing the right productivity management will achieve sustainability for a company or brand.
  • Well-managed teams turn out to be more productive. On the other hand, poor productivity management can be one of the main reasons for poor employee performance and engagement.

In summary…

Productivity management is a set of processes that help individuals and teams optimize productivity in their workplace. At the same time, they succeed in empowering employees to do the job better and give their best.

How does productivity management affect job performance?

Studies show that good productivity management can significantly boost performance, increase market value and growth, as well as the ability to withstand adverse situations such as a recession. This is why the actions of managers and the company can have a decisive influence on the productivity performance of the business.

According to José L. Meléndez, CEO and founder of ChVmpion Mind; “The secret of a great achievement is not in the talent of the person, but in the structure on which he or she has relied to achieve it.


When talking about structure, there are several factors that come into play. Above all, when it must support the development and professional and professional growth of its employees, the figure of the coach, as such, will always be present. ChVmpionMind offers the benefits of a business coaching process, all in a single platform and without having to pay for a coach.

Successful productivity management is led by a good manager…

Managers play a vital role in improving and maintaining productivity levels in their teams. It has been determined that up to 70% of the variance in employee engagement can be attributed to management. A good leader will have a clear understanding of each team member’s skill levels, strengths and weaknesses. In addition, he or she will work with them to ensure the best performance from each. Managers, too, must consider team needs, stress levels, and the mental and personal well-being of each worker. If necessary, they will extend their support as required.

Why is productivity management important?

Productivity in the workplace is vital and key to the success of any business.

Effective productivity management can help organizations assess their team’s resources, optimize workflows and set realistic deadlines that encourage progress.

Productivity management is not just about encouraging employees to be productive for short-term gains. It’s also about thinking long-term, because when you have a productive workplace, it translates into more profits, higher levels of engagement, greater well-being and an improved, more concrete culture.


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