IAO Method: Strategies for Effective Communication

IAO Method

In today’s world, where communication is essential for success in all areas of life, the IAO Method emerges as a powerful tool for developing effective communication strategies. This method, based on three fundamental pillars: Objectives, Intentions, and Actions, will allow you to transform your communications into impactful experiences that achieve the desired results. The IAO […]

Crisis Management in Unemployment: Coping Strategies

gestión de crisis en el desempleo

Although the stress of losing a job can seem overwhelming, there are many things you can do to take control of the situation, keep your spirits up and find renewed meaning in what you are experiencing. Managing your emotions, behaviours and habits in the face of a difficult and stressful situation is essential to lift […]

“Principles of Coaching”: The third expanded edition by José. L. Menéndez

Principios del coaching

May 2023 – José Luis Menéndez Cuenca has launched the third expanded edition of his book “Principles of Coaching”. This book, published by Bubok Publishing Group, introduces the reader to the world of personal development and teamwork for the construction of desired futures. “Principles of Coaching”: A reflection of experience “Principles of Coaching” reflects the […]

Decision-making in business leadership: A skill aligned with goals and objectives

Toma de decisiones en el liderazgo

Great leaders know how to balance emotion with reason and have the ability to make decisions to positively influence themselves, their employees, customers and every part of their organisation. Good leadership decision-making, especially in difficult situations, is no easy task. They often involve change, uncertainty, stress and sometimes unfavourable reactions. Good leadership decision-making skills also […]

Mental health at work: An issue of concern for companies and leaders

salud mental en el trabajo

Reports on mental health at work revealed that every fourth out of ten employees, or approximately 40%, have suffered from stress. What are the causes of this problem? Why are the statistics so high? Discover below the main causes of mental health problems in the workplace and why it is considered an issue of increasing […]

Remote work: A work modality that must be validated for effectiveness

trabajo en remoto

The demands for remote work that were spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic are challenging business managers today. Major changes in ways of working have taken root and already seem to be part of a new way of working. A clear example of this is remote working, which many companies are implementing for the first […]

Entrepreneurship: Know the keys to success

Emprendimiento ChVmpion

When you decide to start your own business, you’re bound to hear a lot of advice that may differ from one another. Most of them will come from people who have no idea how to run a successful business. So, if you are listening to advice you should do it from real specialists who have […]

Unemployment: An opportunity to upgrade and grow professionally and occupationally


The job search process can be challenging, as professionals often have to devote a significant amount of effort and time to find a position that fits their needs. Being unemployed or suddenly unemployed can be a frightening situation for the vast majority. However, it is also a great opportunity for those who know how to […]

Creativity: Learn how to enhance this highly valued skill in the workplace.

creatividad en el trabajo

Employees are more inspired to be creative when they are offered a stimulating environment and a diverse group of colleagues who bring knowledge and experience to the table. Creativity is a skill that can be fostered and developed in an optimal work environment. A good, motivated and committed employee possesses creativity and ingenuity. Creative employees […]