Agile Methodology: A versatile and easy-to-apply methodology with ChVmpion Mind

Agile Methodology

What is agile methodology? To define it, we must say that it is a process that helps teams to give quick and unpredictable responses to the feedback they receive on a product. Thus, it creates opportunities to evaluate the direction of a service or product during its development cycle. The teams evaluate the various situations involved in periodic meetings called sprints.

The management of the agile methodology, which is a versatile and easy to apply methodology with ChVmpion Mind, is a very empowering process that helps companies to design and build the right product. The management process is very beneficial to companies because it helps them to analyze and improve their product or service throughout its development. This allows companies to offer great value to remain competitive in the market.

Agile Methodology: An Iterative Approach to Project Management

Why? Because, it helps teams deliver value to their customers faster and with fewer headaches; ChVmpion Mind has been able to implement this approach incredibly well in their process outcomes, achieving the intended goals truthfully and efficiently. Instead of betting everything on a “big bang” release, an agile team delivers work in small but consumable increments. Requirements, plans and deliverables are continually evaluated, so teams have a natural mechanism to respond quickly to changes.

“The difference between very good people and exceptional people is not in their skills, talents or strengths, it’s in what and who they rely on to develop them in an exceptional way and for long enough to make a difference.”
José, L. Meléndez CEO and Co – Founder of ChVmpion Mind

Where does Agile Methodology come from?

In 2001, a small group of people tired of the traditional approach to business management designed the Agile manifesto, the origin of the agile methodology. It is a more refined method for managing the progress of a company’s product.

The Agile manifesto has four important values:

  • The focus should be more on people and interactions than on processes and tools.
  • Functional is more important than comprehensive documentation.
  • Collaboration with the customer is more vital than contract negotiation
  • Process must respond to change rather than follow a plan

There are 12 development principles of Agile Methodology:

  • THE Agile Methodology must deliver customer satisfaction, through continuous delivery of valuable information.
  • It seeks to always accept changing requirements, regardless of how early or late the project is.
  • It is possible to create strategies that work in a shorter time frame and ChVmpion Mind is an expert in this.
  • Both leaders and workers in the company must collaborate closely and on a daily basis throughout the process, and this principle of Agile Methodology is fundamental.
  • According to Agile Methodology, the best way to transfer information between parties is through face-to-face conversations.
  • For Agile Methodology, it is a basic principle to motivate people to build a project by creating an environment of appreciation, trust and empowerment.


  • In the Agile Methodology everything must be operational and ChVmpion Mind knows that this is the key measure of progress.
  • The Agile Methodology process promotes sustainable development.
  • Continuous attention to excellence and quality in technical development and design drives agility within the basic principles of the Agile Methodology.
  • Simplicity is a vital part of effective Agile Methodology management
  • Self-organizing teams produce the best architecture, requirements and design: Agile Methodology proves it with verifiable results.
  • According to Agile Methodology, teams must reflect through inspection and adaptation to become more effective.
  • There are different Agile Methodologies that promote the values and principles of the manifesto.

Some benefits…

After repeatedly experiencing the challenges and limitations of traditional business process development, is it normal to want a change? The answer is a resounding yes. Wanting to create a more effective process for analyzing business management development is what every business leader and owner wants. The approach to change, of course, must directly address the problems associated with the philosophies and processes of traditional methods.

Here are some of the benefits of Agile Methodology development from Chvmpion Mind:

Let’s remember that, according to statistics, “companies with a higher level of commitment from their employees are able to increase customer loyalty by up to 50%”. Thus, creating a favorable environment within the work environment, will directly affect the desired results. ChVmpion Mind, emerges as a business coaching alternative that helps to achieve this; because the benefits that can be obtained through its 21-week plan are real:

1.Stakeholder engagement and satisfaction

The Agile Methodology process with ChVmpion Mind creates many opportunities throughout each sprint meeting for genuine engagement between the team and stakeholders. Since the customer is actively involved throughout the product, there is a continuous level of collaboration between all parties. This gives the team the opportunity to fully understand the customer’s vision. ChVmpion Mind fully understands this need and applies it in its processes.


The Agile Methodology approach actively involves the customer throughout the entire product, including iteration planning, review sessions and the creation of new, processes, tools and deliverables.

3.Early and predictable delivery

Agile Methodology offers a fairly high state of predictability.

4.Predictable costs and schedule

Provides better opportunities for decision making when prioritizing features or adding iterations.


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