What you need to know about burnout at work: symptoms and prevention.

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Burnout laboral

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Burnout at work is a relatively new term for an admittedly common experience. Coined in 1974 by psychologist Herbert Freudenberger, it is simply feeling a little stressed at work. 98% percent of companies, in general, assume that their employees change companies in search of better pay. However, the reality is that only 12% of employees do so for that reason.

Burnout at work: One of the main reasons why employees quit.

Not all employees leave because of money, there are multiple factors that influence an employee when making the decision to leave a company. Burnout at work is one of the most frequent and most important reasons. Work motivation, on the other hand, would be another of the determining elements when it comes to leaving a job and going in search of another one. Let’s remember that not all companies know how to recognize the effort of their employees, the good work done and the energy that a person invests in fulfilling their tasks under pressure and with high levels of stress.

Did you know that if burnout is not controlled, it can become a real labor problem? That’s right, this factor is the trigger for physical, mental and emotional illnesses in employees. This, in turn, causes great long-term havoc in the professional and personal lives of those who suffer from it.

Researchers point out that individual factors, such as personality traits and family life, influence who experiences occupational burnout. Whatever the cause, this condition can affect anyone’s physical and mental health.

 What is job burnout?

Job burnout is a syndrome conceptualized as the result of chronic work-related stress that has not been successfully managed.

Job burnout, then, is a special type of work-related stress. That is, a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced achievement and loss of personal identity. It is necessary to emphasize that Burnout is not a medical diagnosis. Some experts think that other conditions, such as depression, are behind burnout.

A common anecdote Has it ever happened to you?

It happens to be Monday morning, for the third time, you stretch out your arm and snooze the alarm clock. You thought about resting a few more minutes, you sigh, close your eyes and within minutes the call of the clock goes off again. “How can it possibly be Monday already, I hate Mondays!” Getting up and facing work once again seems unbearable. The mere thought of leaving the house and diving into the gigantic paperwork you left on the desk at the office seems like a terrifying thought. Once again, you cover your face with the sheets and consider in your mind the possibility of calling in sick – after all, you feel that way, sick.

Besides, one day more or one day less at work doesn’t mean much; it won’t make a difference to the pile of papers that piles up every day of the year. Even under the covers, you consider the possibility of being fired if you don’t show up at the office, “Getting fired? How ironic! A few months ago you were employee of the year!”

Now, have you ever felt this way?

If the answer is yes, it turns out that you suffer from what is known as occupational burnout. And yes, it’s alarming even though it’s not a clinical term. Job burnout is the result of long-term job stress, stress that was not recognized as significant or addressed before it could get out of control. It involves mental, emotional or physical exhaustion, often accompanied by an overwhelming sense of hopelessness akin to hatred or anger at having to perform a job task.

If you want to change this situation in you or you are a leader and you know it is happening in your work team. Then, ChVmpion Mind is what you need. It is a solution that seeks to encourage well-being in leaders and workers; thanks to and through business coaching. Through the 21-week plan that this platform offers, it is possible to avoid chronic diseases caused by stress, depression and sedentary lifestyles. Healthy habits and a positive and total change in lifestyle are promoted.

Occupational burnout is not a disease in itself….

Job burnout can be defined as the extinction of motivation or incentive, especially when one’s devotion to a cause or relationship of another does not produce the desired results. That definition certainly sums up the outcome of burnout, but it doesn’t say much about what it feels like.

If you find yourself performing the simplest of tasks, getting easily frustrated with co-workers or loved ones, and feeling like you can’t do anything right, you may be suffering from occupational burnout.

Workplace burnout should be taken seriously…

According to José L. Melendez; CEO and professional of ChVmpion Mind ¨We are social beings for the good and the bad, and if we do not celebrate the good with others, or do not share our toxic thoughts with people who can help us, we will be damaging our immune, emotional and cognitive systems”.

This makes us think that, if we realize that we are suffering from burnout at work, we must take action and not let it be. Seeking help from specialists, co-workers or friends is essential to overcome the situation and be able to cope with it as well as possible.

Remember that…

Burnout is more than feeling tired at work. It is an emotional, mental and physical reaction to constant stress. When work demands pile up assiduously, it will take its toll. You may begin to feel unappreciated and overworked.

How to recognize Burnout at work in you?

Job burnout is a reaction to prolonged or chronic job stress and is characterized by three main dimensions: mental and physical exhaustion, cynicism (to a lesser extent identified with work) and feelings of reduced professional capability.

Work burnout is a kind of energy and productivity thief and can spill over into all areas of your personal life. You may go home feeling completely drained and dreading the next day.

Do you feel like you have nothing left to give or just stop caring? You are most likely suffering from work burnout. In future installments we will be dealing with this important topic in more depth, so be sure to read on!

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