How to Create a Company Career Plan: Promoting and Motivating Employees

Coaching ejecutivo

Looking for company career plan ideas? Wondering how to motivate employees and give them a sense of purpose? In this article, we will discuss company career plans that can be implemented in your company. In addition, we will review what motivates employees and the benefits of company career plans.

Síndrome de burnout: Síntomas, prevención y tratamiento

Síndrome de burnout

El burnout laboral, se trata de un estado de agotamiento emocional, mental y físico causado por un estrés excesivo y prolongado. En los últimos tiempos se ha convertido en un grave problema de salud laboral. En lugar de ser una condición médica, actualmente la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) la ha reclasificado como un […]

Performance Appraisal: What HR Leaders Need to Know


HR performance appraisal is a topic that often causes a lot of frustration and confusion for employees. HR leaders are in a unique position to improve this situation by providing clear guidelines, recognizing the pitfalls of performance appraisals, and ensuring they have an up-to-date policy on performance appraisals. In this blog post, we’ll explain what HR leaders need to know about performance appraisal in order to implement it successfully.

4 examples of performance evaluation in the business world

evaluacion de desempeño

Performance has power. It allows us to measure employee performance and make decisions on how to improve the company’s performance. We all want to improve our business performance. And increasingly, organizations are consciously deciding to invest their money in human development.

What is Agile Coaching and what are its advantages?

Agile Coaching

Do you know what Agile Coaching is? We are referring to that discipline or methodology that you would never want to do without. Today we will dedicate ourselves to answering this question to address agile methodologies applied to business coaching from the beginning. We will unveil its characteristics and advantages, as well as everything it can do for your teams and your business.