Motivational Coaching: an effective way to motivate your team

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Coaching Motivacional

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“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan

What if we told you that the change you seek and the tools to achieve it are within you? Mind, body and soul. Change is born from the will to be better, to do things well, to be happy, to leave behind old habits that no longer bring you anything. It is the will to be yourself, to be authentic, to be free. To free yourself from limitations in order to take control of your life. And motivational coaching is the method that will help you achieve it, identifying your goals and taking the necessary actions to reach them.

Few methods have experienced a breakthrough of the dimensions of motivational coaching, a powerful tool to motivate your employees and get them to change what causes them dissonance. We are sure that every day you come across thousands of publications and websites full of conventional descriptions about coaching. Concepts, tips and motivational advice that say it all, but don’t convey any emotion, like a TV user’s guide. And that’s probably why most people don’t know the exact keys to motivational coaching.

Are you ready to break down the barriers that prevent your teams from growing? Stay tuned to this article for more details.

What is motivational coaching?

It is a form of coaching that focuses on helping people find their own motivation and use it to achieve their goals. The main goal of motivational coaching in a business context is to help employees overcome their own obstacles and achieve their goals. This method works with the client to help them overcome their fears and doubts.

Read on to discover more details on how to acquire and develop positive and optimistic thinking to achieve your goals and motivate your employees.

10 characteristics of motivational coaching: the focus

In life, we cannot allow anything to divert us from our goals. And in motivational coaching, the focus is clear:

  1. Helping people. Its main objective is to help you find your purpose and inner motivations.
  2. Developing people. The focus is on developing people, not on solving problems.
  3. Present and future. Think in the present and future time, never in the past.
  4. Personal growth. Not only that, but also people development.
  5. Potential. The key is in people’s potential, not in their limitations.
  6. Process of change. The transformation process is more important than the final result.
  7. Taking responsibility. Personal responsibility over guilt.
  8. Development of skills. It not only gives importance to the acquisition of knowledge, but also to the development of skills.
  9. Long-term learning. What is learned is for life, not just for short-term success.
  10. Positive mindset. And above all, believe in yourself.

Have you ever thought about all that you can achieve with a method that works on these characteristics? In the end, when we do not focus on what we want, we end up attracting situations, people and problems far from our purpose.

Motivational Coaching applied to business

Do your teams find it difficult to set realistic goals and create an action plan to achieve them? Do they have obstacles that prevent them from moving forward? Do you think they work without motivation, their own internal motivation?

The answer lies in motivational coaching, and I’ll explain why…

  • It allows the development of the capabilities and potential of each of the members of a work team.
  • It is the ideal bridge for employees to feel motivated, improve performance and work productivity.
  • It makes employees feel valued and recognized for their work, which in turn motivates them to give their best and to improve every day.
  • Encourages teamwork, since the objective is that all members support and collaborate with each other to achieve the goals set.
  • It contributes to improving communication in the company, encouraging dialogue and the exchange of ideas among all team members.

Spain is the country with the second highest number of ICF-certified coaches, according to the ICF Global Coaching Study 2020. Dozens of companies manage to break down prejudices, break obsolete habits of their employees and sow motivation. They manage to convey that well-being is not something from another planet and that we can achieve it in a healthy and positive way with a little dedication.

Well, this has numerous advantages for companies.

Advantages of motivational coaching for employees

Every day we talk about change and life. And we do it so naturally that we often don’t realize what it entails. What’s more, we influence each other’s behavior. It can be as simple as asking someone to lend you a lighter or as complex as negotiating an improvement in your salary at work.

Motivational coaching is designed to find ways to overcome the challenges that arise when someone deepens another person’s motivation for transformation. And it does so through constructive conversation.

Of course, this brings a number of benefits when applied to a company’s employees:

  1. It improves performance.
  2. It increases labor productivity.
  3. Improves workers’ quality of life.
  4. Reduces stress and anxiety in the workplace.
  5. Improves communication and work environment.
  6. Promotes the development of employees’ skills.
  7. Increases satisfaction and commitment.
  8. Improves company culture.
  9. Facilitates change and adaptation to new situations.
  10. Contributes to the sustainable development of the company.

Remember, things don’t change, we change. If you want to know more details on how to achieve a change of habits in the company, do not hesitate to contact us. At ChVmpionMind, we will be happy to answer your questions.

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